Gabriel Morris in India

Gabriel Morris in India
A mysterious cave in south India.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The Folly of Perpetual Outrage

I recently unfriended someone on Facebook who I had been friends with online for years. We hadn't met in person, but we'd exchanged a fair amount of comments and a few messages, and I liked her as much as I knew her, and still do actually.

We'd also had a few differences of opinion at times that occasionally got a bit contentious, without turning into full-on arguments. Actually we had a lot of differences of opinion. But mostly it was a matter of her posting views I disagreed with to some extent, me reading them and usually not commenting because I knew it would likely lead to an argument. It wasn't so much her positions I disagreed with as it was her tone and her approach to solving the problems she would bring up.

Monday, August 27, 2018

The Plague of Illogical Contrarianism

Fun Fact: Just because the governments of the world are corrupt does not therefore mean that your conspiracy theory is true.

This is an all too common line of reasoning these days that's frustrating as heck to try to respond to. It comes up over and over again, not only in internet discussions, but in real-life conversations as well. There's a wave of understandable rejection of the status quo and establishment information going on these days, going viral you could say (in both senses of the word), being spread far and wide due to the easy access of sharing information that is the internet.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Support Freedom of the Press

CNN article about leaders in Asia cracking down on the press:

This is what our fascist president is inspiring. The rise of the cruel, heartless dictators. Our media is far from perfect, but it's what we've got and it's way better than nothing. Keep in mind that "the media" is not one thing with one source and one agenda. The media is thousands of journalists with different opinions and loyalties and agendas. Most are hard working individuals committed to covering what is happening as truthfully as possible. Yes there is corruption, there are business interests that influence certain stories, there is bias and distortion. But guess what? All of that exists in the medical industry as well. Is the solution then to burn down all the hospitals? No. We don't need to tear down the media. We need to improve it by keeping it free and open to more voices, not by constricting it. What Trump and these other dictators-at-heart want is fake news: propaganda that supports their tyrannical agenda. They are power-hungry egomaniacs who can't stand to be questioned. Defend press freedom, it's the most powerful force there is against tyranny.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

No Way in Hell Was the Moon Landing a Hoax

Earth seen from the moon (photo designated Creative Commons).

The first proof that the moon landings did indeed occur as reported is video evidence. Tons and tons and tons of it. Not just a few short clips of some guys bouncing around on a lunar surface, but every aspect of the 6 manned moon missions are captured on video. You need to debunk the video evidence properly. And all of the attempted debunking of the videos that I've come across can be answered to and explained.

Monday, October 5, 2015

This One Small Rule Change Could Revolutionize Soccer Forever

Not exactly a critical issue in these times of turbulence, but I was just in a restaurant getting a late dinner and a soccer game was playing on TV. I'm for the most part pro sports, philosophically at least (not necessarily economically, but that's a different subject). But I don't watch much and don't have any favorite teams in any sport. I can enjoy watching most sports for some period of time, all depending on what else is going on. But other than maybe the World Cup or the Olympics, I could hardly give a hoot who wins. I did however play soccer (football, for all you non American/Canadians) on a team through most of my childhood. 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Awkward Travel Stories: Ordering Food in a Foreign Language

I've been in Peru only three days and don't know the dishes hardly at all. So I've basically been ordering things randomly (recognizing a few words like "pollo" for chicken and "bistek" for steak) and so far, so good.

So I tried this new restaurant where I am in Arequipa (in the Andes at about 6,000 feet, ringed by volcanoes), partly because the guy enthusiastically cajoled me in. There was a special on the menu for 5 Peruvian sols (as in sol, for the sun). That's about $1.50.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Childhood Memory and Reflections on Life

I had an interesting memory yesterday that I'd completely forgotten about. I was flying into Lima, Peru yesterday evening and as were descending my ears started to hurt from the change in air pressure, because I was using my computer and had earphones in. So I took them out to let my ears adjust. And that momentary pain of pressure in the head (which wasn't that bad) reminded me of when I was 13 or 14 years old, and my Dad flew my Mom, my brother and I over the Sierra Nevada mountains of California in a tiny 4-seater plane. I remember my brother and I freaking out from the pain then because, of course, there was no adjusted cabin pressure in a tiny plane like that, and we were way above the Sierras.

But here's the part that really trips me out: at the time, my Dad was exactly the same age as I am now, 43. Not only was he married, with two teenage kids, and he'd already finished building our big house in the woods....but he flew his family over the freaking Sierra Nevadas. Definitely puts things in perspective. Especially when you're 43 years old, still single and a traveling backpacker. I definitely chose a different course in life.

Sometimes I certainly wonder what the heck I'm doing and where I'm going. But then at the same time, I feel like it's all just right. I chose a rather roundabout path (to say the least) to get to where I am now. But on some level, it seems like things are working out as planned. I bumbled around a lot, no doubt about that. But all those unique experiences are now providing tremendous creative potential for success doing exactly what I want to be doing. For example, I just passed 30,000 subscribers between my two Youtube channels and am now making enough money from Youtube alone to travel on (if I do it cheap). If you search on Youtube for almost every place that I've been in the past year, you'll find one of my videos on the first page for that search term, which means my travel channel is getting recognized by Youtube as a top travel channel. That is a seriously amazing thing. Potentially no more working the night shift or doing random handyman jobs to make money. Just traveling the world making videos, and it pays for itself. And it can really only go upwards from here.

I wrote my Dad and told him about the memory, and he said he'd forgotten about it too and was glad to be reminded of it. He did some pretty awesome, outside-the-box things with his life as well. Just different things, in a totally different way.
Here's a photo of myself (on the left), my brother Christo, mom Vicki and dad Jim, in front of our house in the woods outside of Willits, California. Looks like I'm around 6 or so, so this would have been late '70s.