Gabriel Morris in India

Gabriel Morris in India
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Friday, September 18, 2015

The Teal Swan Controversy: Is Teal Swan a Fraud?

Foreword: A brief explanation of who is Teal Swan. Teal is a spiritual teacher, author and public speaker who travels around the world giving workshops seeking to inspire people to face their fears, find greater self-awareness and personal happiness, follow their dreams, heal their past and relationships, and much more.

Teal claims to have been born with extra-sensory abilities, including seeing into the future, seeing people's past lives, traveling out-of-body, perceiving beings in the spirit realms, reading thoughts, sensing the energy vibration of people and physical objects, and much more. And precisely because of these abilities, while living in rural Utah she was targeted by an extreme Mormon cult who considered her abilities to be from the Devil, because she was a girl. She was abducted by them, in a sense (this will be explained further below) at the age of six.

Over the course of her childhood she was then subjected to Satanic rituals including the worst horrors imaginable, which she has discussed in-depth publicly in her various videos, interviews, workshop forums and with the media including an in-depth interview with Fox News. When she was nineteen, after thirteen years of such abuse, she finally managed to escape the cult. She then began a healing journey over the course of the next decade including professional therapy; before eventually beginning to talk about her story with others and step onto the world stage as a well-known spiritual teacher.

Teal Swan, the Spiritual Catalyst

Note: I would like to make a simple request here to not contact myself, Cameron Clark, Blake Dyer or others who lived in the Teal household, asking about this issue or sharing opinions or advice. However, do feel free to share this article with others if you think it will be helpful in understanding the situation.

There wouldn't be much of a controversy surrounding Teal Swan if it wasn't for Cameron Clark. Cameron is, to the best of my knowledge, the only person who has actually met Teal and spent significant time with her, who is now publicly speaking critically of her. There are other critics certainly, but not people who have spent significant time with her and are now speaking publicly and forcefully about her. Cameron has conducted a number of lengthy interviews in the form of Youtube videos (and perhaps others) speaking in-depth of her time being directly involved with Teal's household in Park City, Utah. This article will predominantly be focused on analyzing Cameron's experience with and claims about Teal, based on Cameron's public interviews (one in particular, posted below). And there's a specific reason why I felt it was necessary to address these charges in-depth now, which will be explained below as well.

After discovering Teal through her Youtube channel (Teal Swan, The Spiritual Catalyst), Cameron at one point went through a major life transition. She quit her job, went to Park City on a whim and happened to find an apartment for rent just a few minutes drive from where Teal was living in a house with a group of about a half dozen other people. She then lived there for six months, directly involved in the Teal household and various activities there (including living in Teal's house for a month at one point).

Unfortunately, as Cameron describes it, she had a difficult experience throughout her time living there, and left with a bad impression of Teal and those surrounding her. A really, really, really, really bad impression. Cameron thinks that Teal is a fraud. And not just a fraud. Cameron actually believes (in her own words) that Teal is a psychopathic maniac with multiple personality disorders, who is lying about almost everything she speaks of. Her spiritual teachings are all based on reading other people's books and scouring the internet. Her entire life's story is false: there was no abusive childhood at the hands of a Satanic Mormon cult. Cameron even thinks that Teal fakes her seizures at convenient times to gain sympathy from people. In Cameron's opinion, everything that Teal does is based on pathologically manipulating people around her and doing whatever she can to increase her fame and stature in the spiritual world.

And now for the real bombshell: Cameron, along with a group she was recently involved with that investigates cults around the world (Ethics and the Modern Guru), claims that they have actually spoken with Teal's alleged primary abuser. They conducted an interview with him which they plan to publish (his identity will not be revealed) that will supposedly provide solid evidence that Teal's claims of abuse couldn't possibly be true.

So this is the main reason why I felt compelled to write this article now. Because apparently, that interview will be publicly released very soon, within days or weeks, in a very thorough document made widely available that will provide evidence from a multitude of different angles, professing to prove that Teal's claims of abuse are false and that none of it happened.

Now before I jump headlong into the facts surrounding this controversy, in the interests of full disclosure I should state that I am not an objective observer of this situation. I have a Youtube channel of my own (Gabriel Kundalini) and I have interviewed Teal three separate times. I have met Teal in person and almost everyone involved in her household at the same time that Cameron was living there. I stopped through Park City in the fall of 2013, which I believe would have been a couple months after Cameron had left. I went out to dinner with Teal, Blake Dyer (who is Teal's assistant and also lives with her, creating her videos and doing a lot of her administrative work) and several others who lived in Teal's house at the time. We went to dinner the first evening I was there. The next day we all went on a hike in the hills above Park City. And then I went back to their house for the evening and saw where Teal records her videos, etc. Here's a photo of myself and Teal on the hike:

Gabriel Morris and Teal Swan

If you feel that based on that involvement I am not in a position to provide an objective, untainted perspective of the situation, that's fine. However I will state that this is exactly what I intend to do, to the best of my ability. This is going to be a very, very critical analysis of the specifics of what is being claimed on both sides, and what actually sounds like it could be possible or plausible, based on the specific facts and statements that are out there in the public sphere at this time; as well as some information I have come to know that has not been revealed publicly yet, but apparently will be soon. (I will not be revealing here the names or exchanges I may have had with those involved, who have not chosen to discuss the issue publicly themselves.) However I will mention that I have had direct communication with Cameron herself, in a series of lengthy, in-depth messages exchanged back-and-forth over the course of several months, in which I seriously considered her claims. This article is basically a direct result of those discussions with Cameron.

And I will also state categorically that if it should be shown beyond a shadow of a doubt by this forthcoming document, or through other information that comes to light in the future, that Cameron's claims are indeed correct: that Teal has fabricated her entire life's story and is lying about everything; then I will remove all of my Youtube interviews with Teal and completely disassociate from her. Of course, I don't want to be involved in helping to support and promote that sort of deception in any way. However, as I will outline below, based on the evidence presented so far, it is very difficult for me to imagine how Teal could have concocted such an elaborate life's story, and gotten away with lying about it for years, to thousands of people in a multitude of different settings. As extraordinary as her story is, I find it even harder to believe that she is lying about it all.

So what I'm going to do here is address some of the claims made by Cameron in one of her recent public interviews, citing specific quotes from the interview and then offering my own perspective and analysis of those claims being made. This is from the Youtube video posted on Cameron's own channel titled: “Teal Swan Expose with Cameron Clark and Helena Phoenix”, which was posted on August 20th, 2015. I've transcribed some of the most notable things said in their interview, which I will include below. I will respond to some of the quotes directly beneath them, and post others without a response. I will then offer a fuller commentary further below. Here is the video if you care to listen to any of the exchanges for yourself. All quotes (which indicate Cameron Clark speaking, except where otherwise noted) are cited with the exact time they appear in the 2-hour long interview.

Quotes from the interview between Helena Phoenix (interviewer) and Cameron Clark:

—13:45, “I've never met a crazier, more unstable person in my entire life. But I can't say that it's because of abuse. I just find her to be mentally ill from, in my opinion she's just very manipulative, pathologically manipulative. She's a fabulist and a confabulator, and I would call her a mythomaniac. She makes up stories. She's so incongruent with her teachings, it's staggering.”

—14:25, “She Googles everything, none of her material is new material.”

—15:40, Apparently, Teal has claimed that she has other people plug in electrical devices for her, because she has a psychological association based on electroshock treatment from her childhood abuse. However Cameron claims that this is a lie, because she personally has seen Teal plug in lots of different devices on her own including her blow dryer, cell phone, laptop, etc.

Note: I agree that this is curious and that an explanation of the circumstances in which Teal does or doesn't plug in electrical devices would be helpful.

—23:20, “The first time I really snapped out of it was when she tried to convince me to commit suicide.”

Note: This is a complicated story, which Cameron has told in multiple interviews (I've only watched two of Cameron's interviews, both of which featured this story). In short, due to a disagreement between Cameron and Teal, they ended up in a heated discussion in which, according to Cameron, Teal accused Cameron of being “passively suicidal” and told her that she should decide whether she really wanted to live or not. As Cameron describes it, then Teal essentially urged her to consider suicide. It is also worth noting that this was shortly after one of Teal's clients had in fact committed suicide.

I will certainly concede that this is a troubling account and, if true as Cameron describes it, this is concerning. However, we've only heard one side of the story. It would be helpful to hear the other side of the story on this incident between Cameron and Teal.

—32:12, “She claims that she's never read a book before.”

Note: I've never heard Teal state that, so I'm not sure if it's true that she has said that.

—32: 45, Cameron then describes being at Teal's house and points out that Teal has a large bookcase there filled with spiritual books. Cameron says that she was looking through the books and came across one titled “What Color is Your Aura?” Cameron thumbed through it, and was surprised to find Teal's handwriting all through the book, making notes including about family members of hers, commenting on what their auras were and what that meant. Cameron then goes out to portray this as proof that Teal was simply reading other people's spiritual books, and utilizing them and other resources to form her own spiritual teachings.

Note: This is one of many instances in which Cameron cites personal things about Teal and then paints them as examples of how deluded she is; yet which to me seem completely normal. If Teal has in fact stated emphatically that she has never before read a book in her life, then I would agree it would be odd to discover that she was writing in the margins of a book. But I find it very, very hard to imagine that Teal has literally never read a book in her life and would highly doubt that is the case. For one thing, she's written two books, which would be hard to do if you had never read a book. And besides it wouldn't surprise or bother me at all to know that she had read other spiritual books in the course of her spiritual path. In fact, I hope that she has. I think it's a good thing for any spiritual teacher to have knowledge of other spiritual paradigms being explained by others, in order to have a broader perspective on various issues.

So this seems to me to be a strange piece of supposed “evidence” that Teal is simply copying other people's work and then reciting it as her own, with no unique personal insights of her own. Especially if you actually listen to Teal's talks, videos and interviews, etc. sharing her spiritual perspective, which don't come across to me at all as being a matter of regurgitating ideas she read elsewhere and then simply memorized. But I'll get into that more in-depth later.

—33:21, Cameron gives another similar example supposedly showing that Teal is “stealing” her ideas from others, by telling the story of discovering that they had a DVD collection of talks given by Esther Hicks, channeling Abraham. Cameron strongly believes that Teal has modeled her spiritual teachings on those of Abraham Hicks. In the interview at this point, Cameron and Helena seem almost giddy with amusement at how obvious it is that Teal has simply watched a lot of Abraham Hicks videos in order to frame her spiritual discussions.

Note: In the same vein as the books example above, this says absolutely nothing, in my opinion. I think it's safe to say that virtually ALL spiritual teachers (in the modern age anyway) have read the works of others, and that this has undoubtedly influenced their own views to some extent. And that's great, in my opinion. The more perspectives people read, the more information they gather, the better for the most part, even if some of it is bogus information. But overall it's better for the mind to have many different opinions and ways of perceiving the world. And especially if you're going to step into the spotlight as a spiritual teacher and make yourself available to questioning on a wide range of topics, it's probably a good idea to have some familiarity with some of the other popular spiritual teachings out there. Because you will probably be asked about them.

And finally, it should also be noted that Teal doesn't live alone in her house. I'm sure that many of the books, videos, etc. ended up on that big book shelf or elsewhere, because they were bought and read by Blake or any of the other people who have lived with Teal over the years. Frankly, I would find it a bit strange to walk into a spiritual person's house, and not discover a bookshelf with a lot of spiritual books.

—38:22, Cameron claims that Teal was diagnosed by a mental health official (who I don't think actually met her, but diagnosed her from watching her videos), and Cameron then states the following:

“She is completely mentally insane. She has been, among other things, diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder (which is a combination of schizophrenia and major depression), she has narcissistic personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder.”

—40:15, Helena Phoenix claims that “Her followers are rabid fanatics who will literally die for her.”

—41:50, “I'm working for the magazine Ethics and the Modern Guru, and they're putting together quite an explosive expose' on her with several articles and interviews that are going to really shine some light on what is going on here.”

—43:55, At this point Cameron cites a claim made by Teal, that illustrates some of the worst of the satanic cult abuse she alleges was perpetrated on her. Teal apparently tells a gruesome story of the man who was her primary abuser (who I'll call John for the sake of this article). Teal claims that John, along with a friend of his who was a mortician, would sew her up inside bodies at the morgue, and then leave her alone for extended periods of time of up to twelve hours. Cameron then goes on to state that she asked a mortician herself, who stated categorically that this is not conceivable possibly. There is simply no way that an 8-year-old girl could somehow fit inside of the body cavity of another human being.

Note: I will absolutely agree that this story doesn't seem to make sense, and that this is something that could be addressed and clarified, even though it's a pretty unpleasant story to have to revisit. I hadn't heard this story myself, but apparently she has told it publicly. I wouldn't be surprised if there was another slightly different explanation of the circumstances of what exactly happened, that might make this story more plausible.

—51:18, This is one of the more disturbing accounts given by Cameron of Teal's supposed manipulation tactics with her fellow household members. It's complicating, so I'm not going to try and explain it all here. But you can watch the video if you like and decide for yourself. In short, Cameron describes events that transpired in another one of the Shadow House episodes in which, as Cameron describes it, Teal made very strange claims of some of the other people, including labeling members as previously being various alien races who had done bad things to the other people who were present there, and then supposedly shaming and guilt-tripping them for their actions in these previous lives.

Note: I don't really know what to make of this without seeing the specific exchanges for myself (which was in fact recorded on video, but may no longer be posted online), and/or hearing the other side of the story. Overall, I've found that Cameron oftentimes distorts a lot of what Teal says and interprets it in a way that doesn't seem to adequately convey what was intended by Teal. I'll give a couple of other examples of this below.

—1:26:40, “She doesn't believe in truth unless it makes you feel good.”

Note: As someone who has seen a lot of Teal's videos, read her blog posts, and interviewed her three times for a total of six hours, I can state unequivocally that this does not represent at all what Teal is teaching. This is an oversimplification in the extreme. I have no idea how someone who has supposedly listened closely to Teal's teachings and even lived with her, including participating in her Shadow House episodes directly (of which I saw a few), could end up boiling down Teal's very complex, multi-layered teachings,much of which is focused on Shadow Work to “she only believes in truth if it makes you feel good.” In many different instances, Cameron makes statements that sound as if she hasn't understand at all what Teal is really saying.

—1:29:20, “She likes Hitler. She makes very racist remarks a lot.”

Note: If Teal is making racist remarks “a lot”, somehow that has completely escaped my notice over the past 2 ½ years of watching her videos, reading her blog posts, interviewing her and meeting her in person.

As for the statement about Hitler, this is something that Cameron has mentioned on several occasions, painting Teal as almost seeming to idolize Hitler, holding him up as a powerful spiritual teacher. As far as I know, having seen her discuss the issue, she's never said at all that she “likes” Hitler. Nor has she called Hitler himself a spiritual teacher. What she has said is that Hitler, the Nazi regime and the horrors they inflicted on the world are one of the most powerful lessons and examples of what humanity doesn't want to experience again. And in that sense it has been a powerful lesson for the world.

That's completely different from her saying she has a fondness for Hitler and supports what he did. This is just the same as the media twisting the words of Russell Brand, for example, to make it sound as if he “supports terrorism”. When what he really said couldn't have been further from the truth, but instead was a complex, nuanced explanation of a subject with a deeper meaning that could easily be misunderstood or taken out of context, but that was absolutely correct and ws in fact a brilliant insight. So this is really what Cameron is doing here, taking Teal's very nuanced, insightful, complex perspective on this issue, and reducing it to a simple, catchy sentence that completely misses the point that was intended, and then paints Teal as supporting and identifying with the greatest villain of modern history.

I am now going to address the bigger picture here of what is being alleged by Cameron and others who have labeled Teal as a fraud. What Cameron is alleging is essentially that Teal is lying on three different, interconnected fronts.

#1 is that Teal is lying about, and has completely fabricated her entire childhood and life story. None of the supposed abuse at the hands of a satanic Mormon cult actually occurred. This has been completely made up by Teal to gain sympathy and advance her story of being a woman who endured hell, healed from it and is now teaching others based on having grown from her own very challenging life's struggles.

#2 is that Teal is lying about her extra-sensory abilities, which she claims she has had since birth. Everything Teal describes in this realm is apparently completely made up. Her ability to see people's energy fields; to see and hear spirits and various energy beings; to remember her own past lives as well as others; to see future possible outcomes for people and for the Earth; her stories of traveling out-of-body during her sleep to different worlds, interacting with spirit beings and even with the souls of humans living on Earth; etc. You can watch her videos and interviews to get a better idea of what she says she has experienced, and experiences daily due to her different perceptions of reality. But according to Cameron it's all an elaborate, fabricated lie.

#3 is that Teal has come to her spiritual insights not through her extra-sensory abilities, her life experiences or her inner connection with God and the spirit worlds; but rather through reading the spiritual lessons, wisdom and life stories of others, by searching around on the internet, memorizing the teachings of others and then mixing them up to create her own seemingly unique spiritual paradigm.

So basically, she is lying through her teeth to people's faces 24/7 and has been doing so for years. Teal's Youtube channel was created on January 25th, 2011, so that's almost five years ago. Her first book “The Sculptor in the Sky” was published a couple of months later, on March 8th, 2011. Presumably then, according to the claims being made, it is also completely false and fabricated.

Here's what I have to say to this: I really don't think it is humanly possible for someone to get away with this. What you're talking about is a body of information that is so vast, that if it was a matter of simply remembering details that she had made up in the past and had to consistently recall not based on experience or inner insights but on rote memory, it would require a pretty advanced computer program to keep all of those facts straight. Lying is not such an easy thing. It may be easy to lie about one isolated incident. And certainly there are master liars out there. But to build lie upon lie upon lie gets complicated really, really fast. This is how police questioning works. They may not have a whole lot to go on. But if you start asking enough questions of a person around a particular set of circumstances, then oftentimes it doesn't take long for that person to reveal whether they are telling the truth or lying, because those are such completely different places to operate from when it comes to telling a story.

When it comes down to explaining specific details, the lies have to get ever more complex and have to build on one another such that it would quickly become almost impossible to keep track of them all and be able to continue fabricating new details that actually line up with what was previously stated. It's one thing to lie in the course of writing a book in private, for example, or creating a video. It's another thing completely to lie to people's faces in the course of direct questioning. But I'll address that further a little bit later, after first discussing another aspect of this story.

Switching the focus of this article for a moment, let's take a look at the crux of the matter; which is that Teal claims she was abused by this man John, and others within the cult that abducted her. And apparently, in the interview that will be published in text form sometime soon, then John states unequivocally that the supposed abuse did not occur, that he was not involved in a Satanic cult, and this has all been completely made up by Teal.

So what it comes down to is that we have a “he said, she said” situation. Teal has told her story publicly in a multitude of different settings. And now, apparently, the man she has alluded to countless times as being her abuser, has been identified as being a real person, who has spoken about the matter in an interview conducted by the group Ethics and the Modern Guru.

Now let's take a look at some of the specifics of this situation that are already in the public sphere, based primarily on Teal's testimony. First however, for those who don't know the particulars of the abusive situation that Teal has described, I will explain briefly.

Teal was not abducted by a cult and taken to some secret location where she then spent her entire childhood, from the age of 6 to 19, before she escaped. Instead, it was that she was targeted by a man (John) who was a friend of Teal's parents. According to Teal, John is a psychopath and a pathological liar, but a very slick, charismatic and presentable one. John then apparently convinced Teal's parents he had intentions of being a mentor of sorts for Teal. And so they entrusted him with spending time alone with her, taking her away from their house for hours at a time and even overnight, thinking that he was helping her in some way.

Meanwhile, according to Teal, in their time alone then John was actually taking her to the compound for their cult and to various other places, where they were using her for Satanic rituals, torturing and abusing her, including sexual abuse, and subjecting her to all manner of horrors. John would then return Teal back to her parents sometime later as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. And then he was also programming Teal with mind-control techniques and threatening her with all manner of violent acts to her and her family, if she were to tell anything of what was actually going on to anyone.

Now, if John is stating in his testimony that Teal is lying and that none of these abusive episodes actually occurred between them, then what exactly was their relationship? Because I've corresponded directly with someone who themselves has had direct communication with Teal's alleged abuser, John. And John has apparently confirmed that in fact there was a relationship between him and Teal during her childhood in which John was taking her away from her family home for some period of time. Apparently he claims that these were not “extended” periods of time, whatever that specifically means. That's as much as I know. Apparently much more will be revealed in the forthcoming publication by Ethics and the Modern Guru.

Following are a few questions of my own that come to mind surrounding this odd relationship, that I would hope the interviewers thought to ask John:

#1. What exactly was John's relationship with Teal's parents during Teal's childhood?

#2. Is it true that John spent time alone with Teal as a child, away from his parent's home?

#3. If so, why exactly was he spending time alone with her? Was he getting paid to babysit her? Were Teal's parents asking him to watch her as a favor? Or else was he the one initiating the visits?

#4. Is it true, as Teal claims, that these visits occurred over the course of 13 years, from when Teal was 6 to when she was 19?

#5. If these visits weren't “extended”, then how long were they exactly? Of course they would have varied. But to give a general idea, were they usually around 30 minutes, an hour or two, up to several hours, or more than that? Has John simply denied that they were “extended”, or has he been specific in saying approximately how long he was spending time alone with Teal?

So what's going on with this? If the fundamental facts are true, that over the course of 13 years John was picking Teal up from her home and taking her away alone for some period of time, how does he explain this relationship in a way that makes any sense? What were they doing? Going on picnics, going to the museum? Playing video games at his house? Are we really supposed to believe that this was a completely innocent thing in which an adult man wants to spend all this time with a little girl just for the fun of it? This scenario is very, very suspect.

So as far as what has thus far been confirmed, Teal's story adds up: apparently when she was a young girl then a “family friend”, John, was taking her away from her house and spending time with her alone. For exactly how long these visits lasted and over how many years they took place, has so far not been confirmed by John. But there was a relationship of some kind between John and Teal.

Now, that alone is kind of a strange scenario, is it not? I'll freely admit it's hard to believe that Teal's parents would be allowing her to repeatedly spend time alone in the company of this other man who wasn't even a family member. Teal's parents have in fact spoken on the issue, as they are featured in the upcoming documentary movie about Teals life, “Open Shadow”. But that hasn't been released publicly yet (I've seen the trailer for the movie, which includes a quick glimpse of Teal's parents).

Teal then is being taken away from her home by this guy, with her parents consent, multiple times by all accounts. And presumably dozens or even hundreds of times over the course of 13 years, by Teal's account. So what is this guy's interest in Teal? This scenario has not been described by anyone thus far as being a “babysitting” arrangement, in which for example Teal's parents were paying him to watch her while they were busy at work or whatever. Instead it has been described, by Teal at least, as John being the initiator of the visits, having an express interest in taking Teal away from her home, which her parents were allowing.

It should also be noted here that Teal has publicly written about her rocky relationship with her parents. And so it seems that, if what Teal was describing so publicly in countless different forums simply didn't add up to them as being true, then they would have released something themselves stating that Teal's story didn't make sense and couldn't have happened. Why, especially if they've had disagreements with Teal as she herself has described, would they simply sit back and watch her build worldwide fame and a successful career around life details that in their minds couldn't be true? I think it will be a very revealing and helpfu piece of the puzzle to see what Teal's parents actually have to say about all this if/when the movie is released.

