Gabriel Morris in India

Gabriel Morris in India
A mysterious cave in south India.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Support Freedom of the Press

CNN article about leaders in Asia cracking down on the press:

This is what our fascist president is inspiring. The rise of the cruel, heartless dictators. Our media is far from perfect, but it's what we've got and it's way better than nothing. Keep in mind that "the media" is not one thing with one source and one agenda. The media is thousands of journalists with different opinions and loyalties and agendas. Most are hard working individuals committed to covering what is happening as truthfully as possible. Yes there is corruption, there are business interests that influence certain stories, there is bias and distortion. But guess what? All of that exists in the medical industry as well. Is the solution then to burn down all the hospitals? No. We don't need to tear down the media. We need to improve it by keeping it free and open to more voices, not by constricting it. What Trump and these other dictators-at-heart want is fake news: propaganda that supports their tyrannical agenda. They are power-hungry egomaniacs who can't stand to be questioned. Defend press freedom, it's the most powerful force there is against tyranny.

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