Gabriel Morris in India

Gabriel Morris in India
A mysterious cave in south India.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

What Will Really Happen in 2012?

Of course, only time and unfolding events will tell. Nobody knows for sure, and anyone who thinks they do will almost certainly be proved wrong. But I think it's very clear to those of us who have been watching things for the past 20 years or so, reading the messages of the Mayan elders and various ancient civilizations, the Pleiadians, Kryon, Arcturians, and so many others, that the prophecies that were being given about a major shift during this timeframe are very much coming true. And even many who have been too busy or uninterested or not exposed to the esoteric topics and spiritual evolution, etc., are also now beginning to suspect that something strange and mystifying is going on; and multitudes around the world are beginning to contemplate at some level that life as we currently know it might be due for some major changes, beyond anything we've experienced in recent human history.

The most certain aspect is that the world economy is undoubtedly heading in the general direction of a cliff, to put it mildly. And I think that when it collapses, over the next year or so (if not much sooner) it's going to be a huge wake-up call for humanity on many levels, and will most likely result in some serious social unrest and possibly major chaos in certain areas. Personally, I would say that it's really time to start thinking about the basic necessities and the possibility that the grocery store down the street, at some point fairly soon, might not necessarily be chock full of whatever you need to survive. I've been reading plenty about the economic plight the world's in over the past six months or so. And though it's hard to filter out the hype from the reality sometimes (especially for someone like myself who isn't vaguely an economist), it does seem clear that our current system, overburdened by massive debt and no longer based on much of real value, is essentially a house of cards that's just beginning to fall; and there's no way around a pretty huge catastrophe for our current economic system. Here's one recent article on how bad it really is, by almost every conceivable measurement:

And here's a video of an advisor to the IMF on BBC televison a few days ago, October 5th, 2011, stating that we face a worldwide banking meltdown "WITHIN WEEKS":

But beyond the near certainity of the world economy going into a downward spiral, I truly have no idea what else may transpire. I'm currently reading the new book by David Wilcock, which is jam-packed with solid scientific information based on volumes of research, and later in the book he'll apparently be breaking down exactly why 2012 is significant in a very real, measurable way, so I'm looking forward to getting to that part of it. Our sun has been going crazy lately with unprecedented massive solar flares and CMEs, and just plain baffling the scientists by how unpredictable it's been. So the possibility that our modern technology such as our power grids, satellites, cellphones, etc. could be affected by the effects of the sun in some way is definitely a real one.

Then there's the whole scenario of the possibility of a Planet X, a.k.a. Nibiru, Tyche, etc., returning on its supposed 3,600 year orbit of our sun and causing a polar shift, earthquakes and tsunamis, etc. as its gravitational field disrupts ours. Although there's a lot of speculation, pseudo-science, hype, disinformation, etc. on this subject (more so than any other conspriacy theory it seems), there is actually some fairly solid or at least intriguing evidence for the possibility that there may be a "hidden" planetary body within our own solar system somewhere. Here's CNN reporting on it last February, saying there's something (perhaps a brown dwarf star or else a gas giant) 4 times the size of Jupiter at the edges of the solar system somewhere:
And here's an article about Spanish astronomers who claim to have discovered and confirmed a Planet X within our solar system, roughly twice the size of Jupiter:
Of all the possibilities, this is probably the one I would spend the least time being concerned about; though I'll definitely be keeping my eyes open for any more news on the subject.

And then, there's the assertion by many people that we will soon see disclosure by the world's governments of the reality of alien life visiting Earth for past decades, or even millennia...and perhaps aliens even making themselves clearly known by a mass visitation to Earth, beyond the assorted sightings many people have been seeing around the world. I won't be sitting around waiting for them to drop by in a spaceship and save me. But, I do believe based on the evidence documented by thousands of witnesses, evidence in the writings of ancient civilizations, and the fact that there are 200-400 billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy (and another 200 billion galaxies), that it's ever so slightly possible that intelligent life may have developed somewhere other than just Earth! And for anyone who thinks this subject is still in the realm of fantasy and wishful thinking, there are a few NASA space shuttle astronauts who have a little something to say on the subject:

And finally, another penomenon that may be a major factor in the 2012 prophecies and the Earth changes we've been seeing in recent years, is the Photon Band that many spiritual teachers such as Barbara Hand Clow have talked about, and which may be affecting every aspect of our existence at the deepest level. Here's an article that talks about it from a scientific perspective, calling it an "interstellar energy cloud" that our solar system is now moving into.
Apparently it isn't just Earth that's experiencing climate change, but other planets in our solar system as well. And this band of intensified photons (light!) may in fact be the major cause for global warming, as well as weather extremes, earthquakes, the strange behavior of the sun, the speeding up of time, the changing of our very DNA, and much more.

But whatever may or may not happen in the coming year, I think what this period of human transition is truly about can be summed up best by just two words...which is that it's about the "I Am" (or the extended version, "Be Here Now" according to Ram Dass). Underlying all of the physical changes and phenomenon that are now taking place across the planet, the solar system and within our bodies, and those that will unfold in the coming years, this is an incredible opportunity for spiritual growth and evolution which, when it comes down to it, is simply about being fully in the moment, and claiming the totality of one's being. It does little to nothing beneficial to worry and obsess about possible end-of-the-world scenarios...While at the same time, sticking one's head in the sand won't make coming events go away. As Dutch Sinse says in his You Tube videos, "Don't be scared; be prepared." There is a healthy balance to be found between the outer world and the inner one. Neither should be neglected. But when it's all said and done, "You don't take nothing with you but your soul..." (the late John Lennon). Spiritual evolution is truly what it's all about, even as we retain these physical bodies that need to be fed...My plan for now is to keep biking to the beach to swim, meditate and do yoga, enjoy the moment as best I can, hang out with friends, enjoy a beer or ice cream every once in a while just for kicks, be open to the myriad possibilities of life, while still keeping my eyes peeled on the news. And if/when things seem to be truly on the verge of a major shift (which I do believe will happen within months, or else sometime into 2012), I'm gonna buy a couple of good fishing poles and get ready to start collecting mangoes and coconuts!

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