So, are we really supposed to believe that John is just a friendly guy who is trying to help Teal somehow? Where were they going, what were they doing? How does he address this very odd set of circumstances in the interview that has been conducted with him? Child abuse, sexual abuse happens all the time in this world. It doesn't take much of a leap of the imagination to consider that there could have been some sort of abuse taking place in the course of such a strange relationship between a little girl and an adult man who wasn't a family member. So if the first part of this story is true by all accounts—that Teal had a childhood relationship with John in which they were spending time alone—then the second part in which Teal is alleging abuse took place, is more than plausible.

So far then, Teal's story of what took place is well within the realm of possibility. Yes, it's extraordinary, it's weird, it's hard to believe; especially when you factor in the claims of being involved with a Satanic cult. But it is absolutely possible. Yet clearly, someone here is a pathological, diabolical liar. There's no way around it on this one. If John is saying that nothing abusive occurred between the two of them, then their stories couldn't be further from each other and someone is incredibly deceptive. It's either Teal or it's John. And they both know who it is. And yet, there will most likely never be any hard evidence presented that can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt who is right. They can both talk and explain things in ways that might sound reasonable. But I don't see how either one can ultimately prove that they are the one who is right and the other is lying.

So let's apply Occam's Razor here to try to determine what appears to be the more likely true story in this case of two divergent accounts of what transpired between these two individuals. Because clearly, someone here is lying. Occam's Razor is a problem-solving principle which says, essentially, that the simplest explanation that is based on fewer assumptions, is more likely to be true. So which explanation here could be considered the “simplest”?

Let's take a look at the two different scenarios. John has apparently told his side of the story in a private interview with someone from the group Ethics and the Modern Guru (a group that is already slanted against Teal and various other spiritual teachers). From what I've heard then we will never see the video of that interview, because the identity of “John” will remain undisclosed. But the transcript of that interview will be released in the document set to be published in the coming days or weeks. So that's the setting in which this man John has had the opportunity to possibly construct a false story to cover for himself.

Meanwhile, Teal has been telling her story in explicit detail to thousands of people around the world over the course of the last five or so years. She didn't just write a book about it, or make videos talking about it on her own terms, which would be something she was in complete control of. Instead, she's been in hundreds of different settings, answering spontaneous questions from people, including with journalists such as in the Fox News interview (conducted by a Fox affiliate in Boise, Idaho). That was an interview conducted at first in private, which went on for several hours, yet which was recorded on video. They then broadcast a short selection of the content of that interview on their TV news program to their Idaho audience.

Obviously they found her story believable enough to release it publicly. This is not something that news organizations do without serious consideration. They fact check as much as they can, they dissect what was said to confirm to the best of their ability that it is more than likely true. They don't want to have to retract a story, because it's later determined they got fooled and it was false testimony. Just ask Dan Rather, who by all accounts got fired from his job as the anchor for the CBS Evening News, because of his support for a story that later turned out to be lacking in certifiable evidence (this was a story during the 2004 presidential election making allegations that George W. Bush had falsified his military service records.) No news organization wants to end up being discredited for broadcasting a false story.

Teal then is having to come up with very specific answers on the spot, with people who are recording the discussion and then will have free will to edit it as they choose. In the interviews that she does with people on Youtube, such as myself, she has a discussion via Skype in which the content is then in the interviewers hands and she doesn't get any chance to mess with it. In the course of my three interviews with Teal, I was never asked for questions beforehand. I wasn't briefed about what I could or could not discuss. It was completely wide open and she had no idea what we would be talking about. I wasn't asked to edit the video in a certain way to make Teal look good or believable. I wasn't asked, pressured or in any way, shape or form expected to conform to a certain format of how the interview would be presented. Neither was I asked by Teal's camp to be able to watch and review the interview, before it was posted publicly. I was simply offered he chance to interview Teal, we arranged a time, had our discussion via Skype. And then I edited the interviews and posted them on Youtube as I chose.

So there's absolutely no room there for error in terms of her getting caught in a lie. Meanwhile she's telling very specific, detailed accounts of what happened to her over the course of her life, answering a ridiculously broad range of questions about anything that anyone might think to ask with basically no restrictions, to thousands of different people around the world in her various interviews and workshops, most of which are then posted publicly for anyone to see, scrutinize and pick apart. And to the best of my knowledge, no one has brought up any glaring inconsistencies to her story. Improbabilities, yes. Her entire story is wildly improbable and extraordinary. But a lot of people have extraordinary stories that are hard to believe, yet which are true.

Somehow then, according to those who accuse her of lying, Teal is completely making all of this stuff up on the spot (and/or recalling an elaborate story she constructed over the past number of years) on all three of these different facets of her life's experience: her childhood, her unique spiritual abilities and her acquired spiritual knowledge. She's been answering thousands of questions without hesitation, managing to keep her story and all the details straight over the course of years of being in the public spotlight.

And yet, none of it is actually true? Can you try to imagine how insanely complicated and convoluted this would be, how many lies on top of lies she would have to remember and keep track of on the spot, how much information she would have to remember by rote in a multitude of settings under the guise of being a spiritual teacher giving spontaneous responses, all while people are watching and recording her every word and body movement and facial expression? And it's all an elaborate, well-orchestrated act? This would be a truly superhuman feat to accomplish, one that seems to challenge the capability of the human mind to even remember, not to mention keep track of in an orderly way such a vast amount of fabricated information. And then, to deliver it all calmly and casually, with seeming authenticity and thoughtfulness and compassion, with no apparent gaps of information or stuttering or freezing up upon trying to recall what lie to tell seeming struggle to continue perpetrating a diabolical, pathological series of lies, day after day, year after year.

So what does Occam's Razor have to say about this situation? Which explanation is simpler? Who has the easier opportunity here to tell a false story to cover for themselves: a person giving detailed interviews, engaging in thousands of hours of discussions with people on an almost daily basis over the course of several years. Or a man who has given one interview in private, to a group of individuals who are in a sense already on his side as critics of Teal? Someone here is lying, clearly. And Occam's Razor says, by a million miles, that the much simpler conclusion to reach is that John has told a false story in his one interview on this issue.

And there's another problem with the story being told by Cameron. According to Cameron, Teal is a pathological liar with multiple personality disorders, who is completely clinically insane and is manipulating everyone around her. If this is the case, why is no one else apparently seeing it? Teal does most certainly have her critics. But from what I've come across, they are basically people who disagree with her spiritual teachings and are suspicious about her story and her personae, yet who haven't actually met and spent time with Teal person.

So how is Teal getting away with all this? Teal is not hidden away in some cult compound, speaking only to her “rabid followers who will die for her”, as Helena Phoenix said, a setting in which she can carefully control her message, her presence, the people around her. Far from it. She's freely accessible to people of all sorts, with no real control over who shows up at her workshops. Anyone who is interested in attending can purchase a ticket and go to one of her workshops, from those who have been following her teachings for years, to those who just heard about her and have no real allegiance, but are curious to check her out in person. She's flying all over the world meeting different people, staying at people's houses, interacting with people one-on-one at workshops in front of crowds that are documented and posted online for anyone to see. And nobody else notices that anything is wrong with her behavior, how she's treating people and how she feels as a person, etc.? And yet the reality according to Cameron is that in fact she's a cold, heartless, calculating, insane, psychopathic maniac? And she's getting away with all of it, because everyone is simply blinded by her charm and beauty?

This story just does not make any sense to me. This is a level of deception that is staggering to imagine any person could be capable of. As I said, I've met Teal and spent time with her in person. And she came across as a warm and present person to me. I actually visited a cult in Sedona, Arizona (one which was exposed by 60 minutes a couple years later), and I picked up on the cult dynamics right away and promptly left. Having met Teal, Blake and several other members of her household, it did not come across to me at all as a cult-like environment. It seemed pretty much like any household of people sharing a house together. Granted, I only had a cursory visit. But a pathologically lying, psychopathic maniac? That is an extreme claim that just doesn't match up with reality in the slightest in my estimation.

And then there's the claim that everything Teal is saying in terms of her spiritual insights is all just a well-orchestrated act, based on her extensive reading and Googling. Again, I find this hard to believe in the extreme. Personally, I don't resonate with Teal's spiritual perspective just because her presentation sounds nice and has a good-looking facade to it. I first came across Teal's videos about 2 ½ years ago. This was not, however, my first introduction to such spiritual concepts. Far from it.

I started meditating in high school when I was 16, which was more than 26 years ago. I started reading all kinds of spiritual books voraciously in the fall of 1992, when I was 20. I started practicing yoga the following year. And I've been on a concerted spiritual path ever since then, reading hundreds of spiritual books including many of the established spiritual classics. I've been to dozens of different spiritual workshops, talks, discussions, gatherings, etc. I've lived on the communities of published spiritual teachers including Swami Kriyananda, Solara and Chris Griscom. I have a B.A. In Religious Studies.

Point being, from the perspective of my own very extensive and concerted spiritual path over the past quarter-century, I wasn't drawn to Teal's teachings because she was a pretty face on Youtube. I find her spiritual insights compelling because I find that they both complement many of the established ancient spiritual traditions, but also take them a step further, and are actually more accurate than a lot of the established religious traditions. A lot more accurate. And I find that what she is offering goes a lot further and deeper and is more multi-layered and insightful than many of the modern gurus, if you will. She hits the nail on the head on every issue, over and over again. In my own personal, subjective opinion, of course.

So I just find it rather preposterous to imagine that everything she is saying is a matter of stealing other people's content and then mixing it all up into a spiritual salad and offering it as her own thing. In my six hours of interview time with her, she certainly doesn't come across in any way as answering questions based on recalling what Abraham or Bashar or whoever else said. Her answers are unique, insightful, thought-provoking to the point that I've had to listen to her words a second or third time in order to understand what she was conveying. And then it made sense. Her teachings are in my best estimation a matter of expressing a worldview she holds within herself and accessing inner sources of knowledge. The notion that she's just making stuff up off the top of her head and recalling what other people have said about these issues strikes me as utterly absurd.

The problem is, any way you look at this situation, we have a fairly unbelievable story here to deal with. Because based on the facts I've been made aware of, the fact is that it's hard to imagine that this fellow John, who has been identified as a real person, one who is apparently willing to openly discuss this situation, is someone who could have done the things that Teal has described. John apparently has been married for 35 years. He's a professional veterinarian who has no criminal record. Apparently he comes across as perfectly normal, sane and believable in his denials of what Teal has claimed. And yet according to Teal then he is the one who is a psychopath and a pathological liar, who is (or at least was) also a closet Satanic cultist who has committed the most egregious acts that can conceivably be inflicted upon another human being.

So, what to believe? What is the truth here? The reality is that other than a confession on the part of one or the other person that they are the one who has created a false story, the truth may never be confirmed either way. The forthcoming document seeking to discredit Teal will apparently be very comprehensive, questioning a lot of elements of her story. What I will be looking for when it comes out is to what extent is the “evidence” actually “absence of evidence” vs. “evidence of absence”. In other words, does it offer conclusive evidence showing that Teal's story couldn't possibly add up to being true? Or does it simply poke holes in her story in terms of the various circumstantial evidence that has so far been presented?

As I said at the beginning, if it's proven that Teal is lying about everything, then of course I don't want to support that. But as they say, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. And doing my best to make sense of the facts and information that is available, the claims being made against Teal are simply far too extreme to entertain as possible without some sort of iron-clad proof.

I've met Teal, spent a number of hours with her and the other members of her household, talked with her, given her a hug and felt her presence. I've seen her videos and read her essays expressing her heart, baring her soul and sharing some of her deepest pains for all to see, so that others might be inspired to have greater courage to be honest with themselves and with others. And my best estimation of the situation is that whatever people think about her spiritual beliefs, her books and videos, her public presence in general, nothing that I myself have seen leads me to believe that the extreme claims being made against her could be true. I do however hope that the truth will make itself known soon, one way or another, so that the controversy can be resolved.


  1. Gabriel, thanks for removing the error we talked about privately, but upon rereading it, I find that a lot of what of what you've posted here is factually wrong. For instance, you wrote that I never lived with Teal. I did live for about a month at her house with Fallon, Justin, Graciela, Flavia, Blake, Winter, and Mark. I also traveled with Teal, Blake, Fallon, and Winnie during this month to her workshop and also to Teal’s parent’s house. At the end of this month, Justin, Graciela, Flavia, and I were thrown out of Teal’s house during her well documented tirade, part of which was aired publicly during an episode of Shadow House. So, with nowhere to go, Justin, Flavia, and Graciela all moved into my apartment that I was fortunate enough to hang onto (paying double rent on) even after I moved in with Teal. I worked for Teal. I was part of her “intentional community” that whole time and interacted with Teal et al., daily for months. You make it sound like I just moved there on a whim. I was in fact invited, recruited, and encouraged by Teal, Blake, and Fallon to move down to Utah to help Teal for months leading up to the move.

    You’ve stated that I said that Teal has multiple personality disorder, when in fact, I’ve stated a number of times publicly that I DO NOT believe she does. Teal is the one who says that she was diagnosed as having dissociative identity disorder, a.k.a. multiple personalities on her blog. One such instance is in this post: (

    For someone who is accusing me of distorting things, I think it’s worth noting that you're misquoting and misrepresenting me while making a number of assumptions about what's in the interview with "John" without even having read it.

    People can listen to the interview you posted here themselves, and hopefully they will, but you've misquoted me as follows when you wrote: “She is completely mentally insane. She has been, among other things, diagnosed with schizo-effective disorder (which is a combination of sociopathy and psychopathy), she has narcissistic personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder.”

    I actually said: “She is completely mentally insane…She has been, among other things, diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, which is a combination of schizophrenia and major depression. She’s been diagnosed as antisocial personality disorder, which is also known as sociopathy and psychopathy. She has narcissistic personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder…”

    I think it’s worth noting that Teal herself claims she was diagnosed as schizoaffective in her book, Shadows Before Dawn, as well as on her bio found here: (

    A comment really isn’t the most effective place to enumerate all the errors you have published in your blog, but I am planning to address your blog as well as the many misconceptions and misunderstandings that seem to be plaguing you on this issue soon.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Interestingly enough you claim Gabriel would misquote you and then repeat exactly what he was claiming you said about Teal, with just a slightly different order of words. I really don't know how to deal with you. Your claims are beyond preposterous, sorry to say, they seem to be as insane as you claim Teal would be. I thought for a while it would be best to just ignore you, because your claims are beyond preposterous as Gabriel pointed out very specifically and you would just waste my time or any others time, for some time I even thought, Gabriel should not have responded to you at all so as to not given you any attention, now I am not sure about it. What to do with Trolls?

    3. Cameron, having listened to two of your interviews, I recall in both of them you described going to Park City and finding an apartment down the street from Teal's house. I'd never heard you explain that you lived in Teal's house for a month. Anyway, it's a small detail which I corrected in the article. I also corrected the quote that I got slightly wrong. So far, those are all very minor details that. Beyond that, you are of course free to write any public response as you like. Take care.

    4. Cameron, I am so glad you are coming out with your story. I have been following this situation off and on for the last couple of years. I first heard of her through my own spiritual seeking, and some of what she said made sense enough for me to watch several of her videos. She gave me a yucky feeling and I couldnt place why. Then I realized that her inappropriate emotional responses and fixation on "shadow aspects"/ material gain / being in the spot light reminded me of people in my life that did a lot to hurt me for no other reason than to further themselves no matter the cost. Not because teal is "just a mirror" to my issues, but because that is her rationalization for being unaccountable for her own "shadows" and behavior. shadow aspects are important because its how she latches onto new people, material gain is what she gets out of them by promising them "positive world change" somehow by spreading her BS around, and being in the spot light is fairly self explanatory, except as always she takes that to its own very special level. She is even famous and powerful on her home planet and in other dimensions! the self aggrandizing alone is astounding.

      I cant say I have been in the grips of a cult, but I have had a narcissitic/bpd parent, and your story is familiar on so many levels its scary. The triangulation, gaslighting, manipulative sob stories, lying, omitting facts to make things seem entirely different than what they are, smear campaigning (though teal has been more sneaky about that publicly, however I think the "truth about teal" website is telling. It may as well be called "in order to discredit Cameron". She wont come out and do it herself to maintain deniability, but will get others to do it for her. Those people are called "flying monkeys" in support groups around the net for people who have been affected by these personality types ) Their behaviors are dangerous and abusive in general, but teal putting herself out there in the way she is and giving the advice and "information" she does, it is deeply unsettling.

      I wish you all the best. Im so glad that teal couldnt succeed in destroying you or silencing you. Thank you!

    5. Thanks again Gabriel. Here is my reply:

      crossposted @

    6. Hello Cameron,

      I've just recently heard about all this, and read this post, and your reply post noted above. After reading all of it, all I can think is, like, you need a hug and a hobby. And I don't mean that in a trolly, snide kind of way. Like, seriously, I want to give you a hug and take you to see a funny movie or something. Sometimes, people get lost in the "winning" of a debate, and may lose compassion for the debater. It ends up hurting the other person on levels we do not realize. (god I hope you do not realize, because I truely understand another's ignorance is bliss, and do not wish for others to ever have to go thru some of the things I have been thru to actually understand the amount of pain they are truly causing to someone who is in touch with their emotions/empathy ) Teal is a human being, just as you, who has been seriously mind f%$*ed by "John", and most likely feels like she is being violated again by having to deal with him again, in a public venue no less. And I like that her friends are speaking up in her stead, maybe for this very reason, so she doesn't have to do so and save her further hurt and trauma. I believe they are ethical and stand for truth, and would actually disassociate with Teal if they really believed or found her to be a fraud or if her purpose was any less than helpful and altruistic. Any friend would want to spare a friend the experience of having to deal with an experienced mind F$%*er again. I hope you never have to go thru something like that, it can take a very long time to trust again. Sometimes I have cried in the past watching her video’s, watching her learn how interact with the dreaded “female”(this is in regards to specific pattern among some cultures where other women are competition and thus shouldn’t like em) and make friends. Learning her worth and what caused her to feel so worthless. And to grow, to “integrate”, one has to get in touch with their “Shadow” and bring it to the foreground. (I would recommend looking up Ken Wilbur on Youtube, a founder of the Integral Institute in Boulder, Colorado and author of many books about integration and well read on different religions, beliefs, ect. I believe he has some high crazy IQ of 300 or something, would love to pick his brain, but he speaks of the Shadow Aspects needing to be addressed and integrated , or they will pop up again and again in your life and not be so good for your general well being and those around you.) Watching her learn how to socialize and interact with people, and crying in happiness that she is learning about this thing called “Love”, how right it is, and how good it is to love herself. There is one video where she says that she is the reincarnation of Sai Baba? (A yogi or some teacher in the past, which I associated with Jesus Christ). The reason she chose this family, situation, body, was to show people that she is a person so people will stop f%48ing putting her on a pedestal or worshipping her (like many have done with Jesus’s teachings in this culture) instead looking within and realizing there own divinity; their own truth. (Spiritual Catalyst-helping people awaken and find their own truth and authenticity) Like, how much would it suck to be a human being, same as everyone else, but having access/abilities that make people treat you like a god, or call you a witch or heathen or a fraud. Like, she would prolly like a hug just like everyone else. Every time she is reincarnated and becomes a “teacher”, and this is what people would do. Well, given the situation and the societal views on her past, it would be really freaking hard to put her on a pedestal in the minds of those most prone to do so. So, well done Teal! Whoo hoo! (post was too long, continued below...)

    7. (continued from above)
      She speaks her truth, and would like everyone to do so I believe. And to speak one's truth, one has to convey a larger point using the only way most are able to communicate and which have multiple connotations, histories, and meanings: words. I would recommend trying to pull back and see the bigger picture of what she is trying to convey. One can get lost in the details and miss bigger truths, the bigger picture. How else can one talk about Asians without using the word Asian? It’s, like, a word. It’s out there. How does one address an issue without using the same verbage and societal clich’s to talk about it and then maybe even trancend it? I think one may lose touch with the bigger picture and get lost in the details. Have you never re-called a situation to someone else in passing, and maybe said something a little bit off cause you were trying to convey a bigger point? Her hearts in the right place; she doesn’t profess to be an “example” like everyone makes Jesus out to be (WWJD). She is human. (So was Jesus for that matter) And as a human being, she’s gotta eat just like you(charging a fee for certain things). She wants to create, just as you do (painting). So she makes some money from paintings and charges for a fee for certain events while pursuing a career she feels has the most effect, the most purpose for “Expansion”. That’s what people do, they find something they love doing, try to help on all different levels family (individual, family, town country, world, universe), work a job to make some money and try and find a little inner peace maybe. And just try not to be a d@#k. I think that should be a motto for life, like, just try not to be a douch bag or infringe on someone’s free will as much as sanely possible. Something I try to live by. Oh, and not take life too seriously. ( I’m tired now, so I’m done writing and I’m headed to Apple Bee’s for half off appetizers and a toddy.) Much love to you Cameron and rock on Teal! So much love for you! And it’s the real from the heart love, not the “oh you’re so godlike and awesome and I wanna wash your feet and put on a robes and chuck rocks at the unbelievers and s$%t! Ha ha!!

    8. Hello again Cameron, (continued from above)

      I just endured reading some of the interviews you had with john/doc, and wish I had not. I want to wash my mind now. This man, who supposidly cared about Teal, and was in a position of POWER over her, starts throwing Teal under the bus to some RANDOM people who contacted him for an interview? Like, how would he know some of this stuff?? Like, THINK about it. Teal, from her own admission and from this "John/Doc", had the classic profile of someone who was abused sexually. Who the heck do you think did it? And my heart hurts for Teal, like, omg. I would feel so upset, hurt, betrayed as well if my family ALLOWED that to happen. Why did they not protect her? Of course things are going to be rocky between them, they still have ALOT of stuff to work out. Dear fricking lord. Run for the hills chicky, cut ties with this guys Mind Crap, and run. Not worth it. Seriously, run.

    9. Excellent reply Annonymous.
      I found Teal when I googled "how to heal a broken heart" because my marriage seems to be a snowball headed for hell. And while the biggest part of me is tired of worrying about it and wish it would just end, I know, or Im afraid that there is a part of me that will totally freak out if it were to end. So I went to google, lol thats where we go to get answers these days. Right? lmao. (thats crazy in itself.....) I dont have time for a brokenheart and my logic (head) doesnt want to make time but sometimes my heart doesnt care what my head wants. Thats how I ended up in this marriage in the first place. My head knew better.
      Anyway, Im sure none of these people care about my head or heart, unless I join their "mOvEmEnT" and ruin a young beautiful woman who appears to be out to help and not hurt ANYONE!
      WHY would this Cameron be so passionately out to cause this woman harm . She must've humiliated her somehow. Or Cameron is just jealous.
      Cameron, i know your going to read this because your on a mission. And I know, How dare me to question your intentions here but no one else has and its something you should think about. What are you wanting here? Will you stand tall and feel accomplished to see her fall. To humiliate her to the highest extreme, more than she possibly humilliated you. Do you want CNN and FOX to report her as a fraud, interrupt regular broadcasting to smear a HUGE headline like,
      "SELF PROCLAIMED SPIRITUAL CATYLIST TEAL SCOTT AKA "TEAL SWAN" EXPOSSED AS A FRAUD, LIAR CHEAT!!!" With video of her running looking over her shoulder in fear and shame. ( i can feel the happiness that brings you and it is disturbing)
      Or/ AND the "Globe" or "National Enquirer" (are they still printing garbage??? lol)
      headlining, front page with her picture of people throwing stones yelling "Die Liar, DIE!!!!"
      And then of course, YOUR name right there ..... in small print .... but hey, there it is. There is your fame. Something to be proud of, honestly, are you thinking that? And if you are, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOUR OWN PERSONALITY DISORDERS?
      People who discredit others in order to look better than that person is delusional. You may feel better because of it but you dont look better. And this ...vendetta against this woman does not look good on you. Just saying because everyone is politically correct and polite while I feel that .... telling you the truth to your face (per se) is better than letting you believe your doing the right thing because no one is telling you the truth.

