Gabriel Morris in India

Gabriel Morris in India
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Thursday, January 21, 2016

No Way in Hell Was the Moon Landing a Hoax

Earth seen from the moon (photo designated Creative Commons).

The first proof that the moon landings did indeed occur as reported is video evidence. Tons and tons and tons of it. Not just a few short clips of some guys bouncing around on a lunar surface, but every aspect of the 6 manned moon missions are captured on video. You need to debunk the video evidence properly. And all of the attempted debunking of the videos that I've come across can be answered to and explained.

The flag looks strange and seems to be waving despite there being no air. That's because they rigged a wire along the top so it would look like it was waving. They couldn't have footprints on the moon without moisture. Wrong, you can in a vacuum with no air. Shadows look longer or shorter than they should. It's a bumpy surface that creates different lengths of shadows. Two sources of light creating two shadows must mean stage lighting. The sun is one source and the Earth is the other, which is a much larger reflector of sunlight than even the moon is. Plus the moon surface itself reflects a lot of light, which is what is front lighting the astronauts in the photos and videos.

All they did was slow down the video footage, filmed on a movie set, to make it look like they're walking on the moon. Wrong, because if you speed up the footage then the movements of the astronauts is way too fast to be realistic. Plus the movements of objects thrown in the air correspond with lunar gravity, not Earth gravity. Flashes of light suggest the astronauts are attached to wires. It's light reflecting off their antennae. Photos that show an object in the foreground which has mysteriously moved, but the landscape in the background stays the same. It's because that land structure in the background is much farther away than it appears, because things look differently on the surface of the moon. They moved the camera, but the geographical feature looks the same because of the distance to it. So you have tons and tons of video and photographic evidence, and the efforts to debunk them never actually provide decisive proof that the video footage and photographs are faked.

Then there is of course first-hand testimony. Dozens of astronauts have been in space, more than 30 involved in the Apollo missions, a dozen walked on the moon. They have told their stories and answered questions from the press about their experiences. Plus the thousands of other people involved in the moon missions. To imagine that these people are all paid actors lying through their teeth to the media, their friends and family for the rest of their lives with such specifics about something so monumental and complex, which they didn't actually experience, just defies all logic and reason.

Moon rocks. Moon rocks are completely different from pieces of asteroid that have fallen to Earth, because those fallen asteroids bear the marks of burning up as they enter the atmosphere. Lunar rocks don't have that feature. Lunar rocks are completely distinct and do not exist on Earth.

Moon landing hoax believers will assert that we couldn't have gone to the moon because the Van Allen belts are impossible for astronauts to cross safely. But this is entirely untrue. Van Allen himself has disputed this. You would have to hang out in the Van Allen belts for months before getting a lethal dose of radiation, whereas the astronauts crossed them in less than an hour.

Earth and the Mir space station (photo designated Creative Commons).

And you have to consider the absurd complexity of faking the moon landings. The photographic and video evidence wasn't just something that was reported by the press. More than half a billion people watched the first moon landing on live television. We've all seen the video of the command center in which they're surrounded by computers and monitors, talking with the astronauts as they're landing on the moon.

So you have to ask yourself, are they all paid actors then? Appearing on live TV in front of 600 million people, including the media who will ask them questions, possibly for the rest of their lives? And who then built all the "fake" computer equipment, monitors displaying coordinated video of the missions and the spaceships? How many people were involved in creating the "fake" video, and building the sets to create those videos? So the broadcasts we hear of them speaking with the astronauts are all fake then? Who came up with the information that was discussed, wrote the script for the conversation, which will then be scrutinized by journalists and scientists for decades? And the rockets and space shuttles would have to be real working machines that can blast off from Earth, because the public can watch them happen, and with telescopes. So where would they and the astronauts go after they blast off and disappear into the sky, so that people don't notice the whole thing is a sham?

To believe that the moon landings were faked, you have to believe that thousands and thousands of people, possibly millions are in on it, this absurdly complicated conspiracy with so many moving parts it's insane. And somehow everybody keeps it a secret, everything falls seamlessly into place, they maintain this conspiracy for decades and are still maintaining it perfectly, not a single person ever comes out and says: "I helped build Stanley Kubrick's fake set" or "I helped design the fake international space station" or "I create the fake CGI space images for NASA".

People who believe the moon landings were faked aren't thinking in realistic terms of how utterly impossible it would be to create such a convoluted conspiracy involving thousands and thousands of people all working together in secret (yet many of them also in the public eye and open to questioning). Not to mention all the technology that would have to be created by people who would need to know it wasn't real rocket ships and space shuttles and space stations and computer systems, etc. that they were creating

In short: the conspiracy is waaaaaay too big and complicated. It just doesn't make any sense to take seriously if you're thinking realistically. There's mountains of evidence to support the moon landings, all the evidence that would be expected and demanded of someone who wanted proof they happened. And there only are a bunch of flimsy assertions denying it, involving bad science, incorrect information and faulty reasoning, most of which can quickly be explained in understandable terms by a simple Google search.

There are plenty of conspiracies that have occurred in our world, are in the works right now and will happen in the future. But in my opinion, the moon landings aren't one of them.


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    1. Thanks, but I actually answered all of those questions in your article already in my article, and a lot more.

    2. There is no propulsion in outer space it requires atmospheric conditions rendering space travel at that time and now obsolete

    3. This is easily answered:

      "In space, rockets zoom around with no air to push against. What's going on?

      Rockets and engines in space behave according to Isaac Newton's third law of motion: Every action produces an equal and opposite reaction.

      When a rocket shoots fuel out one end, this propels the rocket forward — no air is required."