    10. continue from above........
      You should think about it, pick your intentions apart and deal with what issue you have with this woman and start healing your pride or dealing with some self confidence issues you have with yourself and move on. Because as I see it, this woman, Teal Scott Swan is doing no harm. She is not robbing people of anything. They are willfully giving it to her for a service. And that service is in her message. And if she is lying about her past so what. It brings hope to the person who has lived that lie and needs to come out of it whole. And her message (where ever she got it gives that broken spirit HOPE!!!! AND this woman is extending her hand to any one who needs it/ wants it. No one else is so let her do it!!!! YOU definitely aren't!!!
      I for one hope she is lying about the abuse. I seriously do.
      I am new to her. A couple weeks, maybe.
      She is a bit out there on some things but her wisdom is way beyond her years. I have been into spiritual growth, self help .... all kinds of off the wall things, all of my adult life. I Read everything I can, google everything else and have NEVER come across anything like her or her message.

      Actually, even if she is who she is by gathering up info from others and molding it all together and presenting it as hers...SO WHAT!!! thats how its done.
      Thats called learning. And when your good at it, and decide to make your life it, its called teaching. And if you ask me. She is a damn good teacher.
      I will say, I have watched some things I didnt understand or want to understand.(not yet, maybe in the future I will be open to it) Or some of the things are "wait What?"
      Myself, I dont really care. If she was born with this knowledge, which I think she was, LUCKY HER!! Teaching what she has learned, born with, what ever! As long as she is not keeping it to her self and has good intentions. Shes doing good in the world. Like it or not.
      Now, Cameron. you really need to do something about your , obvious personality disorders and your "not very nice" intentions here. What ever happened between you and her, let it go. And if its not humiliation that is driving you like this..... Work on yourself. We all have the ability to be all we can be. Look good through your own merit. Not by making someone else look bad. Only YOU know why your wanting to ruin this woman. You need to stop. Your not going to get what your looking for. And its going to make it worse inside.
      I feel a desperation in your words. And anger. I hope she doesnt have to worry for her life, with you. just let it all go Cameron.

      I have a feeling you might delete this. Im going to save it. You may need to refer back to it.

      P.S I am not a personal friend, do not live with her, I would like to go to one of her workshops but I can see them for free on youtube. Actually, I would still go to one if it was in Vegas. But meeting her isnt important. Shes a beautiful person but I dont worship her. I appreciate her. Im not replying for any other reason than telling Cameron, who cares if she IS lieing. If thats what it took to get her wisdom out here.... so I can learn s**t that I havent figured out in 54 yrs of seriously trying..... good for her.
      I appreciate her wisdom, hearing her thoughts or how she has figured out life, in depth (whether she read it somewhere, learned it or was born with a gift. She has s**t figured out. And I appreciate her making it her life and career sharing her knowledge. Psychopath or not!!! (she really isnt the one who appears like a psychopath here ok. so.... just saying.
      not being a hater. Im letting you know how you appear to me, when I read your words. I cant be the only one who sees this. But so far, the only one who is trying to tell you.
      Good luck with your life Cameron. Be happy. That is what its all about.
      Your on the wrong road to happiness
      Kelly Steele



      I don't need to add in my five cents because you've said it all so perfectly. I too wish and hope her abuse is fabricated (for a good reason and for one that none of our business. Not our reality) as a fellow human being who feels for her but at the same time it's made her who she is today. Whatever Teal's story is, that's for Teal to tell. The details people are dishing out in her, is just pure hate and vindictive and I don't do well at keeping my patience with these people or situations but I am learning.

      Having said that, Thank you so much Teal, for being brave enough and selfless enough to dedicate your life to helping others and what you believe in, which is beautiful all the more!
      We need less 'exposing' of people and being keyboard warriors trying so hard to RUIN other people's lives and cause pain and destruction and instead, more of people uniting together, in peace love and harmony. We need more people who don't just talk about being spiritual beings and about how kind they are but who actually do act and do make a difference like Teal ;)

      In love and light x

    12. Takes one to know one. Just sayin

    13. I hope that none of my comments will be delete like it happened to others on this page. Gabriel enables Teal. If something disappears, I´ll make a video on youtube. I no longer believe Gabriel, he seems to be totally manipulated and infatuated with her. He doesn´t care that she killed Leslie and others. He doesn´t care about how many people she destroyed, he covers her. He is pretending to be nice but is actually not objective at all. He wants Teal to keep destroying others. He doesn´t care. He doesn´t have a heart. I care about those destroyed souls more than I care about the worshipped famous Teal Swan. I do have a heart. If you consider yourself human! you won´t approve of a murder! Gabriel you coward.

    14. Hello Cameron and Gabrielle also ☺ I've had experience with narcissists and sociopaths, and they are often so good at what they do, trailblazers and bold.
      Obviously a lot of people really arn't going to want to find out that a spiritual teacher is not really a very well adjusted person or is actually a narcissist, sociopath and all the other labels that come into these sorts of 'personality disorders'.
      I know what they're like though. They become really good at what they do, that doesn't mean they are the real thing. It happens all the time. I've noticed that they believe their own delusions and come across sincere.
      Teal is not helping the world because like anything built on bad foundations, it's extremely demoralizing for people to discover the person they looked up to is not really as authentic as they 'felt' and thought based on their experience with them. And boy they can be sooooooo likable and awesome. However it's not until you step right into their personal world, or undermine them that the surface wears thin and you realize your dealing with someone who is trouble, trouble for who ? For you, because their in your personal life and you're in theirs. Then one has to get out and get them and their influence out, and that's an ordeal in itself because they've effected you in such a disturbing way. Only people, or a person on the inside get to experience it. Sometimes it's only one person, so it's easy for the 'victim' for want of a better word to be made out as the problem, because they spin everything to win sympathy.
      Already I'm hearing your story and recognizing the insane sobriety of it from the far less intense but nevertheless intense experiences i've had with narcissistic and sociopathic types.
      Gabrielle Morris I sense Teals career is falling, because her foundations aren't likely based on the truth. I don’t feel she’s being used as a scapegoat, rather we come undone when we aren’t doing things right. That’s how consciousness works, sooner or later. In the spiritual community, if you’re not being real and honest, and that comes to the surface, it does piss people off, naturally. I understand that it’s not nice or perhaps easy finding out that someone who was so pleasant and nice to you has not been very nice to someone or others who have entered into their personal circle. However I think that might be the case.
      I recognize Camerons talk as that of someone coming out of the experience of a sociopath or whatever we want to call it. It has you reeling, you sound over the top because it messes with your peace of mind and when you start talking about it, it get’s you going, you feel angry and bitter and you have had to put together what happened.
      I think she (Teal) has set herself up, inevitably the tower not well foundationed falls. It’s not that she doesn’t make some good videos with good content, that’s not it. These sorts of people do not come across as fake or inauthentic, that's not how it feels. They seem authentic and are extremely likable and nice until you upset them or they feel undermined, then suddenly the honeymoon is over and it's like you are dealing with a whole other person, not so cool. Like Cameron I’ve lived with a few people only to find that their awesomness and goodness and spirituality wasn’t so awesome, and that I was dealing with a person who was going to make me out as the problem rather than be real about things together.

    15. Continued… My intuition is saying Teal Swan is one of many New Agers who fails to embody the truth of themselves. We're all flawed, but we're not necessarily setting ourselves up dishonestly. When people are realying on you for spiritual guidance, look upto you, and you’re in a position of responsibility, you don’t have to be perfect however you have to have a real integrity and real honesty about you, otherwise, as happens, you fail as being an authentic roll model.
      Gabrielle I can see where you’re coming from, but man I don't think she's being honest in the soul, first with herself, then with the people in her inner circle and then with the rest of the world. It’s not an uncommon affliction. However it’ll inevitably become more evident.
      When someone is like that, it takes a while to realize, because they're people like the rest of us, and they can be really nice, super nice often, however when they turn, then you realize your dealing with someone who is not going to be real with you. It's a very confusing experience to go through and I recognize Miss Camerons story. It's not uncommon. Manipulation is called manipulation because it is effective, it can come across authentic and convincing and gee maybe it's you that really is the issue, but nah. Continued….. Miss Camerons story is highly negative, that’s how you feel when you come out of having to deal with these people, they get under your skin, they get into your head, and it fucks with your wellbeing. And guess what, it’s not your fault, but it is something that must be understood, because it’s a reality.
      Miss Cameron I see the 21st century as being one that will bring a lot of education to the way we get drawn into the talents and power of narcissistic sociopathic types. They can often be trailblazers, however they ultimately damage our faith in what they attempt to embody, simply because they have succeeded in an area then turn out to not truly be what they make themselves to be. They ain't the real thing, and spirituality is about learning to be honest with ourselves and others. She may be getting a pretty full on F for that test.
      Some people won’t want to believe that Teal isn’t quite what she purports and perhaps feels and believes about herself, and some simply will not believe it. Here belief shows itself up as a choice. However the truth is not a choice, it is something else.
      Peace and Truth


  2. After writing a forty minute response, my comment disappeared while trying to post it.

    Thanks for a great article Gabriel and safe travels always.

    1. hey Matthew, sorry your comment got deleted! Not sure why, I haven't removed any. Thanks for the perspective, I appreciate it. Peace out bro...

    2. I am not a Teal 'follower', but I think it's sad the way a lot of these women are so consumed with their toxic hate and full on negative energy. I also think that this Cameron sounds very obsessed with Teal, following her after watching her youtube videos to then stalk her out and move in with her then after a month go on a full on smear campaign. I find that people often accuse people of the very things they are and what angers is others especially people we were close to is more telling about our own self. The reason why I say this is because while Cameron is making herself very busy by labelling Teal Scott or Swan or whatever her name is with having all these mental illnesses and personality disorders nobody is looking at Cameron herself and perhaps she is the one with the personality disorder and is in denial, one of the key features of Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder is the way they both idealise people to then hating them like no other hate... This is commonly called the idealisation phase to the devaluation phase. I just think that Cameron's behaviour seems very obsessive and very unhealthy, moving in with a complete stranger who you've seen on youtube and who clearly she idealised and put on some sort of delusional pedestal to then hating her and calling her and demonizing her and making her out to be this pathological psychopath. I do think Teal can come across as quite narcissistic and I'm in no way a fan, but she is intelligent and she does give some good information to people who want to watch her videos, but if a person doesn't like her they don't have to watch her. I feel that Teal as a person to me comes across as very insecure when she gives interviews she is very open about her fear of rejection and abandonment and seems to not be able to be by herself which are not the sign of a spiritually strong person, but I have compassion and understanding for her and I think if she was a fraud she would not be so revealing about all her flaws. The thing is people should not idolise anyone and see them as having to be a perfect person, focus on her message and not the messenger and if you don't like her videos then no one is forcing you to watch her. If she is infact lying about everything etc then the truth always comes out in the end but if she is not and she has been abused then that would explain her mental illnesses anyway. I've never met a narcissist who didn't come from a traumatic childhood or one where they were abused. As I say I am not a fan or follower. I love people like Alan Watts who never made anything about him and his ego ,but I can appreciate Teals teachings and they do help people. If someone doesn't believe her story that is up to them but none of us know how her childhood was or what REALLY happened so no one can judge. I do find Cameron's energy from her words very angry and she is a person who is deeply unhappy and wanting to blame someone for her pain and anger she holds inside, but I believe that you should always look to the person who is pointing the finger and the one who is name calling to see what that says about them. Teal does leave herself far too open by letting fans come and live with her, it's not surprising that something like this would happen. Like Dorothy in the wizard of Oz she learnt that the illusory wizard was the one that could not give her the answers to enlightenment as the answers are always inside ourselves and a person who 'follows' another and expects that person to provide all the answers for them and hand them their happiness will always be let down. Like her or loath her, Teal Swan is a very remarkable and intelligent woman but she is just human and is flawed like all other humans I don't think she holds herself up as a perfect human being but I do think people who don't like what she stands for might be living in a state of resentment and they need to look at their own lives to see why they spend so much time and energy into this hating of another.

    3. I meant to say the if you don't like what she stands for that is fair enough but people who are spending so much time and energy to hate an demonise another person might have some resentment especially the so called spiritual youtube celebrities who point their finger at her and tell her how wrong her teachings are etc it just comes across as being very resentful of her in general. Why waste your energy on hating another? A lot of abuse victims can turn out to not be how you expect a victim to look or act like and there seems to be people who simply have this image of an abuse victim to be so psychologically traumatised they couldn't even string a sentence together... Teal did spend year in therapy and is healing, it takes a long long time to heal from abuse but some of the strongest and most insightful people are products of abuse...there will always be haters but if you are wanting to be more spiritual and enlightened best thing is avoid being around people who are consumed with jealousy hate and begrudgery. If she lying then I actually feel sorry for her because that would mean she is extreamely troubled and messed up to concoct such a story and a lie like that would never last long being as she is so famous family members and school friends etc would come forward and say soemthing by now.... I feel sorry for Cameron because her anger and resentment is consuming her and it must be such a toxic energy for people around

    4. gypsy girl Cameron is correct about Teal´s pathology, I´m afraid. I have abusive NPD/BPD mother, she´s evil, you wouldn´t imagine what she can do, Teal is the exact copy of her. I wish that more people would tell the truth, I don´t want Teal hurt another human being. She is very passive-aggressive and scary. I´ve watched her response about the woman who killed herself because Teal suggested it, just scary. I worry about those poor naive souls who listen to that vile woman.

  3. We are all learning how to use our discretion. As with any public speaker or book we want to take what works for us, and leave behind the rest. Its not this OR that, its this AND that. It does not matter if I believe someone is this or that, what matters is if they said something, which I see as true for me, and if it is helpful to me in making me a better higher version of me. All else is polarity or separation consciousness.

    We don't know what we don't. Someone else's life, karma and choice is theirs.

    Occam's razor does favor Teal, as Gabriel has stated. :-)


  4. Gaws I agree 100%...I was thinking exactly what you posted as I was reading. Why go to so much trouble discrediting another person who in my opinion has helped so many people in my own personal friend circle?

  5. To me the debate is fruitless. Authenticity always wins.

  6. So... they claim Teal was making this junk up but managed to find the made up man who abused her.. and they think that he would what? Admit to abusing her and being in a secret cult? .. Yea, my abuser would have been so eager to come clean as well.. And he sure wouldn't have lied to you about it...

    1. Exactly! Why has no one else mentioned that an abuser or not would never say he was abusing anyone.

  7. Sorry, man, but anyone who isn't desperately searching for something can look and listen to Teal and know she's: A. Bat shit crazy and/or B. A pathological liar. So many people in the so called spiritual world are gullible and desperate enough to buy her bullshit. I'm not a psychic, yet I can see right through her charade. Why can't you? Because you want something from her.

    1. MaginCA, it's funny how this works. For the people who have found within themselves first the things that Teal is talking about, listening to her strikes a chord of recognition. She truly is a catalyst. We may be looking for something as you say but that is simply the recognition of our own truth. When I see Teal, I see a being who is exposing herself so that we all may know we are not alone in the way we are. The people who like Teal are the people who have commonalities with her. That is also why you see people defend her.

      It is very understandable that others may look at her (and us) and see someone who is crazy or a liar. I myself have heard this from people. That however does not make it so. It is simply a different experience of life and unless you have those for yourself, you will probably not be able to resonate with Teal or others like her. Perhaps in the future something will resonate. Perhaps not. In any case, just because something may be out of your realm of experience, it does not make it invalid.

  8. I found this to be a fascinating read! I do not personally resonate with Teal but have been aware of her for years and used to subscribe to her youtube channel, however as my spiritual education evolved so did my sources of information. I had no idea about her personal life or herstory of abuse. I will have to respectfully disagree however with previous respondents, and with the article in that, "how can she be so f*cking crazy and still be able to handle her shit and no one is noticing?" attitude which is taken. As the daughter of a severe manic depressive who also has a diagnosed rage disorder, I can honestly say people think I am nuts when I describe the insane side of my mother, especially if they know her! They have been so convinced by the act she has been perfecting for so many years that the actual reality version of complete breakdown(s) or weekends filled with rage events are unfathomable to them! Some have seen it, some have noticed the icy chill in the air when their was once welcoming warmth. Some have seen the arguments and how she wants it both ways on any given subject and no matter the solution her satisfaction is still always unattainable. Some think me crazy for stating she got me arrested, but she did. This moment most of all convinced me personally of the level of her sickness, how she went from crazed screaming maniac who was literally throwing things around our home to docile victim in under one minute upon the arrival of the police was literally chilling! But this is hard to explain to someone who has never lived it!

    Being around someone for a few hours, being in their home and spending time out to dinner with them and their family and friends really means nothing when we are discussing a seriously sick mind. My mother has so many people snowed in our lives that they think I have the mental illness, it would be literally laughable, if it were not so disheartening. People with these serious multiple diagnosis's are masters of manipulation. Though, I do not know her personally and I do not agree with Cameron's version of events as they are clearly dramatized for effect and it obvious she missed the point of Teal's messages, hence the ridiculous claim that Teal "loves" Hitler. I can testify as the daughter and victim of a multiple diagnosis's person that my mother just decided one day that she was dropping my infant son and I off at a homeless shelter in the middle of nowhere when we were in the middle of living with her for four years so I could go to college! Up and down, cannot begin to describe the insanity of my mother's mind and emotions - again it is literally indescribable to those who do not live it and you sound so crazy describing it to other people that they think you must be making it up! Just my perspective as the survivor of mental, emotional and physical(step-father) abuse in a very, very unstable home which was perceived as a very loving stable suburban youth in Sugar Land, Texas.

  9. My mother is a lot like yours, and I can attests to the type of personality being able to "flip a switch" on a dime. Its really creepy and hard to believe to "outsiders" who cant get their mind around it. Its not pleasant, but it is the reality.

    The Occam's razor argument was an interesting choice, I thought. Because Teal has a very convoluted story of satanic ritual abuse, kidnapping, alien projections and panels and abductions, special powers, living in the woods in a forest service cabin, telemark skying, modeling, studying healing in China, somehow all in the same time frame she would have been in "regular" school, leading her to heal and become a spiritual guru and author and famous person who is only being sabotaged because of jealousy and definitely not any unsavory behavior on her part. Versus the (simpler) version of the story that basically says that Teal lies, and is unstable and pretty abusive as a result. Maybe she was abused and went through awful things as a girl, but certainly not what she is presenting as the "truth" about herself.

    So basically, Occam's razor actually supports Cameron's perspective more than anything. But actually so does common sense. Obviously I am an "outsider" myself, but I have known people like Teal. It's not about being an evil genius, it just a part of a lot of personality disorders (which teal admits to having all over the internet). A lack of impulse control and the need to always be the victim and center of attention is what drives my mother to behave in the ways she does. It doesnt seem far fetched that the disorders she admits to having are much worse than we see in her videos where she is intentionally presenting herself as a guru. Its not unheard of either, it happens all the time where a famous person with a great reputation ends up being not so great. All. the. time.

    1. That really isn't a proper application of Occam's Razor, as I understand it anyway. It isn't a question of which story is more outlandish or unbelievable. It's a matter of which explanation requires more unknown assumptions to be made in order for it to be true.

      So if Teal's story is true, then all you have to assume is that John, Teal's alleged abuser, is lying in his one private interview in which he apparently answers questions and tells his side of the story.

      However, if you then imagine that John's story is true, consider the vast number of assumptions that have to be made in order for that to be the case in contrast to Teal's story. If John is telling the truth, then that means that Teal has basically been lying 24/7 for at least five years, in countless videos, interviews, live workshops, her books are all based on lies, etc. It gets incredibly convoluted if you try to imagine all the different stories that Teal would have to keep track of in order to perpetuate all these lies.

      But all that it requires on John's part is basically one instance of lying in a private interview, to people who are essentially sympathetic to him and would actually want his story to discredit Teal's, because their express aim is to expose Teal and other "cult leaders".

      So the philosophical principle, for whatever it's worth, would suggest that Teal's story is more likely to be true, even if it is a very extraordinary story. It is a much simpler explanation to assume that John is lying than that Teal is lying.

    2. So basically teal passes that test if you ignore the outrageous and unsubstantiated claims she makes all over the place as part of the equation? Those claims are a large part of the point.

      I do follow your logic to an extent, but it just seems like mental gymnastics to me to take that leap on faith, while being more critical of the stories that are more grounded in reality. If someone makes a claim, the burden of proof is on them. In the case of the investigators, they do have an obvious slant and they do have a claim, and they are working to prove it. As far as teals claims go, i honestly havent heard or seen any shred of evidence to back any of it up.

      "Occam's razor is used to adjudicate between theories that have already passed "theoretical scrutiny" tests and are equally well-supported by evidence."(from wiki)
      -I think that is an important distinction because if it wasnt, any hypothetical liar would win out against hypothetical truth 100% of the time (if applied to new people in a comparable way).

      I think its only a simpler solution because it doesnt require a revising of beliefs/trust. Cognitive dissonance is a powerful thing.

      So far only one side has any evidence at all (I could be wrong, but I havent seen any on teals end), and it seems like more is coming out soon. So i guess we'll just have to wait and see.

      In either case, I'm glad to see you weigh in on it. You have a fair approach but a different opinion. Its all been very interesting.

    3. I have to disagree with your assertion that the burden of proof is on Teal to provide evidence that her claims are true, for two reasons.

      The first is that this is not a standard that we hold for people across the board when it comes to telling their life stories. Autobiographies, for example, are not expected to have footnotes citing evidence to back up all the claims the person makes about their life story. As a society, we default to assuming that people are telling the truth about their life story. And then questions can be raised and people can start digging if they suspect someone is lying, and if they find evidence that exposes that person then it will be considered and that person may then be discredited based on the evidence.

      But we don't say "Don't tell me your life's story until you have solid evidence to prove that it's all true, because otherwise I'm going to assume that it's false." If you're talking about a scientist presenting a theory, then yes, the burden of proof is on them to show supporting evidence to back it up. That is not the standard that we apply to people talking about their own lives.

      The second reason is that if you think about it for about 2 seconds, you will quickly conclude that there isn't really any evidence that Teal could provide if she wanted to. Assuming that her story is true, what would she bring forth to prove it all happened? Name a single piece of evidence that could be presented, that there would be a likely chance she might have. Photographic evidence, video evidence? Do you suppose as she was trapped in a basement doped up on ketamine, being tortured, etc., she would have been thinking "I'd better get a picture of what's going on here, so that when I get the hell out of this place, I can prove to people what I experienced."

      All of this happened more than a decade ago, in secret locations, by someone who had total control of her. She wasn't thinking ahead to the future and how she was going to prove to people on the internet questioning her story that she actually experienced what she experienced. I'm sure the locations where all this happened have been wiped clean of evidence by now, and anyone involved wouldn't likely be talking. So how could Teal possibly prove that she experienced what she experienced? This is an unreasonable demand to ask of someone, when there's simply nothing tangible they could likely present that would prove their story.

      So I would say that the burden of proof is on those who are accusing her of lying, to show beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is lying.

    4. Openeyes I had to come to the same conclusion as you. One possibility is so far fetched as to be basically impossible, and the other is pretty straight forward and simple.

      I like the woman, and I like her attitudes, but I have to be logical here.

  10. Let's say Cameron's (and others') claims are true about Teal; that Teal is a psychopath and a liar. Doesn't that prove that something did happen to her in order to be that way?!? I mean, you don't have a "normal" childhood and then for no reason you become a psychopath and lie about everything in order to get others to pay attention to you.

  11. Gabriel,

    Glad you're looking into this. I always found Teal's story completely lacking in credibility, even before hearing from John. Not that she's a truly terrible person, but spiritual types and teachers commonly have these sorts of narcissistic issues. Doesn't make them all bad, it's just something to take into account.

    Just one thing you should be aware of regarding evidence. You ask of Cameron's and John's arguments and testimony:

    "does it offer conclusive evidence showing that Teal's story couldn't possibly add up to being true?"

    I think you must know that you can never logically prove a negative. And that's why it's the wrong question to be asking. The burden of proof is not on Cameron or John or anyone who is skeptical of Teal's story. The burden of proof is on Teal to demonstrate that her story, and her accusations, are true. Thus far, I have not heard of even a single shred of evidence to support Teal's story. Nothing. Nada. It's a fantastic story of terrible violence and abuse. It's the sort of thing that, if true, should be exposed at all costs to prevent further abuse. People supposedly were killed by these Satanists. It's not something to be swept under the rug. But Teal has refused to provide any evidence, or to help in any investigation of the abuse she asserts to be true. That makes no sense at all. Remember, it's not just about her, but about many other victims, past and possibly present or future. To allow these people to continue their crimes without intervening is not compassionate, it's aiding and abetting in murder and child abuse. Unless, of course, it never happened, and Teal knows this, and doesn't want to be exposed.

    So even logically speaking, Teal's approach to the whole thing makes no sense. To offer no evidence, and to not cooperate in any investigation of this abuse, and yet to expect everyone to accept her story as true, may not do much to support her story, but it does sound like strong evidence of cultic manipulation of those who believe her unquestioningly. It really does fit well with the appearance of your classic charismatic cult leader evading reality through mind tripping rationalizations. Which is roughly where I would classify Teal despite her charm and intelligence. And even some good spiritual insights and perceptions here and there. But let's not let her off the hook by imposing some unattainable standard of proof upon her critics, when the burden of proving her story is on her.

    1. Hi there, I'm going to copy and paste a reply I just posted in response to someone else, because they said the same thing and so it answers your question exactly. Here it is:

      I have to disagree with your assertion that the burden of proof is on Teal to provide evidence that her claims are true, for two reasons.

      The first is that this is not a standard that we hold for people across the board when it comes to telling their life stories. Autobiographies, for example, are not expected to have footnotes citing evidence to back up all the claims the person makes about their life story. As a society, we default to assuming that people are telling the truth about their life story. And then questions can be raised and people can start digging if they suspect someone is lying, and if they find evidence that exposes that person then it will be considered and that person may then be discredited based on the evidence.

      But we don't say "Don't tell me your life's story until you have solid evidence to prove that it's all true, because otherwise I'm going to assume that it's false." If you're talking about a scientist presenting a theory, then yes, the burden of proof is on them to show supporting evidence to back it up. That is not the standard that we apply to people talking about their own lives.

      The second reason is that if you think about it for about 2 seconds, you will quickly conclude that there isn't really any evidence that Teal could provide if she wanted to. Assuming that her story is true, what would she bring forth to prove it all happened? Name a single piece of evidence that could be presented, that there would be a likely chance she might have. Photographic evidence, video evidence? Do you suppose as she was trapped in a basement doped up on ketamine, being tortured, etc., she would have been thinking "I'd better get a picture of what's going on here, so that when I get the hell out of this place, I can prove to people what I experienced."

      All of this happened more than a decade ago, in secret locations, by someone who had total control of her. She wasn't thinking ahead to the future and how she was going to prove to people on the internet questioning her story that she actually experienced what she experienced. I'm sure the locations where all this happened have been wiped clean of evidence by now, and anyone involved wouldn't likely be talking. So how could Teal possibly prove that she experienced what she experienced? This is an unreasonable demand to ask of someone, when there's simply nothing tangible they could likely present that would prove their story.

      So I would say that the burden of proof is on those who are accusing her of lying, to show beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is lying.

    2. ...But her lying and scheming is a part of the life experience of the people speaking out now. So why do we not "assume" they, too, are telling the truth? Why would they be making it up over teal, who makes a living selling this story?

      You are right about biographies up to a point, but teal's biography includes many impossibilities and inconsistencies that would require additional attention. Do you remember the man that wrote "A Child Called It", who got famous on Oprah? He was found out to be lying about much of what he wrote and was publicly called on it on the same show. "Through all of this, Oprah has blamed Frey’s publisher for mislabeling the book, insisting that it should have been called a novel “based on a true story” instead of a memoir. (Rumors have been floated that Doubleday, or Frey’s publisher Nan Talese herself, actually took what had been a novel and rechristened it a memoir, hoping for the kinds of sales only afforded to “true stories.” Talese says the book was always presented to her as a memoir.) Today, Oprah brought Talese on to prod her about this. She asked whether there weren’t “red flags” in “A Million Little Pieces” that should have led Doubleday to investigate whether Frey’s story was true. Citing the gruesome root canal scene, Oprah asked whether that shouldn’t have been a signal that Frey was making things up."

      A lie detector test would be tangible enough proof. Literally ANYONE who knew her back then (who is not blake) to cooberate any of it would be *something*. Discussing it in the open and actually addressing the questions posed would be a fine enough start. Am I holding my breath? Lolno.

    3. "So I would say that the burden of proof is on those who are accusing her of lying, to show beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is lying."

      Fair enough, and they *are*, but are you willing to even look at the evidence? You wont even read the response written for you by Cameron.You want to have the argument but leave out the part(s) that are up for debate or take into account the proof that DOES exist that inconveniently doesnt reinforce what you hope to be the case. It is reeeeally reaching.

      On that same vein, why is teal completely devoid of responsibility for the claims SHE makes in your argument for her? Can anyone just make wild bizarre claims and be totally believable/reasonable to you until someone else proves them wrong ? Would you listen? It seems like there is a big blind spot in your thinking about this. If skeptics are responsible for proving the claims against her, then so too is teal at proving the validity of her claims (or at least have the "authenticity" to talk about it and address the questions that numerous people have posed). She doesnt get to sit back and pretend to be persecuted because the inconsistencies in her stories were noticed. She sells books and workshops based on this story, she puts it out there. They are claims she makes. Does she stand by it or not? She wont show her face in the "discussions" because she knows what the truth is.

    4. The reason that I didn't read Cameron's reply to this article is not a matter of avoiding the discussion or not wanting to look at the evidence. The reason I didn't bother to read her reply is because of the fact that I had an ongoing direct, in-depth exchange of communication in messages with Cameron that went on for several months. So basically, I've already read, over and over again from different angles, Cameron's perspective, opinions and evidence on this matter.

      This article came out of those discussions. I'm going to add a sentence in the article itself mentioning this because it's relevant. I didn't come out of nowhere and write this article as some sort of slandering of Cameron. Cameron is the one who put herself out there making very extreme claims against Teal, and then revealed that this other book would be coming out soon with more supposed evidence backing up her claims.

      I considered Cameron's claims very seriously. I looked at the evidence she was presenting and considered very intently whether it could possibly be true that in fact Teal had made everything up and none of the alleged abuse, etc. had actually occurred.

      And so I thought about it very deeply, could that actually be the case? And yet the more I thought about it, the more outlandish it seemed that this could be the truth, that Teal was lying about practically everything. And so this article was basically my own thought processes of thinking things through from various angles, of imagining if Cameron's claims were true, what would that mean and how would it all fit together?

      And to the best of my own estimation based on the evidence that has been presented, it just doesn't add up to me to imagine that Teal is lying about virtually everything she says, as Cameron says. That's what this article is, an examination of the facts to see if it could be true that Teal is the diabolical liar as some state.

      As for the burden of proof being on Teal to prove her story, think about that for a second. First point: either the things that Teal claims happened, or they didn't. That reality is utterly independent of your or my beliefs about them. You don't know for certain either way, I don't know for certain either way. To operate from a place of thinking you know given the set of circumstances is to choose your own blinders. A lot of people are commenting here as if they know what happened, when obviously they don't. Notice that I didn't slant this article as if I know the truth, not at all. Rather it is an examination of the facts out there and an attempt to put the pieces of the puzzle together and figure out what makes the most sense.

      So, IF it is in fact the case that what Teal claims happened is true (and if you can't even entertain that possibility, then you are the one fooling yourself), then what is she supposed to do to prove it? What evidence could she possibly present? Video of her being abused and tortured? Photographic evidence? How would she have anything like that? This all occurred more than a decade ago, when she was a child and obviously wasn't thinking about how to prove to people years later what had happened to her. The places where these events took place would be abandoned and wiped clean by now. Nobody involved would want to talk, if they could even be found, except apparently for Teal's alleged abuser. So give an example of what specifically she could do or say or provide, that would constitute solid evidence to prove that what happened to her did in fact occur.

    5. wow. unsubscribed to all your accounts. you won't even look past her gaze you fool!

    6. Pathetic excuse for being soundly beaten in a reasoned and supported debate Gabriel. I see your explanation for not responding to Cameron's blog as a COP OUT of the highest degree! I think you obviously started something you can't finish, because you are, um, WRONG about Teal. Cameron had her shit together, and backed up her statements about Teal in her blog. You clearly couldn't refute her, so you slash and run? Even if you did have a previous in-depth private discussion with Cameron, did any of the evidence she presented to you make it past your blind defense of Teal for consideration? It doesn't appear that way. May I mention that you seem to be a bit on the narcissistic side yourself? Your shirtless, skinny posing and peacocking make sense in your videos now. Perhaps that's why you live a solitary life and you and Teal get on so well. You and Teal both seem a bit too narcissistic, self aggrandizing, unreasonably CERTAIN for me to take you seriously though.

    7. Wow. So now Gabriel's narcissistic. hmm - ok...!

    8. Gabriel sounds like an enabler, he´s too foolish to look beyond her facade, he seems very unbiased. He got fooled, he got himself totally manipualted and fooled. I wish he would be brave enough to stand up to her lies and care about others more than his illusions.

    9. She got that "sex me" gaze and "maybe I gonna sex you" vibe goin' on. It's somethin' if the females be doin', they *know* it they be doin' when they do it like that. Makes 'em-- uh... do what they can for that Vegana.

  12. As for unknown's question about the origin's of Teal's psychopathic lying, it doesn't require an abusive childhood to develop such traits. No one really knows how such personalities develop, but it's well known that there are many people with ordinary, non-abusive childhoods who became abusive personalities, narcissists, and fantastical liars. It certainly doesn't require Satanist abuse.

    Another aspect of the story is that people who invent abusive stories about their childhood commonly use Satanists as their scapegoat. An odd fact of life is that police have never actually uncovered an actual Satanist child abuse cult, ever, despite all these accusations. It's pretty much a modern myth that never dies. And people still rely on that myth when making shit up. It's kind of like how people who pretend to be the victims of a crime usually say some black guy did it. It sounds reasonable to some people because of popular conceptions. But often it's a tip-off to the police that someone is fabricating a story.

    1. What does a non-abusive childhood look like? Can't think of one considering how much out of touch the vast majority of people are with their body intelligence, emotional intelligence, etc. And where was that taught? From society, parents, schools, etc. Can't deny that. What may look like a "normal" childhood could be lacking in love, affection and care. We need to broaden our definition of abuse and not just look at the obvious signs of abuse: like invalidating one's emotions - that's abuse to me.

    2. I was responding to 'unknown's comment just above that suggests some sort of exceptional abuse must have been present to explain how Teal could become a pathological liar. I'm merely pointing out that any ordinary person could develop such a response without any exceptional abuse being present. Just, as you call it, the "normal" childhood we've all gone through, and the need to try to overcome it's various difficulties through pathological fantasies.

    3. You're talking to "unknown" (I just didn't know how to leave my name in the comment for the first time). What I'M trying to say is something happened to Teal, whether extreme or not so 'extreme' in the traditional sense. What we may think isn't exceptional abuse may be so - maybe parents aren't physically abusing their children like back in the days but there's a lot of different masks for emotional abuse. May be subtle to see but, they're just as damaging to kids.

      Maybe the whole Satanic cult rituals are fake, but we also don't have any evidence to support that they don't exist.

    4. Broken Yogi, thanks clearing that up. Not surprising really.

  13. Hi Gabriel, thank you so much for this amazing piece of analysis. I agree with you unless there is some very extraordinary evidence these central claims are not at all plausible.

    As you may know I studied Philosophy including a one year Experimental Psychology option. In the time I have been following Teals ideas, which is very similar to you, I haven't heard her put a foot wrong when covering philosophical subjects, which she does *a lot*. Not only that, but as you say in regards to spiritual subjects, she is often expanding on philosophical ideas I have heard and offering innovative solutions that have escaped experts in the field. It is really remarkable IME that even very educated philosophy professors perform at this level *if ever*, as everyone has their blind spots and misunderstandings, and they don't always overlap with mine :). The one exception to this rule I have discovered is her attitude to Veganism, but as I say everyone has their 'blind-spots' :), and clearly Teal's attachment and love of animals is very deep.

    I also have some personal experience interacting with Teal in real life and on Facebook, and I have been to three workshops in person and watched at least a hundred videos (maybe two). I have never felt any bad vibe from Teal in person, not even a little, she clearly has feelings for other people and compassion as you mention. She is also extraordinarily clear in her thinking, logical and reasoning, principled and has an incredible intellect which most likely is in the genius level of IQ. None of this really flags up mental illness to someone who as studied a bit of psychology. It doesn't rule certain disorders out, and I can well imagine how some psychologists would view Teal's extrasensory or more controversial spiritual ideas. But that aside I would be extremely surprised if Teal suffered from any severe mental disorder, especially psychopathy, NPD or others that are normally signified by lack of empathy. She is a deeply warm and friendly person who brings people together and has a deep understanding of herself and others.

    I will say that I am currently not attached to Teal's organisation in any way and have never been (that is a different Justin) but I also don't regard myself as impartial as I care for Teal, Blake and what they are trying to achieve very deeply. Also I am so grateful to Teal for informing me about so many great ideas, her own and others (who she normally credits AFAIK), which have helped me become happier, and for bringing a community of wonderful people together who I treasure so much.

    Great job mate, I'm proud to know you.


  14. Justin, you said you would be really surprised if she suffered any disorders that include lack of empathy. teal herself has admitted to being diagnosed with MANY mental illnesses. It a a fact that isnt really debatable for that reason, despite whatever motivation her skeptics may have. The issue of her lying and mental illness arent even truly the problem that is being argued. The problem is that she presents herself as a spiritual guide and is doling out dangerous advice and blurring the lines of reality for people who are already vulnerable and trying to seek help (she has had clients kill themselves, but this is no big deal to this supposed "healer" because she says it is only a reset button. I shit you not.), as well as the many legal and ethical boundaries she blurs. She does bizarre, dark things and then covers it up (shadow house videos, her podcasts with sarbdeep, other videos and threads she has taken down), she suggests suicide to her 'clients' who dont see results from her pop-psychology/horror/sci-fi /messiah mish-mash program. Her convenient excuses for everything include resistance (from everyone else, of course), that her actions are only a mirror, so she isnt actually accountable for anything she says or does because if you call her out, you are the one who is a hypocrite, who is only calling her out on lies because her behavior is really your behavior. Have you heard the term "flying monkeys" in relations to narcissism? If you havent, look it up and maybe see how Blake, fallon, graciella and others have willingly taken that role for her. Its really just ridiculous, and standard Cluster B personality disordered behavior (blame shifting, gaslighting ), which again, she admits in several places all over the internet. Its a part of the story she sells herself on.

    1. (continued from above)

      She is a manipulator. Something is very wrong there. I wouldnt take any advice or guidance from a person who doesnt have their own shit together, let alone someone who is severely sick and is out of touch with the world around her. She can claim otherwise all she wants, but that IS the nature of delusions, isnt it? Im sure she presents as a lovely warm person, but that is the facade and the entire point, its what makes cults and cult mentality dangerous. The people that lead cults are usually charming, charismatic, and convincing no matter how outlandish what they are actually saying.

      I feel like all the signs are there, but people just dont want to see it because it is hard to realize you can be duped and mislead even if you are intelligent. It sucks to invest your trust into anything or anyone and have it fall apart. But, its not even uncommon. All the time famous personas with amazing reputations are found to be...not so great. Seriously, all the time. Scandals in pop-culture and politics are as old as we are.

      I also thought the occam's razor was an interesting choice of argument in this case, because it actually knocks teals version of the truth on its ass. She claims to be an alien projected here with a hologram cat and magical powers, who was also satanically ritually abused, while being a telemark skier, model, living in the woods in a small cabin in Utah, who is constantly being re-victimized by agents of her past through her current followers (ie, claiming fallon was a part of the convenant, that it was his fault what happened to her AND cameron except with alien stuff, for one example. This is also triangulation in the sickest possible way. Narcissitic/borderline personalities often pit people against each other to remain in control. Not so many would stoop low enough to be fucking with a persons spiritual well being in order to do so. But maybe a psychopath would). Versus Camerons version that is basically teal is highly manipulative and unstable, she is abusive and lies as a result. So why is the burden of proof on Cameron and other skeptics when teal is the one making fantastical claims and hiding away claiming to be "revicitimized" by being questioned at all. Its obvious. Its reallly obvious. She is a manipulator and tries to silence any critical thinking by making the issue her health or victimhood (that she refuses to substantiate in the first place), and therefore your fault and she never actually gets to the part where she answers those serious questions or is accountable for any of it. What kind of teacher/leader/human being is that?

      Anyway, if teal has been helpful, I say take what works and leave the rest. The thing with teal though, is that the stuff that makes sense and has been helpful is from other well known sources sources that you can get without supporting a destructive program that is based on a foundation of lies. But thats just me.

      Its been fascinating watching this play out. Its sad for everyone involved, but I cant say I have much sympathy for teal. She is intelligent and calculating she plays people "like chess pieces" (her words), and yet people defend her and pretend like its fine coming from a guru, of all things. I have personally known people with Cluster B personalities, family members included. I can attest to the the flipping a switch on a dime, the manipulation and crazy-making, creating drama and then feigning innocence (quite convincingly, I'll add, until you've been around it a while), all to be the center of attention and to be catered to at all times, at all costs. It is a sickness. She is a pathological woman. My heart hurts for her son.

    2. Glad someone here knows what a cluster B personality is. I've lived with narcissists and borderlines... 3 or 4 of them at different times, some worse than others, or in different ways. Every single one of them is in one or more ways INSANE and it's wild. They have so much in common and people who don't think it's common or normal for people (especially with large social media followings) to do that are incredibly naive and unaware. It's so common it would be amazing if she was telling the truth. But something in that body language (to my intuitive eye) just looks dark, foul, controlling, sexually manipulative. I've seen that before in a cluster B borderline (the least "intentionally" evil, usually, from what I can tell but often even "crazier" than the narcissist who can at least keep their shitty personality consistent).

      And look, I'm not even saying I have a surefire belief one way or the other. But following a person and making them your guru without 10,000x exceptional reason to do so with zero mentions of anything close to published psychological brainwashing techniques being used around that person is c o m e p l e t e l y * u n - n e c e s s a r y and probably / usually a freaking terrible idea.

      I don't care if she's the Lemurian Starseed Crystal Arkchild. Like, bitch, you're not the only spiritually-inclined individual and you just don't give off good vibes IMO. It's fucking dark.

      Personally, I've done my research and SRA actually seems fucking legit to me (in some cases, in other cases there are scares). Epstein shit... those gargoyles on that island.. everyone pretending this shit is normal and he totally killed himself except for anyone paying attention with a brain as Ricky Gervais pointed out in his spotlight moment.

      Fucking just as likely she did get abused... got fucking POSSESSED, and is even being used by spirits and doesn't even see the shit going on.

      I've definitely worked with people, seen demons (or at least dark, shadowy, looking string-pulling spirits working on them via my own 3rd eye senses in our own sessions (my own little workshop micro-guru, lol).

      This pickup artist guy who has transferred a LITTLE more into self development for guys, "RSD Tyler" has talked about his experiences dating a BPD chick. Says he thinks it might actually be demons controlling them, and he's serious. My ex BPD GF literally hears voices and they tell her I'm evil when I am trying to calm her down and they first get a little upset but quickly quiet down when I start reading certain psalms (just testing that stuff out).

      Whatever it is, I'm just getting some demonic vibes I've seen in some of my own experiences. She's like a siren seductress. I've read she's pretty sexual, likes to sleep with everyone, and I can understand the appeal. Anyone think you uh... actually get a person's fucked up energies through sex? Because... uh... hm. She have any workshops coming up? xD

      But yeah I know that's a force which can definitely be used to manipulate, so it all makes perfect sense.

      LOL. Fucking Gabriel. Fucking Teal. Fucking Spirit Science Guy <-- (There's some shit I've experienced plenty of counter-evidence for... and some shit citations.)

      You can be tempted as a younger person to think like, "Oh I dont see things the way I do, that must mean I'm not as spiritual," but in reality you're probably getting so much bullshit from that direction you're better off just treating the information like everything else:

      Reflect on it, use your heart/brain/intuition together, hopefully with a solid framework. And good luck.

    3. btw just wanna clarify when I say possessed I am not talking necessarily like Excorcism of Emily Rose type of deal, or w/e. I think there are different levels through which various types of entities can gain access and control and even normal trauma seems to facilitate it. A very common thing which might affect almost everyone is just hungry spirits floating around / within give you thoughts/actions to create / feed off of neggy energy in the area via where we're unconscious. That seems to make the most sense in my exp. and could explain a lot on the planet.

      I can't say how many people I've seen have visions including myself that totally contradict someone else's (even though some actually end up connecting to future events, etc.). You know, a great way for manipulators to work lies in is to MIX them with truth.

      It's good for us to be a little skeptical of random fantastical things floating through the aether for these reasons.

  15. gabriel i would like to make a point here. i belive that the big reason that gives cameron credibility is that she lived a certain time in the house, i belive a month as she claimes above, there were other people in the house. now if you use the time that she live in the house as let's say a sclale of credibility, the other people that lived in the house have more credebility than. i think that you shoud refer to the as well. now i´m saing this because their testemonial is on the internet on this site : now i think that is not gona say if teal is lying or not but if you give this mutch atencion to what cameron says you have to listen their sides as weel. i think thei have validity to.

  16. Hernani, that website went up right after Cameron's story came out. It was a response meant to discredit one person.They are the same sort of "testimonials" you see for pyramid schemes and diet pills. Actually, its a lot more similar to the character references people write for their friends for court. Notice how they are people who left their lives to be devotees of teal? notice how they were all published at the same time (jan 2015)? notice how most of them specifically address cameron or fallon or the related drama? Notice that teal encourages fanatic agreement and rushing to her defense, against ONE person's voice? The fact of the matter is "the truth about teal" was a deliberate thing. Cameron was coming out with the truth as she saw it, and as more people are catching on to it, up pops a website with a name that will come up first on the list when others get curious and try to tease out what is so fishy about her stories and claims.

    She surrounds herself with enablers and vulnerable people, taking advantage of the very things she claims to be trying to heal. If a "gurus" life resembles a high school soap opera, shouldnt that raise a flag or two? If there was nothing to what cameron and others have been saying, then why create a website to counter-argue it, while also never coming out in the open to speak directly on it or respond yourself? She is above that? but her followers arent because she is their leader? Do you see what I see? I hope as time goes one more people realize the damage she is doing and stop supporting it.

    1. I think its important to listen to people when they tell you who they are. The "truth about teal" comes straight from teal. She claims to be mentally ill and damaged, and then does on to say a lot of really mentally ill and damaging things quite often. She is not a spiritual alien projected from the 6th dimension /satanic cult survivor/ reincarnation of sai baba/ victim of the "worst suffering humanly possible" in order to rise up and be a faux demi-god (all while traveling the world as an "international" amateur swimsuit model, qui quong student, and jack of all ridiculous trades) , nor does she have any special powers aside from her apparently impressive manipulation/emotional blackmail skills.

      Sorry Gabriel, for blowing up your comments with my responses. I do think the backlash she is experiencing is worrisome because its valid. I hope you will look into borderline personality and narcissism if you havent already. I am here feeling strongly about it because I have experienced someone similar and it took me years to even realize the damage she did, let alone start healing it and living my life for me again.

      All the best

    2. i understand your point, but i think that when cameron spoke, she atacked teal (independently if its acusations are true or not) she as the rigth to defende herself, and i think that the "other´s" also a have a word to say about what hapen. i just think that cameron makes the other persons in the house look like kids that were manipulated all the time, and they are adults, so they have something to say. so i think the web site its not just about defending teal, its also about those people speking their truth as well. i just think that people should listen every angle. the fact that the testemonials were put in the site at the same time in my opinin doesnt change anything, they could easly written theirs testemonials before the site lauched and then when the site was lauched they were put in there at the same time. and my coment was about teal story, in relation to her beliefs, she can belive wharever she wants, people only belive if they want to, she is not forcing people to belive her, and she is not hurting anyone. ps my main point is that i´m not saying cameron is wrong, i´m just saying that the other people in the house have the wrigth to speake.

    3. Fair enough, Hernani. I hope more people do come forward, whether it be followers or former followers. I think its good to be able to make an educated choice, especially when it comes to trusting someone to guide you spiritually.

  17. People see what they want to see. At the end of the day I feel no one is wrong and it doesn't really matter if she is completely telling the truth. I feel it's wrong to bring others down even if you think they are wrong. It's the ego that wants to fight to be right. I live my life synchronisticly and there is a message for me from all my brothers and sisters. Everyone is my teacher. At the end of the day we are all one. I try to see god in everyone and not judge them. No one is perfect. I like Carmen and Teal they are both nice girls. What you do to another you do to yourself. The golden rule so I do believe you should be careful what you say about others because you are essentially saying it about yourself.

  18. It is the ego that fights to BE right. But what is that fights for what IS right. This is a woman who is selling herself on a very dark story and taking advantage of vulnerable people while masquerading as a spiritual leader. Im sure teal has some redeeming qualities or nice aspects, but the fact is she is causing serious damage to the followers who are close to her, and making bank off their backs for doing so. And her illness is being enabled and worsened by reinforcement she receives. She has a kid for crying out loud, this sickness should not be encouraged and magnified by feeding into it, for her sake, her sons sake, and probably everyone within reach of her. Its not right, its actually very twisted when you look at the whole thing and not just bits and pieces of it. As far as I know, I have never been a cult leader or deigned myself as a magical alien to get followers or displayed symptoms of serious psychological issues while telling other people how to deal with real life through delusions of a galactic greenpeace and mormon satanic abuse. I have and would never encourage anyone to suicide. To notice that someone is doing wrong and has nefarious purposes is not to just see yourself in them. What a convenient dismissal of everything ever. It is essentially "I am rubber, you are glue" when used within that context. Except now, we are adults and accountability is a thing in society. If she was a leader of anything, she would be accountable(that basically the major component of being a leader of ANYTHING), but she is not. To speak up is to help others not fall into the same trap, which is what a lot of people are doing now. Its not about being right.

    1. It is only a matter of time before she will truly be held accountable for her slanderous stories. The Shit will hit the fan because her stories have gone way too far. Being hit with a lawsuit for slander will only be the tip of the iceberg.

    2. TWO of her followers killed themselves!!! this kundalini weakling here is promoting that from my view because spiritual teachers are trees and you only know them by their fruits so if he thinks that is ok he's as bad as her.
      she is absolutely not arcturian, nor indigo, teal swan scott bosworth is satanic actually

  19. The Kindle version is out Gabriel, at $6.99

  20. Gabriel, I enjoy your posts, for the most part, when they don't deal with Teal. I don't see a reason why you should blindly defend her. Focus on your adventures abroad! I love reading about them! They are so inspiring. Defending Teal is low vibration. Focus on your life and how you constantly shape it to better the world around you. It would be awesome if you met up with Charis Melina Brown and did a video with her. She is so positive! I see that same light in you. Both of you are true lightworkers who aim at bettering the world.
    What I am trying to say is, don't worry so much about Teal. I know you two are friends (maybe more?) but let her deal with what she has created. (She did create all these situations and this reality surrounding her.) Did you read her last blog? She outs Sarbdeep and her current lover's ex wife who is doing nothing but trying to protect her children in her divorce. I don't see outing Sarbdeep and Ale's wife as something that comes from a place of love. It comes from a place of spite. Surely you must see that not all that glitters is gold.

  21. I feel so sorry for gabriel kundalini, if you awoke this you would feel who she is, suicide is ok? the problem to me is that you help her promote and encourage suicide, that's where she really hit me personally, it's NOT OK TO KILL OURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!
    she's not arcturian, her being white and 'beautiful' to spread her message is horrifying and narcisist, racist and her ideas are very dangerous and she's creating a cult, she allow people to have a teal tribe? what type of enlightened being would even allow others to call them masters let along to worshipp them? i feel you are dangerous too

    1. Somebody has a lot of unexamined ideas in their head which they're putting onto somebody else...

  22. I hope everyone opens their eyes about teal and her channel gets taken off of youtube. she totally gives the type of advice on various topics that only TRAINED CERTIFIED therapists should give. I have reported it several times and youtube seems to not find anything wrong with it even though she supports suicide and racist ideologies among other BS. I suggest we all call the Park City police department and file a complaint. What do you think of the 2 people that have killed themselves following her advice? Saying that "There is nothing you can do about someone like that"

  23. Here are the interviews with Teal's alleged abuser:

  24. Codependents and empaths are attracted to narcissists like bugs to bright lights. Denial is a big psychological defense mechanism that can often blind us to the truth. I don't think it is a coincidence that people like yourself Gabriel Kundalini or Ross Rosenburg would be attracted to a sociopath, pathological liar, and narcissist. Most narcissists and sociopaths are very good at being charming. Cameron and Jessica make a good case against Teal. I've seen another Teal-type operating here in Los Angeles who seems to be modeling her behavior off Teal. Nobody really questions her either, however, I was quite intimate with her and her right-hand man. It is hard to question the metaphysical because there are no scientific tests affordable to really prove psychic ability, authenticity, or sincerity. You just cannot test that. It is make-believe and magic at play. We all want to believe in the good of people. We want the very best for everyone, well, most people want that. Others are just out to make a quick buck and garner fame. I've seen the counter-attack against Jessica and it looks quite amateurish. If Teal is trying to refute her, she could have done a better job, but I'm afraid Jessica and Cameron are right. It takes brave people to come out against harmful spiritual teachers and I applaud them for their efforts. I'm afraid we just have another James Arthur Ray here. It makes real healers look bad. Such a shame.

  25. Gabriel, you came after me in 2012 when I called Toil Swamp (give no power to any unworthy name) out on her BS! Now this? Many of us are thankful for Cameron coming forward and not backward. So because she provided proof you are now rethinking it all? All Toil is, she's simply the new JZ Knight and it's all one big cycle folks!

    1. I didn't discover Teal until spring of 2013, so it wasn't me who "came after you" in 2012, nor is that something I do anyway.

    2. Puh-leez Gabriel. It's clear you like to appear non-confrontational, but you seem to do have made it a hobby to come after critics of Teal. You act all nicey nice, and meanwhile egg on others to troll those you don't agree with. I don't believe you for a second on that you wouldn't try to slap someone down for insulting your precious Teal by calling her "Toil Swamp" in a comment somewhere.

    3. Yeah, she probably is the new JZ Knight.

  26. Gabriel Morris i was following Teal long time and i know that she is interracting with spiritual realm, spirit guides...In spiritual community it is known that astral world is tricky because there are lot of parasitical beings which can attach to you especially if you are spiritual teacher :) I am not saying that Teal is lying everything but if she is interacting with spiritual realm and i saw some entities recently near her body in one of her shows ( i had kundalini phenomena and i see things). This fact can tell you that u cant trust her one hundred percent.


  27. I cannot give you advice about what to feel or do. 
    I don't know how you feel or think about yourself.
    Only you do. 
    You are not me, so my path and what works for me won't work for you. 
    In truth though, you are me and I am indeed you. 
    If you know this though, you wouldn't be seeking help or be trying to fix anything. 

    Spirituality is unique and personal, isn't it?

  28. Teal, you need to stop calling out people who've "wronged you" and keep that shit to yourself. When you start talking shit about Sarbdeep, your "haters" (lol at that) and especially Alina, you look like trailer park trash.Alina is a professional woman educated with a MS at a top tier university. She's a program manager at a top company and has her shit together - unlike you. You never went to school and can't write a coherent thought without plagiarizing someone's work. You aren't half the woman she is. Stop exposing all the ugly details of Ale's divorce all over the internet. It's none of your God damned business. You're in a relationship with a married man and what did you expect would happen? You behave like a cult leader manipulating your brainwashed fans and expect them to go out and cyber bullying those who've "wronged you". Grow the fuck up. Get a real job and stop acting like some armchair psychologist / YouTube guru. You know damn well you and Ale will end up like you and Sarbdeep because you don't have your shit together. Why your dumb ass rich boyfriend left his successful wife and kids for you should be a clear indicator of what type of person he is. Who the fuck walks out on their wife and kids? Oh, I guess he must be a vibrational match to you. Lmao.If the entire world is against you, rest assured it's you... not everyone else. You are a hot mess, falling apart in every way and blame everyone else for your inability to get your shit together. Like many people who don't have their shit together, you had a son and aren't with his father. Way to set an example. Are you gonna get knocked up by Ale so that your rich, married boyfriend sets you up financially for life? You certainly alluded to that in your blog. Just follow your doctor's advice and get a hysterectomy already. The world doesn't need you to breed any more.For all the shit you talk about your parents... Yeah, you are right they failed. Your parents did fail at something - raising you and teaching you how to grow the fuck up into a responsible human being.Way to go! You are an inspiration for all... not.

    1. Equally, your parents must be so proud of their child who just produced that venomous spew of bad language and cheerleader-esque type rant. Do you like reading that counter view? No, it's not nice regardless of context and it proves a valuable point. It's hilarious when someone calls someone out on their 'talking about someone else negatively on the internet' shocked at how wrong it is whilst doing THE EXACT SAME THING. Come on guys. Hypocrisy is starting to bore me. If you feel anything negative - it's rising up within YOU - no one else. Peace.

    2. Haha. Anon, you nailed it.

      It's called projection and it's about pushing all the nastiness that's within you onto other people so you don't have to feel it. Hope you feel better after that erm 948a83f0-526b-11e4-a48b-7b50a0d53b4c

  29. Hi Gabriel; Thank you so much for your incredibly detailed and well thought out commentary. I can see that many of the comments to your article reveal in the writers a lack of ability to actually follow your line of thinking, and read carefully. Most people these days are not used to reading and thinking over something in depth. They lack the attention span.
    You brought up some very key points, such as: What exactly was an adult man who is not a family member doing spending so much time away from her home alone with any young girl???? THAT IS NOT NORMAL. To my mind, this fact alone makes him about 90% guilty. And the detailed discussion of how complex it would be for Teal to keep such a complex lie straight in so many formats, (as compared to 'john' giving one interview) is right on. But once again, I doubt most people can follow your argument.
    Look People: get off your goddam computer and get outside. Go see some of these people that you are convinced are so terrible. Go see them in person! Talk to them! Don't be a chicken hiding in your house. I talk to everybody; I go to church, talk to Jesus, go to the gun shop, talk to them, watch fox news now and then, watch football, and also go to the new age stuff. Why the hell not? don't you want to experience life for yourself? Have enough balls to get out there and live! I just went to the new age thing in Seattle this last weekend. I'm 64, and consider myself an old hippie. I've been around the spiritual scene for a long, long time. I didn't especially want to go. But my brother talked me into it. ANd guess who we saw speak?? Yes, you guessed it; our dear Teal Swan. I had never heard of her before (but now have her book). But, here's how it was: I walked in, sat down , and had a lot of fun. She seemed very authentic to me, and i can smell spiritual phoniness a mile away. She was funny and very present and spontaneous. Didn't talk about anything from her past. Was easygoing and also very insightful. I'm not a fool about people, and I liked her. She took lots of questions from the audience, including people speaking out and not agreeing with some point she was making. And she dealt with it better than i would have. She kept things from dragging off the point, and she summed her talk up in a very expert way when she was running out of time. i told my brother on the way out; "that was worth the whole conference."
    NObody asked me to join anything, nobody bowed. There was a lot of fun and laughter. It was a very easy going scene. When i left at the end, nobody tried to tackle me and make me a follower. Some people waited around to get a hug or a book signing. No big deal. She's great.
    It's just amazing the paranoid goofiness people can get themselves into.
    I would say to Cameron: PLEASE GET A LIFE. Find something creative and positive that you can offer the world. A person such as Teal at least has the balls to get out there and live in the public sphere, in the flesh. Right? She shows up in person. That takes courage. Don't we all respect people who have that sort of courage. I certainly do. You have more to offer than just trying to drag other people down. Please find the courage to get out and live in this world in a positive, useful way.
    Thank you so much for your great commentary, Gabriel. sincerely, Tuba Jim

    1. i saw her really help people on stage. there were people having epiphanies about their lives as they spoke with her. she is really good at reading people. i got bored sometimes and started drawing in paint app on my phone. there were some people that REALLY LOVED her. but anyone performing in the public eye is going to have extreme fans and extreme haters. that means she's doing something right! she's being herself. and she's all about self love. and that is what satanism is all about, and maybe she doesn't think satanism is that bad. she's allowing her haters to be her motivators. maybe all the good and light she brings to people who are asking her for help and advice will cast away all the shade that's been blowing her way. she's a youtube sensation there are two ways to view the Devil. She's either working with God or She's working against her.

    2. How can you believe that a person that was ritually raped and tortured by her captor and then "escaped" wrote a loving letter to him enclosing a picture of herself and signed it " I miss you and love you" ? He never responded to her, and now he is suspected satanist torturer. What do you think his family is going through? She also wrote to him that she was in playboy, fact checked to be false and sources listed. She claimed to place 4th on the US ski team, fact checked to be false and sources listed. It is impossible for an 8 year old to be sewn into a corpses body, and she claims just that in the video just here at 7:42 v=_DpMjKZiSqE& How much proof do you need before you believe anyone elses fact checked statements and video with her own impossible words lain before you? Have you never known someone to be completely different to the public than they are behind closed doors? I have, and no one believed me either until they were behind those doors and it happened to them. The completion process is not hers to own, yet she is doing just that. Plenty of people are posting facts here that are indisputable, and as much as you may want there to be, there is no other explanation for them.

  30. Hi Gabriel, I think your analysis is honest and objective of both sides. I had a question for you, what do you make of the new accusations of plagiarism on Teal's blog? I have checked some of her posts personally (I encourage you to do the same) and some have many large bits that were in fact plagiarized. That's truly the only thing that concerns me. I can understand Teal reading spiritual books and taking notes in them lol, but how do you explain blatant plagiarism? I mean no disrespect to you or Teal in asking this question. As someone that has spoken with Teal personally as well, it's disheartening to have to see this onslaught of drama. Hopefully we will get answers soon.

    1. If there is blatant plagiarism then that is a major problem and I would not support that at all. Can you provide a link to an article showing that there has been clear plagiarism?

    2. Hi Gabriel, I included the link below. The beginning part of this link I don't think has any merit because it mentions that she copied other people's artwork, when all she did (from what I can see) is use universally recognized alchemy symbols. The rest of the article notes blog posts that have been plagiarized from Wikipedia and other places. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks, Joe.

    3. Joe, I think the first part does have merit because the symbols she uses are from the cartoon "full metal alchemist" (hence the name of the blog itself), and from the fictional lovecraft book "necronomicon"(which is disturbing for a myriad of reasons). Her art even resembles the work of another artist who "channels" her stuff. I will try and find that link and post it for you all. The more I find out the sadder it gets, she seems to be almost completely fabricated at this point.

      She plagarizes a bit from wiki, but a lot from articles written by other people. In addition to that, there is an entire other facet to the dishonesty with Blake writing articles as "jason freedman" and "william macy, PHD", then linking those articles to get attention for teal as if he just stumbled upon them. Its just scummy. It speaks to how highly they think of their followers. Now they are censoring the crap out of sarbdeep's blog, of course not addressing it and instead have announced the intention to join up with other spiritual groups in the name of "Unity". They just need to recruit new people for the big chunk they lost with this new upwelling of truth. It happens in cycles, and "they" handle it in the same way. Always blake as the mouthpeice, but he never really says anything.

    4. Ok, so the name of the artist is Tracey Taylor

      Here is a short clip from 2011 of her explaining the "extraterrestrial" origins of her art, which, for the record, is much more complete and skilled than teals knock-off version. It is also much more complex. Her art locks together to reveal larger pictures, it has been examined by linguists due to the symbols relating to Sumerian hieroglyphics. If you google her name, a number of drawings and paintings come up. See for yourself. I dont necessarily believe what Tracey herself is saying about her art, but I cant deny the similarity in her story (and its older than teal's stuff right off the bat), as well as the art itself being beautiful, and containing actual symbols and not made up ones from cartoons and grimoires. Its worth taking a look at, in my opinion, because so much of what teal puts out there is stolen or graphed in, in ways that distort the meaning or take away from someone else. Not nice, not professional, not honest.

      The similarity in their work was discussed over at Lavaugns blog, also, in the post where she shared Cameron's response to Gabe, if any of you want to see that discussion and not take my word for it. The link is :

    5. I took a second read on the link I sent you. I think I wasn't extensive enough in my first reading of it. I would agree with you about the artwork. My initial impression was that it was just the symbols but it does look like she plagiarized from another artist. Overall, I'm honestly really sad myself. I don't know what to make of all this. Do you think this means she's not psychic at all?

    6. I dont think she is. I think she is mentally ill, as she has stated herself, and that she just lacks the capacity to grasp the wrongness of her behavior. She cant see past her own immediate emotional whims, which seem to revolve around being a damsel in distress/center of attention. She just happened to find a good niche for not being questioned for long enough to garner a following.

      I think if she was any of the things she claimed, she would AT LEAST come out in the open and sincerely address the very serious allegations against her, or the concerns her own followers have regarding the never ending conflict going on around her. But she hasnt, despite being the self proclaimed leader of an "authenticity movement". She lets blake speak for her when something like this comes up, and censors the shit out of her comments on facebook and youtube so the critical conversations never take off. Then she typically fishes for support and sympathy acting like she is being persecuted for having been doubted, even with the growing amount of evidence against her, she refuses to address.

      Also, something really rubs me the wrong way about her idea of what authenticity is. She is authentic when she romanticizes her affair, or drags ex's through the mud publicly, and slings every ones dirty laundry out (and in many cases she fabricates things or edits them in her favor), but when someone speaks up against her, she literally calls it hate speech. She thinks she has "hate groups", when in reality her behavior has just gotten so obvious that people SEE her for what she is more and more, and it doesnt match any of what she says. It is sad, for so many reasons. I especially feel for all the people that wanted to better themselves and instead came across damaging material in a vulnerable time (because she distorts the meaning and means of a lot of what she talks about for the sake of being controversial or for the lack of understanding, either way, its not good), or for the people who wanted to explore spirituality, but came across teal and became disillusioned with it because of the contradictions and changes in story. Normal folks cant keep up with the kind of mental gymnastics that disordered people insist on.

      My opinion of teal, personally, is very very very low. I think she is perfectly aware of what she does, because she brags about it, saying she "plays people like chess pieces" and that "she never ends up in a situation by accident". Those things are always sandwiched in pity ploys, so its not immediately obvious, unless you have prior experience with demanding, manipulative, emotionally stunted people (fortunately many people dont. but in cases like this, a bad experience can help avoid repeats). I dont like teal at all. But I hope, anyway, that eventually she will get help. She has a kid, and all the things she is doing will inevitably affect his life. Little kids need stability, and teal, teals life, teals "tribe", teal's intentional community, is constant chaos and negativity. She attributes this to her "haters" of course, but over time I think even teal will get sick of issuing that cop out dismissal.

      I didnt mean for this to get so long, so I'll cut off my rambling here. But I am glad you took the time to take a second look at that link. For what its worth, I think there are people out there who ARE legit, but people like teal are much more common.

    7. Teal claims to have access to universal knowledge 24/7 and yet she plagiarizes from wikipedia word for word?

    8. Okay, that was the final nail.

      The one thing about Teal is that pretty much everything she said was greatly insightful and coming from a good, almost therapeutic non-judgemental place. That was the one thing she had going for her in this whole debate.

    9. Oh and in case it isn't widely known yet, some of Teal's nudes from her modelling days can be found at her old website called, which was archived in 2005.

  31. Seriously--- I say Cameron is doing a lot of good for a lot of people right now. I'm sorry you were fooled Gabriel, but Teal is misleading people horribly in the long term. She is quite possibly keeping seekers stuck for lifetime after lifetime with her bogus information. I think the people who are speaking out against the pro-Teal crowd are the+ truly brave ones. Gabriel, I feel your popularity and identity is a bit too tied up in Teal to be objective. It's also clear you have a massive physical crush on her, and I believe it clouds your thinking as much as her ideas. I was disappointed to see how irrational and closed off you are to the evidence presented by Cameron in her own blog responding to this Gabriel. For all your personal feelings and gossip like evaluations of Cameron, frankly, Cameron's blog thumped yours soundly (using supported evidence), and she made it clear that you look like a blind supporter, who isn't clear headed in the least. Fortunately, Cameron isn't the only one calling Teal out, but I can see that it would seem easier for you to defend Teal's nonsense by making it seem that she is. I think you are aware of another spiritual teacher calling out Teal now. Ma Nithya Swaroopapriyanada? Teal has accused her of being a hater who is jealous of Teal's success. I suppose you bought Teal's malarkey hook line and sinker, once again Gabriel? I am going to repost Ma Nithya's Facebook reply to Teal here. The original post can be seen here: I think her response to Teal was brilliant, and it shows how people truly living their spiritual path respond to criticism:

  32. "Nithyanandam!
    Over the last few days, I've had countless people accuse me of being jealous of Teal Swan, and an even larger number of people accuse me of attacking her. Many are also asking whether or not I trust people to know what's right for them, since I've shared openly that the reason I'm questioning (not "attacking") Teal is that I feel she is a danger to her followers. Here is my response to all of that:
    "Don't you trust people to know what's right for them?"
    This is a bit of a loaded question, because, though nobody likes to think it applies to them, people are very easily misled and deceived. That's why so many continue, to this day, to follow stupid trends, like eating mostly meat on the "Atkins Diet," even though the founder of that diet himself died of a heart attack; that's why many people killed themselves believing the Hale-Bopp comet was their ticket to paradise; that's why millions of Germans revered Hitler even though he was attempting to kill off an entire population.
    Now, don't think I'm in any way comparing Teal to Hitler; she is obviously not trying to kill an entire race or religion, and unlike the late Mr. Atkins, she's not telling people that it's good to eat dead animals; (in fact, she advocates the compassionate and healthy vegan diet,) and, as far as we know, she's not planning a mass-suicide like Heaven's Gate. I'm only using these as examples because we can all see in hindsight that these were harmful movements, yet very convincing to those who believed in them.
    The kind of people who listen to Teal are Seekers. Seekers are among the best people in the world, in my humble opinion, because they are sensitive enough to know there's something more to life than buying stuff and following trends. Seekers are people who want answers that aren't provided by conventional media or taught in schools. Seekers are people who want to rise beyond circumstance and achieve inner fulfillment; they want to leave the world a better place than they entered it.
    The beauty of Seekers is their commitment to try whatever it takes to reach their divine goals, but their beauty is also their vulnerability.
    A sincere seeker will listen to almost anyone who claims to have answers to their questions or solutions for their problems. Teal sets herself up as a source for answers, ("Ask Teal") and claims to have solutions for all kinds of problems, and yet, in her own personal life, she is struggling and suffering. If anybody listens to her and follows her, they will also end up struggling and suffering, because in spirituality, we become like the teachers we follow.

  33. Hello Gabriel! I hope you are enjoying your travels. I came back over here because I thought you might want to be aware of a few things, if you arent already. You seem like a nice person and you have a right to know the truth.

    Here is a recent blog post by Sarbdeep regarding his experience with teal:

    I think you will find his post grounded and honest.

    Also, there is mounting proof that (s)teal is a serious plagiarist:

    I know you take your spirituality seriously, and I know you wouldnt want to support a fraudulent cause. I hope you take a look at both of those links and consider whats inside.

    1. I will take a close look and see if these allegations seem to have merit.

    2. I appreciated her teaching in the past, her ability to bring the universal perspective, I believe in her ESP. But it was enough for me to witness that she deliberately delete all comments from her fb page and blog which do not agree with her or her teachings!! This is very alarming.

      From what I observe, teaching authenticity for her right now is more about being vulnerable and getting approval for everything she is doing. Being authentic is only one quality of many, being able to take and respond to criticism is another.

      I know what does it mean to be abused and how badly it affects perception and conception of reality. I believe Teal like everyone of us is on this journey called Life :) and sooner or later time will prove what is it she needs to learn from all of this what is happening right now. I wish her all well.

  34. honestly folks, i havent seen her playing a martyr. She has shared her life story. Believe it or dont believe it. You dont like her, dont visit her website, dont go to her workshops, dont buy her books. Its not her past that attracts me. Its her presence and her message. If you want to buy her videos you can but you dont have to. The same videos are free on youtube.
    So are workshops.
    Im not a religious person but I believe in a higher being. My higher power is God, as I do recall this woman calling her higher power God too.
    I dont know, but, there is at least 1 or 2 of you that believe in God. Right? His works, his word.
    She is way more in line with his word than you people are. She is giving words of inspiration, wisdom beyond most , if not all of your comprehension, and HOPE to all that are open to it. She is sharing her knowledge with anyone who wants it and she believe it or HOPE with her story, true or not, to broken souls who have gone through abuse, even worse than hers. Who dont bring it out because of insensitive, uncompassionate hollow human beings like yourself who have the nerve to question it. Your all a bunch of assholes who are more pathetic and psychopathic than she could ever be. Adult bullying, nice! Excellent example to show your children. And embarrassing to read.
    It floors me that you kind of people find joy in taking someone down. If she is a psychopath, a liar, at least she is doing something with it. Something that is to help people and not hurt them.
    Why dont you haters go find something or someone you do like and comment on them. Do you even know how?
    Ya know how I know this beautiful woman is not a psychopath? She hasnt killed this jealous insecure pathetic, no talent of her own, Cameron.Or herself, for all that matters. Especially if its all true. WTF is wrong with you people. I havent even seen her comment. If you would get off of your asSes and do something with your own life maybe you would find real happiness within. And if you open your selves up to learning ..... you dont deserve her wisdom. your pathetic. most of you would never have the balls to say shit if you had a mouth full in person. put a keyboard in your hands and you are fluent mean. Because you have no other talents.
    If she is smart it doesnt matter that you are trying to ruin her. You dont get it. Its not her story, its her message. Where ever she got it, it doesnt matter. She got it and she is sharing it. Thats the important thing. Im not even in the "spiritual club" and I see it. You dont see it....move the f**K on. Hopefully you casn find something that makes you happy within, something other than being the cause of someone elses misery. F**K!!!
    And Cameron, maybe you oughta take her advice and commit suicide, if she did say that to you. Your a miserable and nasty person. Hollow inside and your filling it with ....shit. your basically a piece of shit. trying to find value in stealing someone elses value. pathetic. Your not going to do it.

    1. I agree with OpenEyes. This is the kind of inspiration Teal creates.

      What a nasty comment to make.

  35. Im sure im thrown out but I dont care. Its icky in here.
    sorry I blew up. I e said what I wanted to. I dont care whats replied. Im not into arguing with people. its true what I said. go read your bibles. ya, its talking about youz

  36. Kelly Steele, I think your comments perfectly demonstrate the sort of "inspiration and wisdom" she creates. So much so, I dont even have anything to add. Thank you.

  37. Gabriel, you always have seemed like a nice, kind, and genuine person. I enjoy your videos on YouTube and I enjoy reading about your adventures. I was also really happy that you got to meet Teal - especially when she was going through rough times after her breakup with her boyfriend Fallon.
    You know Teal better than any of us. Out of curiosity, have you met Ale?
    When I look at his pictures, it screams "creeper" all over. I don't think Teal is happy. She is involving herself with a man who has a track record of being unfaithful to his former wife, disrespecting her marriage to Sarb, and walking out on his wife and children to be with her. Teal is the one getting villified for this but in reality, it takes two to tango.
    Teal has put herself in a really bad position with this person who buys his way to her heart. He doesn't have her best interests in mind. He is obsessed with Teal in a creepy way (blatantly obvious in the pictures) and she is getting herself into a very precarious situation with this man.
    I wish she would have found a nice guy like you. Since you are her friend, can't you talk to her and make her realize that she is making a huge mistake? This marriage won't last and it will end very, very badly. In addition, it will publicly end badly bringing her a lot of shame in the eyes of her international community.
    She is making her life transparent and public and so this is, technically, all of our business. While I may not agree with the way she handles situations (people who disagree with her, where she gets her material, etc.) I don't want to see something bad happening to her. I have a really, really bad feeling about Ale. He is not a genuine person or a good person, either.
    Can you talk to Blake or Zack or someone who lives with her to help her out? Surely they must see Ale for who he is.

    1. I get a bad feeling too. He's creepy. But she's stepping into this wanting people to be able to trust her to make her own decisions. Well, this one is a bad one.

      You won't talk Teal out of it though because this is one lesson she's karmically due for. I'm not even saying this out of anger, just a fact.

    2. As you said yourself : "it takes 2 to tango", so it's not just Ale being a creep, but I think she's a creep too.

      You may feel bad for Teal, but she could easily put an end to this relationship, it would obviously be best for everyone involved. A lot of people comment on her body language showing a lack of interest in Ale. Yet she stays with him, because he choses her over his ex and even his own children? This is your spiritual teacher who thinks it's ok to do that. If she doesn't want to be shamed, she should stop her shameful behavior.

      Ale wrote in his blog:

      "Taking separate vacation time away from her(Teal) with the children would put even more stress on the relationship that is my lifesaver today. "

      And tealers just glance over this and think it's ok that he prefers Teal over his own kids and feel pity for him and believe everything he says about his ex? You see that's the problem, these people always 'air their dirty laundry' in the name of authenticity for all to read, but we never hear the other side of the story, until some feel compelled to set the record straight, because they never asked in the first place to have their reputation ruined. Yet tealers are biased and will side with her regardless of what is the truth in the name of 'spreading the love' and acting all 'spiritually evolved', I guess. But anybody who is critical, supposedly is a 'hater' and a 'low-vibrational anti-tealer'. It's rather concern for the victims and the urge to use discernment that we are displaying here.

      I bet Teal probably instilled Ale with this "pearl of wisdom" too:

      "My children need to understand that it is conditional love to demand to connect with me only if Teal is not in the picture."

      Yeah, Ale's children need to show unconditional love for this very needy woman instead of the other way around. Just sick.

  38. She appears with Ralph Smart a lot. She kept saying that she gets a lot of hate mail from people. She looks like she was born a male to me, she is very masculine. She is a dubious Tranny. She would be last person I would go to for spiritual enlightenment.

  39. I think so many people resonate with Tel because they have similar experiences and disorders like borderline, and it seems she's aware of them, partly at least. I'm not sure if she's done self healing work because that's what I'm doing now and I can tell you that it's hard. I wouldn't have the energy to do much's consumed by the healing process..
    So I'm thankful that she's teaching me some things I need to know on a psychological level...but I would not adopt her spiritual path. She has lots of work to do on herself there. I'm glad someone researched the answers to my questions on a psychological level so she did that's helpful...
    It's not a religion though...she's just a wounded person who is speaking of her attempts to heal... I'm a borderline and I once thought I was a savior like Jesus Christ. It gave me a high ...but now I am back down to Earth... what goes up must come down :)
    And the healing process in God's light really humbled me , it was a huge burden to think I'm so great. It was not my fault I developed these disorders but I fought hard to give them to God and not act upon them too much.
    There is no spiritual teacher in my opinion who can teach things unless they have lived spirituality and practiced their own theories on themselves. And are still alive.
    And if they are under the age of 80, i would probably not take anything they say too seriously because a great spiritual teacher is tested through time. I have a Phd. and lots of world knowledge, but I don t see myself as qualified to speak about things I have studied. Because there is so much more i don t know. That's what happens when you know a lot, you realize how little you actually know of the the universe and you shut your mouth most of the time so as not to speak stupidities, which is what i did when i was in my twenties. I thought i knew it all,and could converse on almost any subject in a few languages. Now I realize how futile that is. How full of vainglory and pride it is to seek human adornment. And HSP do sense more, and trauma does create certain sensitivities in people which could be interpreted as gifts to feel and see things which others do not. But they are not necessarily as grandiose as one thinks. lots of people have these abilities . its great to accept them, which is something i have not for a long time. These sensitivities could be part of borderline symptoms or just innate.
    As for spiritual teachers, I love
    Fr. Lazarus El Anthony who is a hermit living in a cave in the desert. Or St.Seraphim, St. Porphyrios...
    THese are saints who lived a true spiritual life, some as hermits, in a cave in a rock.. without any worldly distractions or comfort.
    No riches, no technology, no make-up, no sex!
    That is a true spiritual leader to me !

  40. what are teal's credentials? What is her formal educational background? She seems to have nothing to offer other than this outrageous story of abuse. Is that a credential in the spiritual movement? What about the fact she appears to be doing psychotherapy without a license and no credentials whatsoever? What about the woman she may have convinced to commit suicide; I believe her name was leslie. Are there others? Why has Hay House who published the wonderful Dr. Wayne Dyer for years, not vetted her thoroughly. Whole thing needs to be seriously investigated.

  41. Someone just deleted my comment which I don't appreciate. I merely questioned the credentials and formal educational background of Teal. I questioned why she does psychotherapy with merely a high school diploma and any role she may have played in the suicide of "Leslie" and possible. Since I was deleted and not answered, I shall contact the Utah Attorney General's Office. Thank You

    1. I didn't delete your comment, I can see it above. I'm not going to answer those questions because I'm not a representative of Teal, I simply wrote an article analyzing the situation and the allegations against her.

    2. Gabriel you say you are not a representative of Teal Swan. But your behaviors make you seem exactly like her representative. Also in one of your comments on youtube you said Ma Sudevi turns you off because she so highly raves about her guru. Have you ever realized that the way you kiss Teal's ass is also a huge turnoff? But I guess one will always be blind to one's own blind spots. Sarbdeep wrote a long blogspot about what really happened in his marriage to Teal Swan. Anyone who has read it and who has common sense will say Teal has serious moral issues. And you either refuse to read it or you have read it but just don't think anything is a big deal at all. If the first case is true then you are living in deep denial. If it is the second case then I guess you have very different moral values than mine and millions of others.

  42. I also have a bad feeling about her relationship with Ale.

  43. Hi Gabriel,

    I wanted to say thank you. I tried looking over your website and blog, but didn't see a contact option.

    About six months ago I watched an interview you did with Teal and in it you asked Teal about the guy from Australia teaching the Divine Truth that claims to be Jesus.

    Finding this information has really changed my life. I'm not sure if I would've stumbled onto the teachings from Jesus or the Padgett Messages if I'd not watched that video. I consider this a great gift and one that has dramatically changed the course of my life, my relationship with God, and my eternal existence. Again, thank you!

    1. That's awesome, glad to hear it. You also might get a lot out of the "Right Use of Will" channeled books by Ceanne DeRohan. They are very much in line with what A.J. Miller is teaching but also quite unique. Peace...

  44. Hi, I only recently was introduced to Teal's YouTube teaching videos. I am a spiritual teacher, wellness coach and Grief Recovery Specialist. I come from a very abuse childhood and have been on a healing/recovery path for more than 30 years. I am also an empath, can read energy fields and am connected to a Universal Truth that allows me to feel very easily truth vibrations or lie vibrations. There are a few things I know that are true: Teal experienced sexual abuse as a child. The way she acts reveals this truth. There are subconscious behaviors that come out in people who are not yet complete with that experience. That is normal and it takes time and work. It doesn't mean the person can't be a teacher. The guy "Doc" who allegedly abused her is lying. The vibration is strong and obvious to me. The fact that Teal was abused raises the question, By whom? The list is short and there is only one person she spent considerable time with. Also, a symptom of abuse is the fabrication of reality. The abused confuses reality with story and mixes the truth in with the fabrication. Maybe he threatened to put her in a corpse and she remembers it as being in the corpse. Fantasy can very real to children. My father was a child abuser and I am very familiar with the vibration of a person like that. They can't hide their vibration, but if you don't know how to read that part of a person, you will take their words at face value. I have no desire to defend Teal or defend Doc, but the basic truth that is evident to me is that she was abused--you can tell by the way she acts--and he is lying--you can tell by what he says and how he says it. That is my input. What Teal teaches and puts out there is a culmination of all the spiritual teachings that have ever been named. They are all the same thing as each other anyway. Hicks vs. Katie vs Tolle vs. Wattles vs. The Secret…They are all the same thing. Just different deliveries. There is only one teaching. The next one will come after humans wake up. Until then we are stuck hearing the same thing over and over.

    So don't get stuck on whether or not Teal plugs in computer cords. Also, don't get stuck on that you need a teacher to heal you. Becoming a fan or groupie of someone is the whole religious problem in the first place. Listen to the teachings and apply them to you life. That is the real work. Sometimes techniques can help. Teal isn't enlightened, Teal isn't fully complete with the abuse--that doesn't make what she says invalid or incorrect. It is all correct. Some people enlighten all of a sudden like Eckhart Tolle or Byron Katie. But most of us have to process and we teach what we most need to learn…

    Also…We don't die so there is no such thing as committing suicide. That is the term that the living people give it so that we can be outraged and sad at someone who is asleep wanting to escape. We forget about all the drugs and alcohol we do to escape. That is a type of killing, too. We also forget about all the millions of humans that kill each other but we watch it for entertainment and let our children play killing games. That is killing, too. Anyway, the first thing dead people say when they are trying to talk to us is, "Hey, I'm not dead." So we can get over the drama about all that. The first thing that happens when you kill yourself is, “Damn, why did I do that, things weren’t actually that bad.”
    So know that now and just stop the story in your mind where you believe the thoughts that make you suffer. Live and breathe and feel the sun on your face. Life is pretty simple. You stand up, sit down, lay down and breathe all the while. I took that from Byron Katie…Cheers! All is well.

    1. That was really brilliant, thanks a lot for the insights and feedback. I agree with everything you've said here.

    2. Hi Gabriel,

      Wow. What a rollercoaster. Thank you for restoring reason to this insane debate instigated by a fallen angel. Having done all the research, the conclusion is clear that Teal is dealing with a typical, predictable smearing campaign coming from sad, mean, misguided low-vibration people. Rather than rage against the injustice of their defamatory claims, it is best to simply pity them and hope that they, too, will eventually wake up. For some people it takes more time. Cameron is obviously confused, frustrated, and dwelling in ignorance simply because she was not yet ready to free her mind. Just give her time, and she will soon let go of the old egoic crap that was holding her back. I have a lot more to say on this subject, and would like to correspond with you further. My email:
      Peace :)

    3. I feel like crying. Why can´t anyone see how evil she is? I feel so sorry for Leslie,most cluster B personality types are sexual abused, that´s why they become abusers. You call us low-vibrational because we don´t want anymore people hurt? I am almost scared to comment here, you will call me low-vibrational for standing up for truth and caring about the people whose lives Teal destroyed. I hope she won´t hurt another patient, she destroyed so many already.

  45. Well said Amy!!!! We can get lost in the details... If everyone selected one word to describe the true intentions of every person involved, the picture will become very clear.

  46. What do you think about Sarbdeep's blog Gabriel?

  47. Hi Gabriel,

    Wow. What a rollercoaster. Thank you for restoring reason to this insane debate instigated by a fallen angel. Having done all the research, the conclusion is clear that Teal is dealing with a typical, predictable smearing campaign coming from sad, mean, misguided low-vibration people. Rather than rage against the injustice of their defamatory claims, it is best to simply pity them and hope that they, too, will eventually wake up. For some people it takes more time. Cameron is obviously confused, frustrated, and dwelling in ignorance simply because she was not yet ready to free her mind. Just give her time, and she will soon let go of the old egoic crap that was holding her back. I have a lot more to say on this subject, and would like to correspond with you further. My email:
    Peace :)

  48. Wow! What a mean spirited blog. So, much wasted energy on this blog. I love Teal. My response, people hate Oprah, Mya Angelo and the list is infinite. I prefer to surround everyone with love.

  49. And seriously: always question the motives of someone who says, "My soul chose this body because people on this planet are more likely to listen to someone who is beautiful. If you aren't beautiful, then people are more likely to ignore you."

    She got you guys, GOOD! LMAO!

    I love it!

  50. The Stockholm Syndrome is strong here. But I must say, I greatly respect her hustle. No matter what the truth is, she has successfully created that which she sought to manifest, and is clearly cashing in on it all.

    Bravo, Teal! Your hustle is MUCH respected! ;-)

  51. seems a little bit suspicious, that anyone would organize his life around (or a site) to uncover the false or damaged life of another person…… your own life ….

  52. I always wonder if it so difficult to find the facts. We live in a world of information and comunication. What the heck the police is doing in this case? Maybe Teal is having some "mental" issues, but if all those abuses were real, I wonder how she got alive out of it. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is not a crime neither a huge love for money. I find her teachings very valuable and helpful, love her first book I read. And I did some research, she's on the Women's B Team list of telemark skiers from 2006. One solid fact, which proves she's not lying about that. Others do. Link: (Her name is at the bottom of the list of telemark skiers.

  53. ...I forgot another one (I guess there's many). She recommends the books she likes on her youtube channel. That way I came across "The Work" of Byron Katie; "Loving What Is" is the title of the book and the book "The Artist" from Julia Cameron. She said she doesn't read much, she never said she didn't read any book.

  54. First of all, it's almost laughable that this Cameron person is trying to paint Teal as a cult leader. You would have been the first one to drink the punch, Cameron! Teal doesn't try to make people obsessed with her but of course she's a public figure so it's gonna happen. It seems to me that Cameron started out as a crazed fan and almost borderline stalker, who obviously still has a pretty heavy obsession. She moved to Park City to seek out Teal, somehow was allowed access into Teal's inner life, and then was flabbergasted when it turned out that Teal is actually just a real person with bad days and good days just like everyone else. And I really almost started laughing when I read the part about how Teal isn't a real spiritual teacher because she has a bookshelf of spiritual books in her house.

    I think most people have a hard time believing Teal's stories of ritual abuse. But most of you non-believers have never been to Utah. I was born here, raised here, lived here my whole life. I live 45 minutes away from Park City. It is very hard to describe Utah culture to people who haven't lived here. It's hard enough to live among mainstream Mormons, but splinter groups from the Mormon church have been causing havoc for a long time. I wish I could say that Teal is the only person I've come across with these stories but she's not, far from it. We actually have psychologists and therapists in this state who have to specialize in ritual abuse just to deal with the vast amount of cases. To the rest of the world Teal's story seems ludicrous. To a Utah local, it seems completely plausible because I was going to Jr. High with kids who were obviously being messed with when they went home at night. The church leaders control the community around here and they protect each other pretty extremely. Teal's not the only one, she just survived it better than most of them do.

  55. I know this article is super old, but I gotta give my two cents, I would say I'm pretty empathetic and open, my father has asked me a few times why I allow "these things" or spirits/messengers/dark entities, to come to me (note: he's some what spiritual, orthodox christian and open-minded to certain dreams I have.)
    I first found Teal in her video "Fuck the Law of Attraction" I was extremely lured to it, just because it said "Fuck it."
    I learned a bit from it and did realize that some of what she says has some merit and gives good insight, like for instance when she explains how even good people have bad things happen to them.

    I liked Teal, I've watched a few of her videos now and then for some insight, along with how to deal with a broken heart and even found that the guidance she presented in that video was amazing as well.

    If Teal is lying about her past, then well, I don't know what to think, I consider myself pragmatic so I think despite the lying, spreading guidance is alright if it is true and has merit, and from my experience so far it seems it does, her messages connect well and seem to resonate good intentions.
    If she was merely a con, or looking for attention, I would doubt she'd give such lengthy advice and information in free videos.
    I'm sure she has books and DVD's but even still, she shares more info than you really need to pay for, I consider that something generous compared to those ***holes who make you pay for all of their information... That's not the spiritualistic way.
    Whether she is lying, and taking other peoples studies as her own, at least she is spreading the knowledge, methods might not be good, but, the intention to help people I can tell is most definitely there.

    So, despite Cameron's opinion/argument, I side with Teal whether Cameron is lying or not, it's because of Teal that I've found a food source of guidance that makes me question and think deeply and inquisitively, she doesn't sound like the typical spiritual healer who sugar coats everything, I believe she sounds like a realist.

  56. Ha Ha, I just ended up here too and i know its old but in 2014 my Life was a mess, I fought with everybody, thought about suicide on a regular basis. Blah Blah Blah... I somehow found a teal scott vid on u tube... I watched heaps of them and they changed my life...Now I'm Happy and in control..I live my life with spiritual discernment. So, Focus on the good she does, not the negative.. Im sure Im not the only person she's helped...No one's perfect and we all have made mistakes... She's has become a guru because so many people can relate...

  57. My mother used to say: "There are two sides to every story plus the truth. I believe the truth lies somewhere between Cameron's story and what Teal projects.

  58. Teal is an imperfect living speaker-teacher. Speaker-teachers either breathe air or are discarnate energy essence personalities who speak through living mediums in trance states, such as Abe, Elias, Bashar and Seth just to give a few examples. Her information-knowledge source is an excellent one, however, Teal is the gate-keeper of the message and can, if she wishes, color and modify it according to her beliefs as the information is filtered through the layers of her psyche. Is her spiritual message helping or hurting her listeners? Is her message uplifting and expanding people's minds and causing them to think about life and how to live it? You be the judge. ron, spiritual teacher

  59. You can know a tree by its fruit. Look at Teal's personal life - a train wreck. Where is her integrity? You can not be a spiritual leader and lack integrity.

  60. I think Teal is a very intelligent woman, whose insights have helped me a lot, with that said the whole guru motif I don't go for with anyone--I don't believe she is the reincarnated Baba (I had a roommate declare the same thing). I believe her message would be better served, if she toned down what to me comes off as delusions of grandeur--perhaps fueled by the adoration that has grown of her by many, or her past trauma. Being a beautiful and wise eccentric is fine by me, as long as no one gets hurt, and that whole account I read of her client's suicide was very disturbing. The woman was depressed, it is a disease of the brain, that whole "she reincarnated to the same situation" is beyond arrogant if Teal said that, and I doubt she has the "power" to see her new migration! Hopefully that flippancy was out of shock, if that quote were true on Cameron's blog. As far as the alleged abuser, one interview exonerates no one. I agree with Gabriel on that point. There are many serial killers in history, that seemed like charming and perfect gentleman/women. But he could be innocent, and if so take her to court for slander. Anyway, I do thank Teal for her helping me with her vids, anyone that puts themselves in a high profile will have detractors. I think Cameron should move on, just my opinion. Let the chips fall, Etc.

  61. Honestly, having listened to teal for a bit without any knowledge of this Cameron person I couldnt shake the reminiscent feeling I had when dealing with a sociopath in my family. Now. I would say it is unfair to discredit her teachings or views based on that or any other mental issues she has. "Those who the gods will have they first drive mad". And there is a lot in her teaching that is good an useful. That said. Clearly much of her teaxhing is derivative and obviously gained from reading others work (which is totally fine, in fact I would say that is to her credit that she learned from others)
    All I can say for sure is there is absolutely no way I would trust her with anything I felt important. I know the red flags of disposition, exoressiln and body language when I see them. And regardless of sanity or teachings, teal is NOT trustworthy. But also, dont let that keep you from appreciating the good teachings she has to share.

    1. Agree. I had the same impression and thoughts about Teal. I'd just add that it's only fine to take and spread other people's work if you properly cite them!

  62. Honestly, having listened to teal for a bit without any knowledge of this Cameron person I couldnt shake the reminiscent feeling I had when dealing with a sociopath in my family. Now. I would say it is unfair to discredit her teachings or views based on that or any other mental issues she has. "Those who the gods will have they first drive mad". And there is a lot in her teaching that is good an useful. That said. Clearly much of her teaxhing is derivative and obviously gained from reading others work (which is totally fine, in fact I would say that is to her credit that she learned from others)
    All I can say for sure is there is absolutely no way I would trust her with anything I felt important. I know the red flags of disposition, exoressiln and body language when I see them. And regardless of sanity or teachings, teal is NOT trustworthy. But also, dont let that keep you from appreciating the good teachings she has to share.

    1. I feel the same way, she reminds me of my disordered family on an emotional level. A lot of red flags :)

  63. I for one absolutely believe Cameron and feel like she made excellent points. You can try and discredit Cameron all that you like but it doesn't change the fact that Teal Swan is a narcissistic sociopath who has even had you fooled, Gabriel.

    1. Cameron Clark is such a sociopath, that she called up Swan's abuser (as well as anyone else she could) to tell the abuser all about what she's saying about him, what she's up to....I have never seen even a sociopath go to these great of lengths to endanger the safety of a survivor. Telling a child sex offender what their former victim has been doing endangers the safety of Swan. If Cameron Clark believes Swan is fake, and if she wants to criticize Swan's practices, that's her right. But that is no justification for her ongoing harassment and intentional endangerment of Swan by contacting people from her past. Perhaps sociopath is too kind a word to describe Cameron Clark's deliberate endangerment of Swan.


  64. Wow, Cameron Clark is an extremely sick person. Not only has she spent so much effort and time in her life attempting to prove that Teal Swan is lying about child ritual torture - an occurrence that unfortunately happens far more than people are willing to admit - but she has actually gone to great lengths to stalk and harass people involved in the abuse or the investigation. She has called police and district attorneys requesting any documents, dug into the past history of Teal Swan through contacting old "family" and "friends", and even gone so far as to track down the person she thinks perpetrated the child ritual torture to "interview" him, by asking him long, leading questions that directly state the answers she wants him to give her.

    Suffice it to say, it is this kind of harassment and stalking which discourages former victims of child sex crimes from coming forward. Cameron Clark's harassment and stalking of Teal Swan and those from her history is precisely why so few victims come forward.

    First, can't Teal Swan sue for libel and slander? If not for the ritual torture, for many of the other outlandish claims that Cameron Clark makes? Especially because Cameron Clark is clearly doing this for attention and financial gain. Second, isn't the kind of over-involvement in tracking down Swan's past, people involved, and clearly targeted attacks, a type of intimidation and harassment of former victims who come forward, illegal? I mean, victims already don't come forward much at all, in fear of not being believed, but what this woman is doing is targeting someone who has come forward, and launching pseudo-investigations and stalking of perpetrators and others. This sounds like the type of intimidation and harassment that is not permitted, not only for how it endangers the individual (Cameron Clark, after all, called up her abuser, and told him all about Teal Swan, where she is, what she's doing, what she's saying about him...and that sounds like it puts her in a lot of danger) , but also for how this type of intimidation and harassment is what prevents many victims of ritual torture from coming forward?

    1. You are not a very smart lady, Lydia Colton. What Cameron did is called investigative journalism. Financial gain? Who is paying Cameron for this?
      No one did anything illegal. The only amoral thing was Teal making up a story about her past for attention.
      If any of this was true, don't you think the FBI and LE would be all over this? They looked into it and found that it was all a bunch of hooey.
      Please, open your eyes and get out of that Teal Swan cult. She's just an internet D-list celebrity. She's barely 30 years old and has been married 4 times. She was a nude model (google her pictures) but when she didn't make it, she turned to new age spirituality on the "YouTube University" because it paid better.
      She has ostracized her family, publicly humiliated her parents in her blog, publicly humiliated her ex boyfriend, publicly humiliated the girlfriend of a male friend she was trying to seduce while engaged to Ale, and the list goes on... yet Cameron is the "sociopath"? DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT A SOCIOPATH IS?
      Teal takes her information from other sources (plagiarism) without giving credit. If anyone questions her, they are labeled a "hater". Her latest blog post shows how deluded she is and serves to show the world how she is unraveling.
      You can't see that, though, can you?
      I suggest you google "Teal Swan cult"

    2. I really don't know much about Teal Swan or Cameron...but Lydia Colton is on Quora...she IS a melodramatic, narcissistic troll always whining, threatening people & playing the victim. But you can probably see that from her comment...

  65. It seems like everyone either wants to be a guru or to be guided by one. I've decided to roll the two together and just be my own guru. Of course this means i have to cultivate my connection with the 'divine' or spirit aspect of myself (and yeah, we all have one)and stop looking to any 'authority' outside myself for answers (not that i can't look for clues out there, hahaha, that's awfully entertaining!)

    When i came across my first 'Ask Teal' video i was fascinated, entranced, mesmerized... that soft, sulky, sensuous beauty juxtaposed with that hardcore, 'wise beyond her years', 'ice queen' presence. And even though I had a lot of negative emotion bubble up 'subjecting' myself to her, it has been to my advantage to deal with it, so i can see why she calls herself a catalyst. I was active on her blog for awhile and watched a lot of her videos but i never attached much value to her advice due to it coming across like just so much superficial, convoluted parroting of other people's ideas --- delivered by just another narcissistic egomaniac lusting after the adoration (and/or the dollars) of a worshipful audience. Maybe a jaded projection, but mine just the same.

    But it was those shadow house episodes with 'Fallon' and Cameron that marked the end of my infatuation with teal... i couldn't believe what i was seeing. I was shocked and repulsed by her behavior, and deeply concerned for the mental health and well-being of her followers, particularly those who were wide open and highly suggestible due to hero worship and other less than ideal mental states, and then to find themselves on the receiving end of one of her unasked for and incredibly depressing 'psychic readings' (which seem more like 'psychic attacks' if you ask me) - especially if they had in some way, even unbeknownst to themselves, pissed her off. I am pretty relieved to see that Cameron has taken a 'fighting stance' and did not just curl up and die like it seemed apparent teal thought she should do.

  66. However, none of anything i've written here so far means that i am assuming to know 'the truth about teal'. Everything in life is true at the same time that everything is a lie, so where do you go with that, except to believe whatever you want to believe. And one thing i believe is that Teal Bosworth Scott, oh nevermind, that teal with the growing number of last names, is a charlatan. An incredibly alluring, profoundly fascinating, somewhat dangerous, frustratingly enigmatic charlatan. And it wouldn't surprise me one little bit to discover that she was in fact the pathological liar and that 'Doc' had the role of 'poor innocent victim'. (Although, judging from that interview of him, he doesn't seem to be playing the 'poor innocent victim' role - while Teal appears to be doing exceedingly well in it), and he seemed genuinely surprised that anyone was taking seriously what to him were such obviously made up stories. But while his version of teal's past is much easier to believe, just the fact of his stating it doesn't prove it's true, anymore than teal's version is proved by her accusations.

  67. When i read that interview of him, the first thing i noticed was his evasiveness (which could simply have been discomfiture with the awkward situation, and i don't blame him for that), but without being able to watch his body language or hear his voice it's difficult to read him (with only his words to go on, hehe). I am willing to give both him and teal the benefit of the doubt since nothing has been proven one way or the other, but wow, if this guy has actually done even anywhere near the insane acts teal has accused him of then certainly he could lie with ease... especially to two wanna-be 'journalists' who were clearly biased in his favor!! And if he HAS done those things then he needs to move in with charles manson! Pronto if not sooner!

    A lot of what he said rang true, although it seemed certain he was holding stuff back. Whether that was because he considered it inappropriate in the context of a telephone conversation with strangers or if it was because that is what any sensible, totally insane psychopathic killer would do i can't say. But since so many of his answers to their questions had been vague and evasive and sort of off the point it snagged my attention when he said with, what read as, such sharp certainty: "Bobbie knows full well i am not Teal's villain". Exactly what he was so certain about was not clear... was he certain that Bobby didn't suspect him because A: they both knew that teal was a liar, or B: he was confident he had the wool pulled securely over her eyes? Or something else entirely? Who knows?

    I think it's entirely possible he is teal's biological father. Not because teal has claimed that is what he told her, but because of something he said in the interview. Which would explain why he was the one they called on when they were having trouble with teal. And, of course, it's possible he had sex with her - either the darkly twisted type sex teal has described or just your average, run-of-the-mill pedophile having sex with his own daughter type sex. But it's also possible that he didn't have any kind of sex with her at all and that the stories teal tells are just straight out of the shadowy depths of her own imagination... she does have some pretty dark energy swirling around her. I do think she was probably raped though - on a day when she was out on her huffy. Whether it was by 'doc' or somebody else and she just came to lump it all together in the one composite character that was based on him ('doc') remains to be seen, although it seems a little voyeuristic and creepy to WANT to know, but again, he doesn't need to walking around a free man if he has perpetuated these kinds of horrors on a young girl!!!

    And then there's that letter she supposedly wrote to the man who had been raping her and making her life a living hell and an unspeakable nightmare from the time she was barely out of diapers till the day she escaped his clutches because he hadn't given her enough drugs???? Or was it written to a man she loved deeply and considered a dear friend? I don't see how it could be both, but i guess it could be... love your enemy for the 'lessons' they've taught you and all that jazz, but it read like the latter to me. Again, who knows?

  68. When i first heard that Cameron and that magazine were going to interview 'Doc' i was sooo interested to see what he had to say, but then when it didn't appear in the next few days i got distracted with my own life, haha, and only just recently discovered that it had come and gone! It's probably better that i'm getting here so late though... i always like having the last word, hahahaha!

    The thing is, it's the 'paying public' that makes 'charlantry' such a desirable career choice, and leaves people susceptible to 'shady characters' with shabby ethics - which there would be fewer of if 'followers' weren't giving them such a rich and lavish lifestyle! And actually i don't begrudge them that... it's a great job if you can get it! I'm just saying, if people trusted their own inner guidance even half as much as they trusted 'outer guidance' from other 'chosen ones' then we would be doing a whole lot better.

    The bottom line is, if that guy has in fact done what teal said he has done then he needs to be removed from society. And if teal has made it up then she needs to do one of those public confessions she is so fond of. Just my opinion.

  69. PS: And after my tirade against 'gurus' i feel compelled to mention my username. It's not that i consider myself the stoned reincarnation of siddhartha (or whatever his name was), but one night my kids and i were getting set to play online scrabble and i couldn't think of a username... my mind was totally blank and they (my kids) were harassing me mercilessly to hurry up! My eyes scanned the room desperately and landed on the packet of zigzag rolling papers sitting in front of the buddha candle right in front of me, and my 'alter ego' was born. We all got a good laugh out of it because it was so appropriate considering how much i liked getting high and spouting profundities. And yeah, i know, nobody asked, but there you have it anyway.

  70. PPS: I would also like to say that i believe Teal, whoever 'Teal' really is and what her experience really has been, or what her intentions really are, that she in fact feels things very deeply, in spite of seeing things only an airhead, i mean Gemini, can see (hahaha). And i would never accuse her of not having a good, clear understanding of 'the way things work' and the ability to communicate it, however wordily or concisely, to another. But Gemini can be pretty glib, and i don't much care for glib so i pretty much avoid that part of the world.

    Whatever, i don't think any of that is the point, i think the point is what i said above - if that guy has done the things teal has accused him of then that needs to be addressed. If he hasn't then that needs to be addressed. No matter how wise she is or is not. It's not a matter of whether or not she has good aspects to her character, of course she does. It's a matter of her having used this purported horrifying, unbelievable 'abuse' as a 'hook' and making it a very public thing. Without that it would have just remained a private affair for them to deal with over there somewhere in Utah. How she ever expected to tell these kinds of tales without thinking she would ever be called on to prove them is beyond me. Send the fucking lunatic creep to prison where he belongs or come clean as a liar. That's the point.

  71. People......people......people......go within let this distraction go............all it is doing is fueling the fires of separatism. Go within and listen to your own wisdom!!!!

  72. I came across this writing as I have watched your YouTube channel. I have watched your channel because of your Kundalini awakening experience as I have had a Kundalini awakening as well. I am going to come from a different perspective. As you know once you have had an awakening everything changes. People can talk as much as they want about spirituality its like having a bit of information, having a feeling about something, and then you awaken and bang, the heart starts speaking. I have seen some of Teal's YouTube videos as well. Her story might be true or it might not. Regardless if her information is from books that might be true. We all read books to help us come to our own truth. I personally can not see her truth,from a spiritual perspective, I can see someone who has gathered a lot of information and has used her mind to understand it, because when one speaks from their own truth there comes a stage that one starts speaking from the heart. You feel the vibration. Teal speaks from the mind not from the heart. Someone who speaks from the heart talks about their own experiences and how they helped them move forward in their journey, there is something so loving when ones experience can help another. Teal's information is like studying a subject, that is fine though that is the stage she is at and she will attract people with the same vibration. Some people are at the stage that they need information that comes from the mind. To others with higher vibration that come into her path she is such a catalyst??????

  73. How very sad this controversy is. On one hand, Teal seems to be a brilliant teacher of how the psyche works; on the other, there are enough claims against her that one has to give pause. This reminds me of brilliant gurus such as Rajneesh aka Osho, and Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche; they simultaneously can have darkness, even danger, around them. Regardless of their integrity or lack of it, the teachings themselves seem independently worthy of consideration. Please, Teal, you are really the only one who can clarify what's up; please do it.

    1. What's wrong with Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche? I never heard of it.

  74. Because of Teal Swan my wife is dead. She committed suicide in May of 2014. She attended a workshop out on by Teal and also had a private session with her in which she was told that she was not serious about improving her life and because of that she is destroying the people around her. She hanged herself 4 days later and even mentioned Teal in her suicide letter. Teal Swan is not just a fraud, she is a sociopath who manipulates the weak and vulnerable into doing whatever she wants. BE AWARE OF HER! Don't let her attractiveness fool you. This woman is DANGEROUS! She must be stopped!

    1. Anonymous, I'm incredibly sorry to hear that. My condolences on your loss.

    2. Anon, I'm so sorry for your loss. But you can't blame the therapist/healer for your wife's suicide because trauma can't happen overnight. Before your wife seek the truth or answer from any source she must be depressed for a long time about her family, her childhood, her career, her life, her marriage. It's like small waves becoming the tsunami.

    3. Anonymous and Loli,
      I have to agree with Gabriel and I too am sorry for your loss and your pain. Unfortunately, and I know this is hard for many to do, but unfortunately in the end every decision we make in life is our own choice. Yes there are experiences that may add to our decision making or even trigger certain emotions but in the end WE DECIDE.

      I say this, not to make you feel in any way that you dont have a right to be angry, but rather for you to understand that some of your anger may be displaced. This also does not mean that I am for or against Teal. I am only trying to provide helpful words to others. You see I had someone I dearly love addicted to drugs. It troubled me in many ways. I thought if he loved me enough..and then I thought maybe if I can protect him. I began to blame any friend or family memeber that drank around him, simply because his drug use always started with consumption of alcohol. Nevertheless, the more I blamed the more I sought out to control and next thing you know I could not remember who I was or how to live my life.

      In the end to use or to not use was his choice. I, just as he does, have a right to make a choice I certainly have a right to feel angry.

      Therefore, I want to tell you that it is ok to be angry but dont forget to also be angry with your wife. It does not mean that you did not loved or still dont love her now. You see, we often blame others to protect or loved ones. Especially when they have passed on. There are many situations were someone looses a parent that may not have given them the love they deserved when they were a child but when the parent dies that person will swear that they were a good parent, out of love and protection. Please know that I am not saying that there was anything bad or wrong with your wife. I am simply saying that we forget that it is ok to be angry with our loved one.

      We must come to a place where we understand that being angry with someone does not mean that we dont love them. So sir, if you want to be mad at Teal that is your right, so is being mad at therapists that could have been there more or the people who caused her pain in the past. Be mad at whoever you feel you need to but do not forget to be mad that your wife left you, be mad that it made you feel abandoned and sad. BEFORE YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO FULLY GET ANGRY ON ALL SIDES REMEMBER THIS...DO NOT..I REPEAT..DO NOT..remain in your place of anger. Once you have expressed your anger, preferably without hurting anyone else including yourself, move on to forgiving. You must feel in order to heal. Being sad and then mad and returning to forgiveness is just another way of learning how to love.

      Remember that Gabriel not taking sides with Cameron does not mean that this enables anyone. I wrote a response further down that I hope you read. Perhaps Gabriel just sees that some of her(Teal's) messages have actually helped and transformed people for the better. I would not consider that enabling. I would consider that supporting methods that help others. Enabling would be if Teal herself admitted to Gabriel that her past was a lie and Gabriel agreed to protect any controversy that may come up about it to keep her past hidden. That would be enabling.

      Wishing the both of you love and peace, especially anonymous, because I know that this experience in your life has been all too hard and I do hope that you go on to allow yourself to feel all the emotions that you need to feel to get yourself back to peace. I hope that you take this experience even further and it motivates you to support another husband somewhere who may have experienced this and who may need someone who understands to support and guide him through.


    4. Teal Swan Exposed.

  75. Suicide is a terrible thing in how it tortures the survivors. It is also, in a general way, the ongoing truth of the suffering innate in life. One can also say that being born in this Saha World is the result of karmic law and stone throwing is very stupid. It is only illusion that there are people living in a heavenly state of comfort and wealth, and others living with severe unhappiness.

    Stopping the mind opens the middle way. Infinite jabber, accusations and witch hunting, is all mental jabber.

    Teal can be like The daughter of the Dragon King seen in the Saddharma Pundarika. Stop the slander oh good men.

  76. I just recently stumbled upon Teals videos, and i then started to search for more about her because she was saying a lot of nice things. Now what she is saying, have been said by many people before her.
    A lot of what she is saying is psychology, disguised with spiritual linguistics.
    Other parts are spiritual theories spoken by many other so called spiritual teachers.
    In this way what she is saying might not be wrong or bad or hurtful but it most certainly isn't original.

    After a few days of having watched about 10 of her videos i stumbled upon her background story. Her alleged background story. First of all it is completely horrendous. And all of the people who wants to compare it to a mentally ill parent, is very far off. a mentally ill parent can be very traumatic and is a serious issue no doubt about it. But what teal is talking about is meticulous torture of the worst kind. It is also mass murdering and sexual abuse to a degree that is very, very, very rare.
    First of all when making these claims you must prove them, why? Because it is an allegation against another person, and as with the justice system you are innocent until proven guilty.
    She might or might not have gone to the police with these allegations. Now if she have gone, it would be fairly easy to figure out if there where evidence for even making a case. With the amount of rape and physical torture she allegedly has been put through her body would have significant signs of this. But since the police have not opened a case it must either be because a. she went to the police and they found no evidence to make a case of or b. she didn't go to the police.
    Either way it does make a strong argument for her not telling the truth about her past.
    She has as far as I can see never shown actual proof of any of this to anyone. Proof here would be significant scars (not just the ones that comes from a bit of cutting). Also there would be clear signs that could be examined if she have had three forced abortions and been raped from such an early age and onwards.

    1. Teal did go to the police years after that. The case even went to the DA. FYI.

      Do your homework before commenting. I'm not Teal fan/follower, just stumbled upon her story of being cult sex slave and got very curious so I dig deeper up to here, this blog.

    2. Hey thanks for the info do you have a link?

  77. Continued.
    The discussion about Occam’s razor if you want to apply that is also very much in favor of her not telling the truth.
    If she is telling the truth we must believe that there is a satanic mass murderer, child molester and cult persona walking around without raising enough suspicion for the police to investigate. Not only that we also must believe that there is a satanic cult that helps this guy, and rapes and kill children also without the police being suspicious.
    We also must believe that a person can overcome all these horrendous experiences and become a spiritual teacher. If you look at any other cases with abduction, sexual abuse and torture over a long period, there is not one example of a person not being severely dysfunctional afterwards. It's impossible as a human to not be severely damaged by this. Teal might be damaged or she might not, but she has if we believe her story, been able to recover better than any other human being has ever been able to recover after torture, rape and abuse over such an extended period of time.
    So if we believe her story there are a lot assumptions that we have to make.
    If we do not beleive her story, the only assumption we must make is that she is a liar.
    Now that is only one assumption and Occam’s razor therefore tells us to go with that.

  78. Continued
    No doubt that she has helped people. The problem is that she has told an elaborate lie about her past and that tells a story of a very disturbed individual. We have seen through history what these situations can amount to (Jonestown being a very scary example). It is therefore important that we empathize truth and not feelings in these matters. And the truth here seems to be that Teal Swan have lied extensively about her past. Now what people want to do with this knowledge is up to the individual.
    But personally, i will not let my life be guided by a person capable of maintaining such an elaborate lie. People with this ability are if examined often diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder, more commonly known as sociopaths or psychopaths.
    Now she might be saying things that are true and can be helpful, but that doesn’t change the fact that she has built her reputation on systematically lying about her past, this lying have the chance of putting an innocent man’s (the alleged satanic, torturing rapist) life in danger and therefore it is very serious.
    So the burden of prove is on her as to her past, and she have not once come up with any prove of her past (unless you, account her saying that it is true as truth, but then the world can also be flat if people say it is).
    As spiritual people we have to also recognize common sense and we have to apply it or else we will be deceived, now some people might not mind being deceived, but personally i see spirituality as a search for the truth, and therefore deception is not something i strive for.
    If there is such a thing as a spiritual community, then we as a community must call out the lies for the greater good of the community. As i see it this is a lie that needs to be called out, no matter the good that might have come of it, I don’t think that whatever Teal Swans goal might be, that it can justify the means she is using (an elaborate lie about her background that might put an innocent man’s life at risk).
    We can’t follow leaders just because they make us feel good for a while.

  79. You all need to worry about yourself. Why can't you think for yourself instead of going and trying to find things about people to discredit them? Do what works for you. If someone helps another person, why does it matter to you? You need to research and find what resonates with you, and discard what doesn't. What kind of person does that make you by Ripping people apart for their beliefs and how it helped them. They are sharing it with people. If you believe everything one person says, then your closed minded. Think for yourself and don't spend time ripping others apart.

  80. I want to say... I have moved to a town where the FLDS is very prominent (the cult that broke away from mainstream Mormonism). we are in Canada, on the border of the US. My position involves working with women who have experienced abuse. It has included women who have been abused by the cult leaders of the Fundamentalist church of latter day saints. This has included .... extreme accounts of sexual child abuse, cult mentality, being locked in basements for 2 years, pedophilia (which, you can look up warren jeffs who has been imprisoned in the US for those charges, who frequently raped his own childhood and boy children). I can upon teals videos after living in this town for 2.5 years. when i heard her story, I did not think it was false. I did not even think it to be outrageous. I thought it to be plausible, knowing what I know about FLDS. I have worked with children who have been sexually abused. what she has described is grooming behavior. its plausible the parents didn't know what was going on, as this is how it commonly happens. this happens more often that people want to know. the town i live in turns a blind eye even though there are FACTS that have been proven that this is going on. teenage girls get married off to 60 year old men who have 30 other wives. they are abused. their children are abused. they are told the most ridiculous things that most of us would say how the heck did they believe that? they have been brainwashed. if you know anything about abuse or cult behaviour her story is not unbelievable. the same kind of religious creeps that run this community outside of my town are in the town she has talked about in Idaho. also, she answers questions on the spot, I do not find her information is regurgitation of anyone elses, quite contradictory it is unique. she is narcissistic because shes a physically beautiful woman who speaks with confidence? nah. I dont see it. shes lying because she might read some books or have her own human imperfections? nah. to add, if you have ever done ketamine you would know what the stuff does and not doubt the ability of a creepy veterinarian involved in that stuff to use that and other things to accomplish what he wanted

  81. Ego games everywhere... no matter what side you choose.

    1. This doesn't have to be a topic of polarized differences. There is so much information missing that we are all just making educated or emotional guesses at "the truth". The accused hasn't come forward in any formal way to deny and hold Teal accountable for defamation of character and Teal hasn't released enough information so that a concerned fan/citizen might take it to the authorities for a real investigation. It is possible by the time Teal was healthy enough to seek legal help the statute of limitations had ran out (or perhaps I read that they did).

  82. Gabriel, it has been some time since you wrote this article, but even so, I am able to give explanations for everything you have stated here about this person. I do not know Teal Swan very well, but upon reading this article, I do have insight that I can share with you. You can contact me at

  83. I am a skeptic by nature. First I heard of Teal's account of abuse I was skeptic. But after I read Cameron's interview with DOC my mind screamed so loud; "if it was untrue and you are a completely innocent man who's been wrongly defamed and accused of such horrible, sadistic crimes like that why this guy didn't sue Teal to bankruptcy?"

    It's hard to imagine you can chill out when accused of those hideous crimes, you can be jailed for life on that!

    That's why he seemed so suspicious to me.

    PS. For Cameron, her restless mission to tear down Teal is astonishing. If Teal is mentally ill as Cameron claimed, I thought Cameron is not better.

  84. Well,...I first see Teal on YouTube. Got interested. Then I read her bio with the abuse story.Then I see some 20 or 30 of her video's. What she says makes complete sense to me. Then I stumble on a website of someone called Jessica Schab which leads me to the story of Cameron and then this. I did not even read it all. It's just way too much of a confusion. I'll maybe read the above some time later. But maybe it's too tiring. I'll see.....

  85. Gabriel, I want to thank you for your sincerity, depth, and ability to remain respectful toward Teal's attackers. I am a Clinical Psychotherapist and licensed by the State of WI. I have read Cameron's posts here and elsewhere, along with those who follow her. In my professional opinion, it is obvious Cameron is projecting and is histrionic and possibly narcissistic. If one follows Teal's videos from her earliest to her most recent, it is evident she has made great progress in her healing. Her videos provide guidance, hope, and sound steps toward self-love, healing, and living a life of love and purpose. I highly recommend many of her videos to my clients to watch to help them in their own healing journey.

  86. I read this blog, listened to the interview and started to read responses but stopped. I felt if I was going to reply then I did not want to reply with judgement, hate, or criticizing. Therefore, I ask both sides whether you are for Teal or appose Teal to look past the fact or fiction of her history or where she drawer her information from.

    We must first remember that perception is literally one's own reality and perception does not define whether you are right or wrong. It is simply the way you process things based off of your emotions, values, and beliefs. Again this does not make it wrong or right it simply controls how you decode a message or what you find to be valuable.

    I also want to note that there are many people who motivate or guide others using assessments and techniques that were previously constructed by others. This is why we can find several books on the same subject with the same idea but just communicated in a different way. Having the ability to access information through different forms of communication only increases the effectiveness of others to actually receive the message.

    Therefore, I urged both sides to look at the situation in this manner....Does she help people? I ask this because her past and even her research does not define whether or not she helps people. So again I will ask...Does she help people?

    I ask this because we reside in a world where as humans we are exposed to many things that can push people into a dark and painful place. Therefore, if what Teal teaches helps others to find peace, balance, understanding, and/or motivation to open there minds and their hearts then does it truly matter what her background is or where her material comes from. Shouldn't it matter more if she is actually helping people to appreciate their own strengths, to love themselves for who they are, and to seek opportunities for growth?


  87. Ladies out there who are so negative about Teal and worrying about the fabrication is just freaking out because that is your reality! So check yourself and stop worry. You actually offending people that they are stupid by accusing Teal. People are part of God and they will know or have capacity to feel what is real or not. Something not real will not last and will supported in long run. Your faith in humanity is sadly very low so get a life! JUST FOCUS YOUR OWN SH*T.


  88. Michael Brown of the Presence Process denounced Teal's plagiarism, while Teal says they're okay with each other. This is not the case. He states, "As long as people confuse ‘taking their power’ with ‘following another despite their obvious inconsistencies’, the Teal Swans of the world will be here to rake in the cash and leave a wake of confusion and disappointment."

    Rick Ross of the Cult Education Institute believes that “...Teal Swan fits the pattern of a [cult leader] . . . She has apparently become an object of worship, and it seems that her charisma and supernatural claims are the driving force of her school of healing and workshops" (OZY). and stated that "the group does fit the profile of a destructive cult" (

    Dr. Catherine Mann, a Cult Psychology Specialist and Judicially Qualified Expert, is producing a professional presentation on female cult leaders with Teal Swan featured.

    Teal received a citation, Cease & Desist Order and fine for practicing mental health therapy without a license during Feb. 2017. She did not bother to pay fine; the fine went to collections.

    And there is more to come in 2018.

    This information and much more:

  89. Chris Thomas, Wales, U.K., psychic surgeon, energy healer and author, claims to have been able to directly access the Akashic Record since early childhood and can directly access individual DNA coded information. In one or more interviews, he has stated, in so many words, that essentially Teal Swan is a fraud.

    Make of it what you will.

    Think for yourself. Do your own research. Draw your own conclusions. Be open-minded and willing to change your position if new facts become available or a new hypothesis explains more of the relevant facts with fewer factors. Share your findings. Peace.

  90. If you think the conversation between Cameron Clarke and "Helena Phoenix" is vague and judgmental, you should watch her interview with Jessica Schab. The swab girl (who claims to be an ex spiritual guru with as big a following as Teal's though I'd never heard of her before) stated that she knew a woman who told her she believed Teal Swan was a good influence on her daughters and her response was "Yeah, if you want them to get raped." My mouth literally fell open. Imagine if a man had said something like that? What's worse, This Cameron Clarke girl just laughed it off and agreed with her. That conversation was so difficult to listen to, between the unprepared Cameron girl's dog barking constantly and the two of them blowing smoke up each other's asses while making fun of Teal and people's spiritual beliefs. They sound like two jealous, trashy high school girls. The swab girl also kept saying that Teal "must be stopped, she has to be stopped" because of her teachings (the LOA and self improvement?) if she thinks this is so detrimental, why not go after others teaching LOA with much more clout like Esther Hicks? As for Teal Swan's past sexual abuse claims being put into question and outright denied by people who barely know her, that's victim blaming, and anyone can read the summary of Teal's time with this "mentor" of hers and see that the "John/Doc" character is shady as fuck. I believe she was molested and abused by him thanks to her apathetic parents, whether she's embellished somewhat is another story. Point being, Cameron Clarke and Teal's other detractors trying to exonerate him entirely just because they don't like Teal and have taken his word against hers is abhorrent.

  91. Gabriel, just curious as to what is your opinion on the Gizmodo podcasts about Teal?

  92. Gabriel, Thanks for your article and the interesting discussion. I would like to add one source that had not yet been mentioned very often: the accounts of a former close girlfriend of Teal: girlfriend . She describes how Teal tried to persuade her to believe that she (that girlfriend) had been part of the same satanic cult tribe as Teal, and that the only reason she couldn't remember this were suppressed memories. The girl was pressed by Teal to take therapy hours with Barbara Snow, the psycologist who was 'treating' Teal and who has a record of, and 'specialisation'on, clients who were part of satanic/religious cults.

    While this is still possible, it seems more likely to me that this psychologist (Barbara Snow) has her own agenda and has manipulated and programmed Teal into believing that she had been part of a satanic cult. And now, she was using Teal to draw in that other girl to believe the same. I cite from the girl's story/text:

    "Our friendship took a drastic turn when I began struggling with extreme PTSD after I was raped by the man I was traveling with. I was experiencing hallucinations, depersonalization and delusion thoughts, I didn’t know who I was anymore. I was lost.  I needed to handle it with medication. I have a great deal of respect for the field of Psychology and Psychiatry. Instead, she wanted me to tell her all about what I was experiencing, which was fine- she was a friend, friends talk. These strange and vivid thoughts made me feel insane. When I did tell her, she asked if I remembered certain things. If I said yes that was fine. If I said no, I just couldn’t see what she sees…  “Go into it, what happened next, what happened next.” It began to get twisted. Suddenly I was feeling like I should be remembering something that never happened… I was told it was valid, not to question it. You have seen this too, I am sure when she uses the phrase “cop out” to bully you into believing she knows the ultimate truth about you.

    If I didn’t believe her, she’d get frustrated. I just wanted to hang out and not do...

  93. [continuation] ...all of this deep work (call me unconscious, I dare you). I began to feel that she was overstepping her boundaries. The absolute apex of my relationship with Teal came when she attempted to make me believe that I grew up in the very satanic cult she was a part of. I knew my childhood- but Teal knew me better than I know myself. I was being driven absolutely mad. I loved her so much but we both had these butting-head type of differences and disagreements- disagreements that I found increasingly harmful to my psyche. Funny thing about Teal is that she will tell you “from universal perspective it’s all valid, it all needs to be dissected, it is your repressed memories” Repressed memories in general are a very controversial topic in the field of psychology. It is MUCH more likely that a memory is implanted than to be repressed. We both kind of had to back away from another if we were going to make this friendship work.

    Eventually Teal gave me the name of her Psychologist that she had seen for the last however many years… the one who changed her life. The one who “specializes” in Satanic abuse because it is such a massive problem here in the State of Utah. Barbara Snow. I visited her just to see if I could get any answers, for myself or for Teals behavior. It was almost immediate that the leading questions began. I would tell her exactly what was on my mind- and suddenly she would finish my sentences. Safe to say I got the answers I was looking for. Her methods are very controversial. She believes heavily in the idea of repressed memories. Searching her name will pull up the articles describing her behavior almost immediately. She has had quite a few issues with other clients adopting storylines of Satanic abuse here in the State of Utah, having her license revoked 3 times since the mid-2000’s (around the time Teal was19). All of this information is open-source. I believe Teal adopted this method as gospel.

    So, let me say this- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a very serious illness, it should be treated by Professionals who have gone through actual University to attain their degrees. By Professionals who are licensed by the State. Psychology is not to be taken lightly. It isn’t a game.

    Later on, Teal came up with excuses as to why I could not be trusted. This excuse involved the cult that we were supposedly a part of. Teal continued her storyline that I was a part of cult she was in, and that I was meant to drag her back to that hell, but more obvious than her “back door” way of manipulating me into submission was the fact that she could tell I knew her secrets (and we all know and love how Teal mentions “getting needs met through “backdoor manipulation” amiright?!). I was told that I had been trained by the cult to bring her back if things got too risky with her being out in the world. I was told that I would either leave and be free from the cult or that I would digress. I was told that I was programed to do exactly what I am doing now- to speak out.

    The truth is that if you are building a world upon lies- you will absolutely be paranoid of being found out, you won’t trust anyone and you can easily train the vulnerable ones to hold two congruent truths at once without them even knowing it’s happening. It doesn’t take a psychic to know that someone is a danger to the empire you create with lies. Teal is a fascinating character. She would make a brilliant writer if the work were fiction instead of something that she is trying to pass off as real. There are many lives at stake here. Including all of yours. ....

  94. [continuation part II]

    Teal doesn’t understand the human psyche…. She has no place to give herself authority over others. She may understand her own psychology, but her psychology is skewed by a heightened sense of herself. Teal has studied various cult leaders down to a tee. She relates to them not because she is smart and cunning- but because she only has the capability to think exactly as they do. Though she was never inducted into one herself, she IS using the tactics that she has learned through various measures of psychology. The man that she created “Doc” to be are really just  aspects of her that she channels into this character in order to embellish a back story. This “Doc” character is based off of a man that Teal knew growing up. Again- it isn’t politically correct to question the victim. She learned that early on. It is part of the reason she has so many followers with dejected souls. She says that everyone is looking for a place to belong because of an unmet need, when the truth is- some of us are just fine on our own. Just because she says she sees things from “source perspective” doesn’t mean that you should hang on her every word. There is a reason she places herself on a pedestal like that.

    It is very difficult to be friends with someone who plays mind games for fun, for life, for a career. It is another thing entirely when you care about them regardless of their Narcissistic and Psychopathic tendencies. I am not trying to paint myself as “good” by any means against Teal. I smoke, I drink, I make mistakes, I am impulsive, I am not spiritual."


    My conclusion at this moment is that Teal was indeed victimised and sexually abused by this man "Doc", the veterinarian 'friend' of her parents. This is no unusual scenario, and a lot of what the man said in his interview with Teal points into this direction. Like his strange and inappropriate laughters when he is confronted with the toughest of allegations and the way he evades the only tough questions that Cameron/John asked him. Unfortunately, most of their questions were asked in a biaised way, to get a certain outcome, so the entire interview is the opposite of a good journalistic piece. But at least they tried....

  95. [continuation part III]
    So this 'Doc', in his 40ies with no children of his own spends hours and hours "straightening out" a little 6 year old (later teenage) girl, a stunningly beautiful but lonely and vulnerable girl? He taught her "healing techniques" and horse-riding? What?? Why would any grown-up man in his 40ies do that? Isn’t that VERY STRANGE? To me, the answer is obvious.

    It is pretty clear to me that this man was sexual with Teal as a little girl and later teenager, that he created situations to make that hsppen and thst he messed with her mind by using manipulation techniques such as gaslighting, silent treatments, isolation, push and pull techniques (Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde plays) and punishment & reward behaviour. Those are VERY common scenarios with abusers and it is very difficult for the outside world to uncover a psychopath/sociopath/narcissistic - especially in a rural environment and 20 years ago when the term 'narcissist' wasn't yet in the public eye. So to wrap things up: I am convinced that this man 'Doc' sexually, emotionally and psychologically abused Teal when she was a little girl and later a teen. The handwritten letter does *not* contradict this, it rather confirms it because victims of sexual abuse very often create a trauma-bond (so-called "Stockholm Syndrome") with their abuser. It is very common for them to miss their abuser, to feel 'love' for him and to search for contact. After all, he's the only one they shared this traumatic experience with, he's the one who "created their own reality" with the victim and can the only one who can validate it! It is also very common for abusers to deflect shame and blsme onto the victim, and to declare that she is "the crazy one", which this man "Doc" does throughout the entire interview witb Cameron/John.

    I do not doubt that Teal has some serious issues and PTSD as a result of abuse. Teal needing therapy for years is proof enough for me that she'd gone through something very traumatic as a child and young girl. And then we have her teachings and her dedication to the specific work she has been doing for almost 7 years now. Her vlogs are full of insights gained through deep work, at least that is how I see it.

    However, I do not know what to believe as regards the satanic cult/murder stories... Insofar, I have serious doubts. Could it be that some of those episodes were implanted into Teal's mind by "Doc" as threats or part of "creating one's own reality", whereas other parts were unfortunately 'added' by this psychologist Barbara Snow who has her own (possibly obsessive) agenda in this field? It is quite easy to 'implement' a belief, or 'your own reality' into a traumatised, vulnerable victim's mind if you know the right techniques... I know because I've experienced narcissistic abuse myself and I know how convincing it can feel when someone draws you into their own, warped reality - especially when some apects are founded in truth and match with.your own experiences and fears, and others don't.

  96. [continuation part IV]
    ...That all being said, I feel with Teal and I wish she would see a different psychologist, someone specialized in PTSD after narcissistic/psychopathic abuse. This could help her break out of the so-called 'reality' others may have deceitfully 'co-created' with her.

    I will still continue watching Teal's vlogs because they speak to me on some level, and because there is truth in what she presents. Victims of narcissist/psychopathic abuse often gave the capacity to see and expresd feelings, thoughts and emotions in ways other people can't, because they have't been so deeply hurt and betrayed, and haven't been forced to do The Work in order to survive. It is clear to me that Teal has worked a lot on herself and is eager to share this with others. There's nothing wrong about the fact that she wants to make a living out of this too, as long as she is being transparent about it, which she is.

    I feel a touch of narcissism in her personality and I have no doubts that she acts out and has narcissistic crises herself from time to time - it is very common for victims of narcissistic/psychopathic abuse to adopt their abusers' traits and methods after they escaped from their (mental/physical) grip. That's a survival and coping mechanism in order to protect yourself and not give anybody the chance to re-victimize you. This is not an attempt to excuse Teal's pretend "erratic behaviour" (according to Cameron), it's just my explanation on why she may act that way. It is a verx long journey back to self after narcissistic/psychopathic/emotional/physical abuse, and a many people suffer with you along that journey. I hope that Teal will find clarity and closure as regards her past and that she will continue moving towards the light - for her own sake, but especially for her son's sake.

    Thanks to everybody who read this far.

    x Love, Alice

  97. My professional opinion....the bitch is nuts.

  98. The first thought that comes to mind is that you can't prove a negative (Teal Swan wasn't tortured, etc). My second thought about Cameron's interviews is that of the very first quote above: "I've never met a crazier, more unstable person in my entire life. But I can't say that it's because of abuse. I just find her to be mentally ill"

    So if Cameron's assessment is correct that Teal Swan is mentally ill, then something caused that, but Cameron glosses over it as if that part isn't important. She's making an allegation without any evidence that Swan is actually ill, which has the scent of character assassination.

    I've not yet become a fan of Teal, I'm doing my own investigation into her past to see what's what. It is possible that in some of her post-traumatic therapy that she is required not to focus on or publicized details of her parents activity at the time (neglect, ignorance, etc) as well as not publishing the abuser 's information either because perhaps he has something that would humiliate her if he retaliated (pictures, videos, etc).

    Even if some of her abuse story is fabricated, my question to anyone who reads this is how long does a 6 year old endure horrors that have been described before she cracks, makes up a fantasy world to escape into and comes out of it with partial accurate memories and partial distorted memories from the trauma itself.

    My last thought is that some people know who this alleged abuser is, I read something last night about that fact (maybe it was Cameron). I read the interview or at least some of it and mostly he was laughing off the allegations and claiming he was her rock and he was the only one she couldn't get away with games with.

    I don't know what really happened in her childhood and teenage years, but the average american citizen that's been publicly accused of all that she has said might take a celebrity's accusations serious enough to take some action (sue for libel if its not true), let himself be interviewed on YouTube to give his side of the story. Something besides "Aw shucks, Teal was always making up stories. Her parents couldn't handle her so I'd take her (alone) around and show her the animals I worked on."

    If she really was exposed to Satanic Rituals and forced to participate in all the different ways she describes - she might be terrified of retaliation if she were to make the abusers names public.

    If she is still healing then I wish her well.

  99. Wow! There are so many comments I'm hoping mine could be found. I'm posting my opinion here hoping to get the ones that are avidly on Teal's 'side' to consider or at least read this. I was once a very big Teal follower. I wasn't obsessed. I was just happy to have found someone's content I could entirely agree with. I was so excited to attend a workshop where I also got a hug and the most loving gaze from Teal. She looked at me in a mesmerizing way. I was so excited that I continued my experiences with her. I spent more time with her and that is when it all came out. She picks on others. She does it in a way that looks justified. Everyone is so fixated on her too. I was surprised. I understand people that love to follow and bathe in obsession but while under a spell you miss so many things like the people she picked on leaving the room because they feel so bad. Pulling a larger girl on stage just to make a 'look we have the same fragments' point but really enjoying the fact she's pointing out that she's bigger. Things like that. She likes to pick on others and many don't see that because they haven't spent time with her. Now I can like her content and find it helping many however the part that is discussed over and over is Teal. Aside from her lies whether they are lies or truth, she isn't nice. And to talk about love and being honest and yourself. She isn't nice. How can you take her content and feel like you're working on making a better life for yourself when you know she wouldn't treat you well if you were to spend time with her privately. That is the part that changes my mind. End point.

  100. Were her so called scars on her ribs ? There are none ? Explain that? And the suicides ? These people went for help and are being preyed on for fame . A lot of things don't add up and all she does is sell .

  101. I am not a fan of neither Teal or Cameron, or Gabrielle, or any spiritual follower of any matter. This whole story is interpretable and everyone has their right to their own opinion bla.
    What caught my attention is the part of the story that is, despite of people thinking "oh no this is not happening, the world we live in is purrrfect so the abuse story MUST be not true", very plausible. There are sick people out there who really do that to children. Now, I don't really care if her story it's true or not, that will not affect my sleep tonight or whatever, but I care that she brought that up.
    Killing living beings, pedophillia, playing with children's minds like that, is horrid and unnatural and the f cking worst.
    So...back to the subjective, personal subject, Cameron, if you somehow are reading this, I get it, but this is bigger than you and your group's personal beef with Teal.
    It is personal, it is beef and it is f cking never gonna truly work. You guys really believed a guy, that is presumably an sociopath that abuses children. In secret. For more than a decade. You didnt't even see he's face while "interviewing" (more like, agreeing to everything he says) him. Uhm, is that based of the very small number of sociopath killer cases made oficiall in the USA, or, again, your personal beef with Teal?

    Anyways I got carried away, this has gotten probably cold in the meantime but the pedophillia thing is still hot, still happening, regardless of Teal's tale being true or not.

  102. Hi Gabriel,I have watched Teals Youtubes and I find her very interesting. I also quickly came across the controversy, and googling that is how I found this blog.
    The question on my mind, rather than, "is she lying" is "has the perpetrator been reported to the police?" I think that protecting his identity is not he smartest thing. I don't know what the truth is, but if he is guilty he needs to be locked up forever, along with a few other people. Do you know what the status is on this?

  103. Hi all,
    Here's a fact-checked podcast that delves deeper into this controversy. There's quite a lot of direct dialogue with Ms. Swan herself and several people she has counseled in the past. Listen and make an informed decision for yourselves.

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